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3.1 Acute Physiological Comparisons of SSGs Training with Interval Training .


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Yet, a broad basis of common signaling and beneficial neurobiological features exists with connection to the love concept, thereby combining physiological aspects related to maternal, romantic or sexual love and attachment with other healthy activities or neurobiological states.


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Although emotions are associated with a broad range of physiological changes (1, 7), it is still hotly debated whether the bodily changes associated with different emotions are specific enough to serve as the basis for discrete emotional feelings, such as anger, fear, or happiness (8, 9), and the topographical distribution of the emotion-related bodily sensations has remained unknown.


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70 Physiological Abduction . ... 72 Physiological Deduction. ... 73 Physiological Induction .


Rampinini JSS 2007 Factors Small Sided Games soccer 91%

1 – 8 60 5 Factors influencing physiological responses to small-sided soccer games 65 1 10 1 2 ERMANNO RAMPININI , FRANCO M.


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PSG simultaneously and continuously records multiple physiological parameters throughout the night, giving clinicians an accurate sleep evaluation and diagnosis of sleep disorders (1).


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Physiological Profile . ... 519 3.1 Physiological Aspects of Refereeing .



These findings suggest that negative psychological and physiological outcomes are associated with iPhone separation and the inability to answer one’s ringing iPhone during cognitive tasks.


Kristen crosslinguistic developmental consistency 87%

The results demonstrated that across languages expressions for physiological states (e.g., hungry and tired) were among the most varied, while children’s vocabulary for cognitive entities (e.g., know and think) proved to be least varied.


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Scientific point of view According to Cartesian scientists, any NDE can be explained by physiological and psychological manifestations.


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“The argument that from an evolutionary perspective, yawns must have a ‘primitive’ physiological function arises from imprecise reasoning” (Guggisberg et al., 2010, 2011).


Etude efficacité EFT (1) 84%

Vol.4, No.8, 645-654 Published Online August 2013 in SciRes ( Clinical EFT as an Evidence-Based Practice for the Treatment of Psychological and Physiological Conditions Dawson Church National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, Fulton, USA Email:


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Public Health 2021, 18, 4344 3 of 42 Additionally, we defined the quantifiable, negative effect of masks as the presentation of a measured, statistically significant change in a physiological parameter in a pathological direction (p <


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Experimental Physiology C 2013 The Physiological Society Downloaded from Exp Physiol ( by guest on December 22, 2014 Viewpoint Exp Physiol 99.2 (2014) pp 340–341 pulmonary function, it would suggest that group III and IV afferents can evoke sensations of fatigue and pain independent from changes in cardiorespiratory function.


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The results indicate a tendency for the gifted group to express more negative emotional and physiological reactions to stressors than the two other groups.


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SAG treatment also produced physiological effects and partially rescued both N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor–dependent synaptic plasticity and NMDA/AMPA receptor ratio, physiological measures associated with memory.


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19 III Multi-parameter monitor user’s manual Chapter 1 General Introduction 1.1 Intended use The Monitor is used to monitor patient’s physiological parameters such as ECG、 RESP、SpO2、NIBP、IBP、TEMP、EtCO2 and Anesthetic gas continuously.


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The objectives were to update the definition using new data (epidemiological, physiological, and clinical trials) to address the current limitations of the AECC definition and explore other defining variables.


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The presence of an aberrant motor cortex plasticity in Parkinson’s disease and the ability of L-DOPA of restoring physiological plasticity in nondyskinetic but not in dyskinetic patients has been demonstrated by utilizing transcranial magnetic and median nerve stimulation (paired associative stimulation protocol) (Morgante et al., 2006).


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Daniel Raper,1,2,z Antoine Louveau,1,3,z and Jonathan Kipnis1,3,* The many interactions between the nervous and the immune systems, which are active in both physiological and pathological states, have recently become more clearly delineated with the discovery of a meningeal lymphatic system capable of carrying fluid, immune cells, and macromolecules from the central nervous system (CNS) to the draining deep cervical lymph nodes.


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PhD Scholarship on Ecophysiology and Nutrition of Cocoa This advertisement has been re-opened for Ivorian candidates only One fully‐funded PhD fellowship is available for a highly talented candidate from Ivory Coast to investigate the physiological responses of different cocoa genotypes to nutritional treatments and the interactions with agricultural management, particularly shade, to achieve high yield and bean quality.



Spinal reflex responses to mechanical stimulation are exaggerated in young infants, but facial expression is a weak indicator.18 In preverbal children, excessive crying, irritability, poor feeding, position and movement of the arms and legs, and sleep disturbance can indicate pain.17–19 Altered facial expression is also suggestive.19 Physiological variables can also indicate acute pain.19,20 Vol 387 January 2, 2016 Tools to grade children’s pain are widely recommended;20 they include:


Article Artere Vertebrale 74%

3 Université Libre de Bruxelles, Faculté des Sciences appliquées, BEAMS, Bruxelles, Belgique 4 CHU de Brugmann – Service de Radiologie, Bruxelles, Belgique *Auteur correspondant Length variations of the vertebral artery in vivo Comparative study between physiological rotation and pre-manipulative position of the cervical spine Abstract Objectives:


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(New Orleans, LA) The object of this invention is to provide a method and apparatus for producing infrasound utilizing two highly directional acoustical wave sources propagating intersecting beams of sound waves at a frequency which may be in the audible range or above, and which waves in and of themselves, because of their frequencies which are higher than infrasound, do not have the same physiological or neurophysiological effects on a subject in their individual paths but which, in their areas of intersection, combine or beat against one another to produce resultant waves in the infrasonic range.