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The aim of the present review is to provide a review across wide range of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies to critically identify the cortical networks associated with passionate love, and to compare and contrast it with other types of love (such as maternal love and unconditional love for persons with intellectual disabilities). 25/07/2014

82% - embeded software engineer

The ideal candidate would be a good team player, passionate about development and have the ability to learn new skills / languages if required. 19/12/2017

82% - Study Day call for papers

The challenge for us as university teachers would then be to architect our courses through a “learning glass” that works to foster passionate, responsive, articulate, opinionated, and critical students across disciplines. 02/12/2015

79% - Condo Interior Design Singapore

Founded by a pair of industry veterans with over a decade of experience, The Interior Lab has a strong 15-member team of designers who are passionate about good design. 10/09/2019

78% - Team Building Meeting February 9 th 2015

Values message – to come at a later date.     ON THE FLIPCHART PAPER    Purpose ​ – green light thinking:  ­         Help people increase their bottom line  ­         Help elevate people’s potential  ­         Redevenir humain  ­         Vivre une vie intentionel et aider les autres à faire la même chose  ­         Empower people  ­         Prepare people for constant change  ­         Aider les gens à devenir meilleur professionnellement et personnellement  ­         Make an impact on the world of industry  ­         Bring happiness to the workplace  ­         Créer une culture d’engagement en augmenter la performance  ­         Engagement = productivité et prospérité  ­         Devenir nous­mêmes meilleures personnes  ­         Ça transforme les gens  ­         Building a people­oriented culture  ­         To make the world a better place  ­         Make people want to go to work willingly and do better     Attributes of Qualiteam Inc​ . – Attributs de Qualiteam Inc.  Pick from the list on page 13 – Choisir parmi la liste sur la page 14  ­         Value­driven, Passionate, Evolving  ­         Participative, dynamic, value­driven, farsighted, genuine, purposeful, unique, inspiring,  customer­focused, flexible, authentic, supportive  ­         Passionné, stimulant, dédié, Expert, authentique, participatif, innovation     Vision statement :  « Les entreprises Québécoises et leurs gens nous reconnaissent comme étant le meilleur  partenaire, experts en développement de passion, d’authenticité et d’engagement des employés. »   “To help people and businesses across Québec evolve and become passionate about their work  and performance.”     « Être reconnu comme le leader de développement humain au Québec. Aider les entreprises à  créer une culture d’engagement en étant nous­même un modèle.  Transmettre, par notre passion,  et notre méthodologie participative (unique) des outils pratiques pour créer un environnement de  travail engagé et inspirant. »     How do we fill public classes?  Comment maximiser les ventes de classes publiques?  Green light thinking – pensée feu vert  (If there were no budget limitations; if anything was possible)  (S’il n’avait aucune limitation budgetaire; si tout était possible)    ­         Promote the next step ie.: at the end of Dale talk about the HIP, ADCC etc.  ­         Tap more into universities ie.: start a class within universities  ­         Accreditations (full use of) – maximize relationship with members (Sofeduc, Avocats,  HR, etc)  ­         Make more calls – chambers of commerce, liste de companies engages  ­         More advertising; radio, paper, online (social media)  ­         Promouvoir le référencement  ­         Grad program – reconnaissance  ­         Rencontre de diplômés  ­         Retravailler le Grad Call  ­         L’expérience Dale – content marketing email to grads  ­         Offer more club talks to networking events  ­         Updated structured Close for the DCE/ppt  ­         Testimonials with quantified ROIs  ­         Payment plan options  ­         Enrollment form at DCE complete with space for credit card information  ­         Promo Video 25/02/2015

75% - Current Directions in Psychological Science 2004 Diamond 116 9(1)

Furthermore, most researchers acknowledge a distinction between the earlier ‘‘passionate’’ stage of love, sometimes called ‘‘limerence’’ (Tennov, 1979), and the laterdeveloping ‘‘companionate’’ stage of love, called pair bonding or attachment (Fisher, 1998; 25/02/2014

75% - Website Design

LOCUS-T consists of various industrial experts and passionate youngsters that are vibrant and innovative. 20/03/2017

73% - press release biilink

press release biilink Press  Release   Paris,  19  May  2015         Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin,  a  passionate  entrepreneur  and  Chief  Executive  of  the  JADOR  Group,  launches   Biilink,  The  first  marketplace  for  startups     Revealing  the  new  economy,  a  global  issue  for  the  future. 04/06/2015

72% - PROFIL X (English Version)

A passionate musician and the title "La Vie", a project rich in innovation and challenge.A fullfledged singer, a genie that combines diversified paths, expanded networks and circle of friend to get closer with confidence of the great public. 10/05/2018

72% - ESP 2016

We are looking for passionate and skilled Fellows to help deliver on this mission . 01/10/2015

69% - La Pantera Negra marathours english

They are passionate by the region and they can communicate their experiences. 17/08/2014

65% - Eco Volunteer International file 2015 Latin America

Creation of a greater association for the protection of the biodiversity in the world My story I am passionate for wildlife, for nature and for the discovery of the world and the cultures. 11/01/2015

64% - terzini gianluca freenge resume

I’m a passionate 22-year-old designer from Switzerland. 06/09/2011

64% - CHIMERES PressKit PosterCover

CHIMERES PressKit PosterCover “Superb  performances” -­  Dread  Central “Two  strong  lead  performances” -­  Kim  Newman “One  of  this  year’s  surprises,  as  well  as  a  potential  redefinition  of  the  genre” -­  Fangoria “A  stunning  movie,  meditative,  passionate  and  addictive” -­  Cinezilla “Could  this  be  the  movie  that  restores  the  viewer’s  faith  in   vampire  movies? 23/02/2014

64% - CHIMERES PressKit Feb2014

CHIMERES PressKit Feb2014 “A  blood-­spattered  masterpiece” -­  Aint  It  Cool  News “Superb  performances” -­  Dread  Central “One  of  this  year’s  surprises,  as  well  as  a  potential  redefinition  of  the  genre” -­  Fangoria “A  stunning  movie,  meditative,  passionate  and  addictive” -­  Cinezilla “Could  this  be  the  movie  that  restores  the  viewer’s  faith  in   vampire  movies? 24/02/2014

64% - ackno

and passionate that believe that they can do this world a better place: 30/11/2014

64% - Michael DEFRANCE Resume

Versatile, open-minded, passionate about wines  Driver’s License EDUCATION Languages  Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade of Wines and Spirits 2014/2015 : 27/01/2015

64% - Press Kit FLASHCUT 2014 2015

Passionate about fashion and music, he collaborated many times with the brand Adidas Originals especially for the opening of a new store in Lille (FR). 16/02/2015

64% - Business Development Intern at Heroleads UNI web

We are searching for passionate, versatile, growth-oriented professionals. 17/07/2015

64% - Benjamin Palle Book

I have been passionate by architecture and environment since my childhood. 24/11/2015

64% - SF WebAnalyst EcomSolutions 12 0416LD

 Retail  solutions April  2016   SF_WebAnalyst_EcomSolutions_12_0416LD   Location Length  San  Francisco  12  months Salary/compensati on Depending  on   profile REQUIREMENTS/  QUALITY   - Bachelor’s Degree either in Business or eCommerce related field - Good knowledge of web analytics, web marketing and ecommerce - Hands-on Google Analytics or other analytics software - Knowledge of common IT tools such as MS office (good level in excel required, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 
One Note) and Photoshop (or other graphic editor) - Ability to manage multiple tasks in high activity and dynamic environment - “Can do” attitude and creative use of limited resources - Excellent communication and written skills in French and English - Ease with data, rigor and autonomy are required for this role - Passionate, data-driven, organized and have a strong problem-solving mindset If you believe that the data will be the driving engine of all the marketing applications, then, come and join us Job description : 29/02/2016

64% - Home Tuition In Singapore

✔ We conduct a stringent selection process for our tutors to ensure they are reliable, dedicated, experienced, capable and passionate about teaching.. 13/10/2016