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Nouveau document texte (3) 100%

Nouveau document texte (3) The Royal Swedish Academy of Science has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2013 to François Englert from Belgium and Peter W.Higges, Scotland for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.


PaulBriard-2012-MFTP-Agadir 98%

PaulBriard 2012 MFTP Agadir International Symposium on Multiphase flow and Transport Phenomena April 22-25, 2012, Agadir, Morocco MEASUREMENT OF REFRACTIVE INDEX OF PARTICLES BY FOURIER INTERFEROMETRY IMAGING (FII) P.


PaulBriard-2012-LS-Lisbon 97%

PaulBriard 2012 LS Lisbon 16th Int Symp on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics Lisbon, Portugal, 09-12 July, 2012 Refractive indices measurement of spherical particles by Fourier Interferometry Imaging Gérard Gréhan1,*, Sawitree Saengkaew1 , Siegfried Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel1, Xue C.


PaulBriard-2012-DH-Miami 96%

PaulBriard 2012 DH Miami 3D relative locations and diameters measurements of spherical particles by Fourier Interferometry Imaging (FII) 1 Paul BRIARD, 1Sawitree SAENGKAEW, 1Siegfried MEUNIER-GUTTIN-CLUZEL, 2Xue Cheng WU, 2 Ling Hong CHEN and 1Gérard GREHAN 1 CORIA UMR 6614 CNRS/Université et INSA de Rouen, Département ‘Optique &


A scientific journey through Europe 88%

A scientific journey through Europe France and particles physics.


PhysRevA.84.023844 88%

Recently, a great deal of attention has been focused on optical trapping of small dielectric particles using the modes of optical cavities [3–8], both for classical applications [3–5] and for fundamental studies in the field of quantum optomechanics [6–8].


fiche resume carbonie galland 88%

fiche resume carbonie galland Flotation of fine cassiterite particles of Panasqueira mine, Portugal:


PaulBriard-2012-CFA-ASFERA-Paris 87%

TITLE Refractive index of spherical particles measurement by Fourier Interferometry Imaging ABSTRACT Several particles illuminated by a pulse laser scatter the light toward a CCD camera.


PaulBriard-2011-Optics Express 86%

PaulBriard 2011 Optics Express Measurements of 3D relative locations of particles by Fourier Interferometry Imaging (FII) Paul Briard,1 Sawitree Saengkaew,1 Xuecheng Wu,2 Siegfried Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel,1 Linghong Chen,2 Kefa Cen,2 and Gérard Grehan1,* 1 UMR 6614/CORIA, CNRS/Université et INSA de Rouen, Departement ‘Optique &


ReportZ 85%


0 83%


Dynamics-QuickStudy 83%

KINEMATICS PARTICLE MOTION RECTILINEAR MOTION CURVILINEAR MOTION Rectilinear motion is whenever particles move along a straight line.


Interchim Blog Halo2 Flyer ITM 0914 81%

Interchim Blog Halo2 Flyer ITM 0914 Introducing HALO 2 Fused-Core ® ® UHPLC Columns From Advanced Materials Technology Rugged ∙ High Efficiency ∙ Low Back Pressure HALO 2 Fused-Core particles are designed to address the disadvantages inherent in existing sub-2 micron non-core UHPLC columns.


[000082] 81%

05.30.Jp,03.75.Kk,03.75.Nt,05.60.Gg Disorder in quantum systems can have dramatic effects, such as strong Anderson localization (AL) of non-interacting particles in random media [1].


Cours-Hubbad06 75%

 Statistics of Identical Particles  Assignment - 1  Creation and Annihilation Operators o Example:


HAM France MMP 71%

The machine creates a high-energy movement which brings the aggregated particles into relative motion.


Water Filter UAE 70%

Mechanical filters remove solid particles from water, such as sediments and cysts.


2017 Lifting options for BALLON stratospheric aerosol 70%

Instead of transporting sulphuric acid mist precursors, such a system could also be used to transport slurries of high refractive index particles such as coated titanium dioxide.


Polyethylene Glycol New York 66%

Pegylation literature Reactive PEG reagents are used to derivatize, functionalize, conjugate or crosslink a variety of substrate molecules, particles and surfaces.


sons par radars 65%

2175 0195.927U96/12(~2175509,5010© 1996 Plenum Publishing Corporation 2176 Li Due to the interation between the EMW and the AW on the large numbers of particles and particle clouds in air supporting and on the interface of two mediums, such as window glass, rough surface, etc, the speech signals can be received without any monitor mounted in T H E ANY NEEDED M O N I T O R I A L PLACE.