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Genetic grazing system 100%

In more tropical areas, producers rely on abundant solar energy for pasture production and use crossbreeding with Bos indicus cattle to take advantage of increased heat tolerance, disease resistance, and adaptation to coarse pastures (Madalena et al., 2002).


Reid & Casallas-Pabon 2012 Scientists exploring bat roostsfor rebuilding forests 83%

Ecologists were excited by this result because a lack of seed dispersal into forest clearings (such as pastures) is a major barrier to regeneration:


EquicareUK - V2 71%

sea, river, paddocks, pastures, outdoor, peace, etc..


299ppm 67%



Alsace to Mount Ventoux 57%

This less know French mountain range offers very quiet roads through green pastures and forest.


Guide Découvertes du Pays Diois - 2013 57%

2 Alpine pastures and cliffs of South Vercors Hike along the paths, from plateaux to flowerstrewn valleys;


TFE 51%


Mali-2015-Anglais-Bac-Series-SS-SECO 51%

As a result, thousands of rural people annually flock to such ‘greener urban pastures,’ mainly to seek education and employment.


Magazine Ambassade du Bénin Au Danemark 49%

Chorus Beloved Benin, your sunny mountains, palm trees, and green pastures Show everywhere your brightness;