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evolutia literaturii de brand - 2011 foarte tare 100%

A descriptive - survey study that aims to determine the effect of marketing mix elements (Price, store image, distribution intensity, advertising , price promotion and family) from the Perspective of customers, the loyalty and then brand equity from the impact path the other dimensions CBBE.(Brand awareness, perceived quality of brand, brand image and brand associations).


pourquoi la musique adoucit l'effort 96%

comptes-rendus de l'Académie américaine des sciences 14/10/2013 Abstract Music is known to be capable of reducing perceived exertion during strenuous physical activity.


BI-usage-in-europe-and-north-america 92%

Executive Report 44% 34% 57% 79% 11% 50% 14% 38% 21% 28% 31% 16% gap 13% 26% 4% 39% 88% 72% 25% 39% 25% A Joint 27% Study by Information Builders and IDG Research Services 3% 4% WebFOCUS Perceived 84% 3% Stated 5% 88% 39% Business Intelligence Usage in Europe and North America iWay Software Omni Introduction In my organization, information is used to align our strategic goals with day-to-day activities and processes by providing easily accessible and relevant information to all employees on a regular basis.


Values and the perceived importance f ethics and social responsibility 81%

Ó Springer 2006 Journal of Business Ethics (2007) 70:265–284 DOI 10.1007/s10551-006-9110-9 Values and the Perceived Importance of Ethics and Social Responsibility:


pleine concscience et suivi post-chir baria 80%

Objective measures suggested trends of an increase in perceived stress and symptoms of depression, although patients reported reduced stress reactivity, improved eating behaviors, and a desire for continued mindfulness-based support in qualitative interviews.



Nine out of the twelve subjects perceived mostly ‘‘marker’’ at the beginning, possibly because n-butanol is a ‘‘stronger’’ stimulus than PEA.


10826084.2011.592432 76%

Keywords alcohol and substance use, risky behavior, American Indian youth, cultural identity, depressed mood, risk factors, protective factors Ancestral History and Challenges Changing social and cultural environments have had an impact on the ways in which AI communities and individuals have maintained social relationships and cultural identity, perceived social support, and responded to these influences.



We recorded the N170 event-related potential to investigate the way in which emoticons are perceived.


Poster K Vidaud Laperriere P Charras TRF2017 74%

The longer the duration, the longer the perceived spatial distance is (Tau effect), and conversely for the Kappa effect, longer the covered distance, the longer the perceived duration is.


Principles of marketing 74%

  Customer-­‐perceived   value  :


Some extended analyses concerning the physics and kinematics of wave propagation in moving systems 74%

Signal exchanges in moving systems, effective propagation radius, emitting- and receiving-signal cones, perceived spatial dilatation, perceived temporal dilatation, significance of contraction-hypothesis, causality of missing source-drift.


Optimizing employee engagement with internal communication 73%

While drivers of employee engagement have been identified as perceived support, job characteristics, and value congruence, internal communication is theoretically suggested to be a key influence in both the process and maintenance of employee engagement efforts.


2120 ECM 2011 FINAL 10Oct 73%

The European Cities Monitor examines a number of key issues that organisations consider when assessing new locations and indicates how effectively each European city is perceived to perform and where improvements are seen to have been made over the past year.


radicalisation 2 71%

strong anger caused from perceived injustice;


mémoire 2018 71%

Higher rates of orthorexia symptoms were associated with negative body image, internalization of ideals of appearance, perceived pressure from the media, and a more important visualization of diet and fitness photography.


Fania Noel Fear of Black feminist nation 69%

Mobilization against slavery in Libya was by far the most divisive, and the positions of decolonial organizations were perceived as perpetuating an ignorance of the global aspects of anti-Blackness that extend beyond colonial links.


journal.pone.0069546 68%

Specifically, an induction of guilt affected the perceived effort necessary to complete tasks that were physical in nature, compared to minimally physical tasks.


EF+Corrigé Anglais1 ST2 2018-2019 67%

when the two interacting objects are perceived to be ……..


Chaput S et al. - Promoting fruits and vegetables access through a local market intervention at a subway station 67%

These studies on AFS implemented in lowincome neighbourhoods have shown improved perceived access to F&V(45,48) and perceived increase in F&V consumption(45,47), but also increase in total F&V consumption(48) or in certain types of fruits or vegetables(46,49).


Rampinini JSS 2007 Factors Small Sided Games soccer 66%

Heart rate, rating of perceived exertion (RPE) on the CR10-scale, and blood lactate concentration were measured.


rapport dépénalisation stupéfiants Portugal 65%

While other states in the European Union have developed various forms of de facto decriminalization—whereby substances perceived to be less serious (such as cannabis) rarely lead to criminal prosecution—Portugal remains the only EU member state with a law explicitly declaring drugs to be “decriminalized.” Because more than seven years have now elapsed since enactment of Portugal’s decriminalization system, there are ample data enabling its effects to be assessed.


Simplicité volontaire 65%

the satisfaction of perceived basic needs (secure shelter, food, clothing) to ~t.Onsumerism(the preoccupation with gaining ever higher levels of consumption, ~lK:Iudinga considerable measure of conspicuous consumption of status goods) lseems to be more pronounced as societies become wealthier.


reactive and proactive aggression 65%

Peer-perceived popularity reflects visibility and power and those adolescents who are identified by their classmates as being popular are often characterized as cool, athletic, prominent in social positions, socially skilled, but also aggressive (e.g., Mayeux et al., 2011).


SitePromotion 64%

Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.


Auditing for probity in procurement 4 64%

Auditor skills More areas to review Audit for Probity in Procurement 1) How Transparency and Accountability are maintained 2) How Impartiality of the process is maintained 3) How actual/perceived Conflicts of Interest are managed 4) How Confidentiality is maintained 5) How Value for Money is obtained More areas to review a) Control Environment s Code of conduct s Management of conflict of interest s Procurement structure and capabilities s Appropriate Delegations of Authority s Procurement policies and procedures s HR policies on recruiting procurement staff s Resources on the procurement action s Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities More areas to review b) Risk assessments s Identification, analysis and management of supply risks and opportunities s Consideration of probity risks s Consideration of fraud risk s Resources for conducting risk assessments s Strategy for procurement especially significant procurement s Appropriateness of contract s Adequacy of contract management More areas to review c) Control activities s Comprehensiveness of needs and consistency with annual plan s Validity and reasonableness of strategy supported by market research/analysis, risk assessments etc.