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pourquoi la musique adoucit l'effort 100%

comptes-rendus de l'Académie américaine des sciences 14/10/2013 Abstract Music is known to be capable of reducing perceived exertion during strenuous physical activity.


Optimizing employee engagement with internal communication 89%

While drivers of employee engagement have been identified as perceived support, job characteristics, and value congruence, internal communication is theoretically suggested to be a key influence in both the process and maintenance of employee engagement efforts.


Values and the perceived importance f ethics and social responsibility 87%

Values and the perceived importance f ethics and social responsibility Ó Springer 2006 Journal of Business Ethics (2007) 70:265–284 DOI 10.1007/s10551-006-9110-9 Values and the Perceived Importance of Ethics and Social Responsibility:


Poster K Vidaud Laperriere P Charras TRF2017 83%

The longer the duration, the longer the perceived spatial distance is (Tau effect), and conversely for the Kappa effect, longer the covered distance, the longer the perceived duration is.


Bachelor's Project 74%

Research Training mood Lack of pleasure Perceived exertion level High monotony &


Some extended analyses concerning the physics and kinematics of wave propagation in moving systems 72%

Signal exchanges in moving systems, effective propagation radius, emitting- and receiving-signal cones, perceived spatial dilatation, perceived temporal dilatation, significance of contraction-hypothesis, causality of missing source-drift.


LOGIC AGENDA REGIONAL 19 20 Nov 2014 67%

This will include comparing the different action plans developed, as well as discussing perceived weaknesses and their potential solutions.


evolutia literaturii de brand - 2011 foarte tare 66%

A descriptive - survey study that aims to determine the effect of marketing mix elements (Price, store image, distribution intensity, advertising , price promotion and family) from the Perspective of customers, the loyalty and then brand equity from the impact path the other dimensions CBBE.(Brand awareness, perceived quality of brand, brand image and brand associations).


Models - Mark Manson 65%

Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.


Auditing for probity in procurement 4 64%

Auditor skills More areas to review Audit for Probity in Procurement 1) How Transparency and Accountability are maintained 2) How Impartiality of the process is maintained 3) How actual/perceived Conflicts of Interest are managed 4) How Confidentiality is maintained 5) How Value for Money is obtained More areas to review a) Control Environment s Code of conduct s Management of conflict of interest s Procurement structure and capabilities s Appropriate Delegations of Authority s Procurement policies and procedures s HR policies on recruiting procurement staff s Resources on the procurement action s Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities More areas to review b) Risk assessments s Identification, analysis and management of supply risks and opportunities s Consideration of probity risks s Consideration of fraud risk s Resources for conducting risk


Gorée Update 1 EN 64%

One can sense it through the relative promises in institutional building processes in Benin, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Ghana, as well as the perceived credible and transparent electoral processes such as the one that took place in Senegal;


SitePromotion 61%

Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.


2120 ECM 2011 FINAL 10Oct 60%

The European Cities Monitor examines a number of key issues that organisations consider when assessing new locations and indicates how effectively each European city is perceived to perform and where improvements are seen to have been made over the past year.


Reimagining space and the pilot wave 60%

Heat could be perceived as the change in position over time at a molecular, atomic and subatomic scale.


ETSIStandard 58%

In any case of existing or perceived difference in contents between such versions, the reference version is the Portable Document Format (PDF).


20JustQ605 58%

This may be due to racial differences in the perceived severity of imprisonment, and/or racial differences in "risk assessments"


Handout June 15 58%

Proposed MSR development was abandoned in the 1970s as making little contribution to perceived military needs.


Nemopsys3D Game Connection Flyer 57%

Latest generations of 3D auto-stereoscopic displays provide more and more amazing “wow effect” in terms of perceived depths and volumes.


Sell Your Home Fast 57%

Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.


how-to-monetize-your-website-2593 54%

Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples or organizations are unintentional.


[2] 54%

Measures of motor performance were equally improved by LSVT-BIG and AOT-SP but high-intensity LSVT-BIG was more effective to obtain patient-perceived benefit.


Impellizzeri IJSM 2006 Generic vs Aerobic training in soccer 54%

Training load, as quantified by heart rate and rating of perceived exertion, was recorded during all training sessions and was similar between groups.


Embarking on a journey into the global knowledge economy 53%

The Information Society is often perceived as a matter of Information and Communications Technology ICT development and indices;


Embarking on a journey into the global knowledge economy 20120328 53%

The Information Society is often perceived as a matter of Information and Communications Technology ICT development and indices;


Kipnis2016Science 53%

Any sign of immune presence within the CNS parenchyma was perceived as a hallmark of pathology.