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100% - Présentation Mon services

Présentation Mon services Rédaction Vous avez besoin d'un pitch mais vous ne trouvez pas les mots, vous n'avez pas le temps ou vous cherchez un regard extérieur ? 12/09/2018

99% - US SHORTSTV 2015 (mailing 7)

US SHORTSTV 2015 (mailing 7) SHORTSTV INVITE YOU TO PITCH! 28/04/2015

99% - FR SHORTSTV 2015 (mailing 7)


99% - Présentation Mon formation

Présentation Mon formation Formation Elevator Pitch Une méthode issue de la pratique du pitch présentée en détails et directement appliquée permettant aux participants de la réutiliser en toute situation. 12/09/2018

98% - Lead Gen Case Studies

Join the next webinar, where we go into these strategies, in even more depth Click Here To Join The Next Webinar Case Study - ​Pitch Hero How we helped Pitch Hero generate a consistent 10-30 sales meetings (meetings, not leads) every week using cold outreach and lead generation Note:​ Cold email may not be compliant in your country, look up the laws before using it as a lead generation tool Introduction Pitch Hero is - a video marketing agency that create explainer, branding and animated videos to boost client acquisition They work in any industry but primarily target Marketing agencies, tech companies, financial services and consultants The company is run by Nick Beckett and Ian Jackson, they started Pitch Hero in July 2017 They tried cold email for one month before cold email crashed and then started again when working with me in November 2017 The Problem Before working with Pitch Hero - they’d just started their video marketing agency. 30/06/2018

97% - Planning 2018 U10

Equipe 10h00 Score Equipe Terrain Union Famenne R Harzé FC Pitch 10h20 FC Cheratte R Ougrée FC Pitch 10h40 JFA Union Famenne Pitch 11h00 R Harzé FC FC Cheratte Pitch 11h20 R Ougrée FC JFA Pitch 11h40 Union Famenne FC Cheratte Pitch 12h00 R Harzé FC R Ougrée FC Pitch 12h40 JFA FC Cheratte Pitch 13h00 R Ougrée FC Union Famenne Pitch 13h20 R Harzé FC JFA Pitch 20/04/2018


10.3389/fnsys.2013.00102 SYSTEMS NEUROSCIENCE Valproate reopens critical-period learning of absolute pitch Judit Gervain 1,2 , Bradley W. 24/01/2014

96% - ESP 2013 Call for Projects

ESP 2013 Call for Projects EUROPEAN SHORT PITCH 2013 7th edition Call for short film projects Application deadline: 13/09/2012

93% - Planning 2018 U13

Equipe 11h00 Score Equipe Terrain RSC Beaufays RFC Banneux Pitch 11h20 RFC Trooz B Pitch 11h40 RSC Beaufays RFC Trooz Pitch 12h00 RFC Banneux B Pitch 12h40 RFC Trooz RFC Banneux Pitch 13h00 B RSC Beaufays Pitch Hor. 20/04/2018

92% - neural plasticity of speech processing before birth

unlike infants with no exposure to these stimuli, the exposed fetuses showed enhanced brain activity (mismatch responses) in response to pitch changes for the trained variants after birth. 19/05/2014

91% - Verdon Parc plan 04 2015 2016 V2

Extincteur / Extinguisher Barbecue Borne incendie / Fire pot Emplacement nu / Basic camping pitch Cottage Figuier Emplacement camping-car / Motor-home pitch Cottage Cigale Emplacement nu / Basic camping pitch Chalet Emplacement nu Premium / Premium basic camping pitch Cottage Lavande Plan d'évacuation / Evacuation plan du camping Tente Lodge Cottage Peuplier Tente Woody Cottage Laurier Fontaine/Point d'eau / Fountain/Water point Cottage Loggia Cottage Verdon Cottage Olivier Cottage Keywest Premium 2 ch. 20/11/2015

91% - Lateral behaviour

Roll rate 1) intial roll input 5deg of aileron, beta so that Cn=0  to mesure “adverse yaw due to aileron deflection, induced drag part” Much more beta with V than Reduced rolling moment for V (Clbeta) Pitch up trend (deflection at tail ?) Numerical problem with induced drag for (interaction in HTP/VTP corner ?) 2) Sustained rolling movement, non coordinated. 16/11/2011

91% - ACE presentation light

ACE presentation light PRESENTATION PITCH DECK © 2015 Company Name Inc All Rights Reserved. 13/07/2017

90% - log

Closely check your wiring for broken wires or connection problems 0:17 RC Input of Pitch Channel missed The Pitch Input Signal ist updated with each Frame recived from the reciver. 08/04/2012

90% - Orbiter Tuto Rapide débutant Terre ISS avec la Navette

roll (4-6) 1.6k Pitch to 80° 3.4k Pitch to 70° 5.8k Pitch to 60° 11.4k Pitch to 50° (cap: 26/11/2019

90% - 1

The width of the lines was about 15 μm in the case of two parallel lines of pillar featuring a 10 μm pitch and was scaled up to six parallel lines when the smallest pitch was fabricated. 14/06/2015


The stator winding is connected directly to the 60 HZ grid and the rotor is driven by a variable-pitch wind turbine. 05/02/2018