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100% - Acute Kidney Injury in Pediatric Patients

Acute Kidney Injury in Pediatric Patients Acute Kidney Injury in Pediatric Patients: 15/09/2017

99% - Peds0715 Myocarditis Pericarditis

Peds0715 Myocarditis Pericarditis Myocarditis And Pericarditis In The Pediatric Patient: 16/09/2017

99% - Syncope In Pediatric Patients

Syncope In Pediatric Patients VISIT US AT BOOTH #105 AT THE ACEP ADVANCED PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE ASSEMBLY, Las Vegas, NV April 25-27 Syncope In Pediatric Patients: 29/09/2017

98% - Altered Level Of Consciousness

Vella, MD, FAAP Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, and Medical Education, Director Of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY Associate Editor-in-Chief Vincent J. 15/09/2017

98% - Inhaled Foreign Bodies In Pediatric Patients

Inhaled Foreign Bodies In Pediatric Patients VISIT US AT BOOTH #576 AT THE ACEP SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY BOSTON, MA OCTOBER 26-28 Inhaled Foreign Bodies In Pediatric Patients: 15/09/2017

98% - Peds 0617 Vascular Access

Peds 0617 Vascular Access Vascular Access in Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department: 15/09/2017

98% - Peds0914 Hematuria

In the pediatric population, the majority of etiologies are benign and often asymptomatic. 29/09/2017

97% - Peds0415 Septic Shock

Recognizing And Managing This Life-Threatening Condition In Pediatric Patients Abstract April 2015 Volume 12, Number 4 Author Adam M. 16/09/2017

96% - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Children

Although the mainstay of treatment is 100% oxygen, the current evidence and controversies in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in pediatric patients are reviewed, along with its possible benefit in preventing delayed neurologic sequelae. 15/09/2017

96% - Peds0314 Crying Infant

Peds0314 Crying Infant A Systematic Approach To The Evaluation Of Acute Unexplained Crying In Infants In The Emergency Department March 2014 Authors Volume 11, Number 3 Lauren Allister, MD Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Stephanie Ruest, MD Department of Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Boston, MA Peer Reviewers Abstract Crying is a common behavior of infancy that can be a signal of a broad spectrum of conditions ranging from the normal needs of hunger and sleep to significant medical or surgical pathology. 16/09/2017

96% - Peds0315 Seizures

Peds0315 Seizures VISIT US AT BOOTH # 203 AT THE ACEP PEDIATRIC ASSEMBLY IN NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 24-25, 2015 Emergency Department Management Of Seizures In Pediatric Patients Abstract Seizures account for 1% of all emergency department visits for children, and the etiologies range from benign to life-threatening. 16/09/2017

94% - Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016

With increased industrialization and urbanization in China, pediatric asthma is becoming more prevalent. 07/04/2018

92% - Allergic contact dermatitis

Jacob a, Nikoleta Brankov b, and Alastair Kerr c Purpose of review Contact dermatitis is an economically burdensome pediatric disease, and it is important to know the top allergens that have remained as top offenders for over the last decade. 28/07/2017

91% - International Variation Asthma bronchiolitis guidelines

aSection of Pediatric Hospital Medicine and the Clinical Effectiveness Team, Department of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, Colorado; 03/11/2017

90% - Social Emotional Development[1]

Social Emotional Development[1] Developmental Milestones 3: 06/12/2012

88% - Post Graduate Courses Internationaal Ped. Pulmo.Lisbon 2017

Definition and Situation Ventilation Mode Martino Pavone, Renato Cutrera Pediatric Pulmonology & 29/07/2017

88% - Erasmus Internship in Ankara University School of Medicine

Clinical Immunology Pediatrics (Neonatology) Emergency Medicine Urology Biophysics School of Medicine Psychiatry Forensic Medicine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Pediatric Surgery Cardiology Public Health Anatomy (Surgical Neuroanatomy) Ophthalmology Thoracic Surgery Pulmonary Diseases Pathophysiology Radiology Call us for more information: 09/01/2015

87% - Allergic Specific Immunotherapy

Allergic Specific Immunotherapy Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Pediatric Asthma: 06/04/2018

87% - Management of acute asthma exacerbations

The most recent involved a case series of seven pediatric patients who required sevoflurane inhalation after exhausting all other conventional therapies. 28/07/2017

86% - instruments aimed at evaluating of bronchiolitis

Department of Pediatric Pulmonology and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, School of Medicine, Universidad El Bosque, Bogota, Colombia 3. 27/07/2017

86% - Febrile infant update

Keywords bacteremia, biomarker, fever, meningitis, serious bacterial infection, urinalysis, urinary tract infection INTRODUCTION Fever is the most common reason for emergency department (ED) visits by pediatric patients. 28/07/2017