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Unit 5 OK 100%

Music Instruments and Musicians Bass guitar Bass guitarist Guitare basse Cello Cellist Violoncelle Drums Drummer Batterie Keyboard Keyboard player Clavier Organ Organist Orgue Piano Pianist Piano Saxophone Saxophonist Saxophone Trumpet Trumpeter Trompette Violin Violinist Violon Words and Definitions Man with quite high-pitched voice Man with low-pitched voice Woman with high-pitched voice Large group of musicians with different instruments Group of people singing together Someone who writes and sings his own songs Someone who speaks the words of a song Somebody who sings and plays instrument on their own The main singer in a band The person who directs an orchestra Somebody who write music Person who chooses, introduces, and plays music on radios or clubs Incomprehensible Catchy Moving Beat Monotonous Tune To blow one's own trumpet To face the music To have a good ear To be music to someone's ears To be out of tune Can’t understand what it’s about Can’t get it out of my head It makes me want to cry Makes you want to tap your feet It sends me to sleep Air, mélodie Chanter ses propres louanges Affronter les conséquences Avoir l’oreille musicale Ravir quelqu’un Désaccordé Tenor Bass Soprano Orchestra Choir /kwaɪə/ Singer-songwriter Rapper Soloist Lead singer Conductor Composer Disc jockey Incompréhensible Qui trotte dans la tête Émouvant Rythme Monotone The Media Commentator Critic Editor Freelance journalist Newsreader Paparazzi Presenter Press photographer Commentateur Critique Éditeur Journaliste indépendant Lecteur de nouvelles Paparazzi Présentateur Photographe de presse Reporter Advertisement Weather forecast Crossword Front page Horoscope Review Small ads Reporter Publicité Météo Mots croisés Page de couverture Horoscope Revue Petites publicités Sensational Biased Objective Accurate Censored À sensation Partial Objectif Précis Censuré Row Wed Quit Tipped Back Quiz Hit Axed Argument Is going to marry Is going to leave Is predicted successful Support Interrogate Has been badly affected Have been cut Sleep Alarm Blankets Dreams Duvet Fall Keep you awake Insomnia Jet-lagged To sleep like a log Nap Nightmares Oversleep Pillow Set Sheets Siesta Sleeping tablets Sleepy Snore Yawn Alarme Couverture Rêves Couette Tomber Garder éveillé Insomnie Fatiguer par le décalage horaire Dormir comme un loir Somme Cauchemars Se réveiller trop tard Oreiller Mettre Draps Sieste Somnifères Qui a envie de dormir Ronfler Bâiller


grant 78%

When you receive the SSB signal in the proper mode (USB or LSB), audio sound may be either too high pitched or Iow pitched, indicating that your receiver may not be tuned to the exact same frequency as the transmitter to which it is listening.


Nathan Hirsch Explora F 77%

Nathan Hirsch 71 rue Riquet, 75018 Paris Education 2013-2017 Languages IT Msc Entrepreneurship at EDHEC Business School, Lille French (native speaker), English (fluent), Spanish (Advanced) Skilled in all Office tools, AdWords, Analytics, Jira (Project Management) Work Experience 2016 (6 months) 2015 (6 months) 2014 (3 months) 2014-2015 (1 year) 2013-2015 (2 years) Methys Labs- Cape Town, South Africa Business Developer - PayGenius (Payment gateway)  Grew by 10% the turnover of the start-up  Managed the roll out of the PayGenius App  Developed the back end for PayGenius clients Project Manager- Powertime (Electricity online reseller)  Developed new products on the website  Managed AdWords campaign and drafted monthly Analytics reports  Pitched the company at The Energy Utility week in Cape Town Société Générale - Paris, France Corporate credit analyst  Drafted credit analyses ie focused on financial ratios, clients’ solvability and profitability  Conducted client reviews for the top management of the bank before meeting clients  Managed stress tests on clients’ business plans  Rated client counterparties and renewed the derivative rating strategy Crédit Agricole SA - Paris, France Project developer for retail banking:


CTHK tube convoluté en Teflon 76%

HDPE plastic spiral guard Monel CGA 820 elbow n Construction n Benefits • • • • • Fully complies with the guidelines of The Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6, Appendix A for Chlorine Transfer Hose Open pitched, helical convolutions for easy cleaning Rated for full vacuum OPERATING TEMPERATURE (F) Designed to handle the rigors of everyday handling at chlorine transfer stations NOTE:


GreenRoof66007 23 76%

I Pitched roofs – a perfect system for greening roofs with a pitch of up to 45°.


FM 20-15 Tents and Tent Pitching 1945 75%

(Superseded) The tent, shelter, new type is pitched in the same manner as the tent, shelter (old type (par.


US-SHORTSTV-2015 (mailing 7) 70%

All pitched short films must have a budget of €10,000 maximum, not exceed 12 minutes in length and meet ShortsTV standard technical requirements.


Acoustical-analysis-labour-sounds 66%

Work/effort utterances are higher pitched and more tense than childlike utterances.


Vaisseau Avenger 62%

It’s old, has plenty of rich history being a police craft, it’s pitched as a bounty hunter ship, and so on.


WWReport 61%

estimated mileage covered- 29km Braving varied temperatures and a rough start to the introduction of raw Africa, this day found participants walking through Ngare Nanyuki village right through to a campsite we pitched just after the cold front in a flat valley.


WWReport 61%

estimated mileage covered- 29km Braving varied temperatures and a rough start to the introduction of raw Africa, this day found participants walking through Ngare Nanyuki village right through to a campsite we pitched just after the cold front in a flat valley.


2012 Wildtree Catalog may 2012-web 59%

So my parents (Frank and Judy) pitched in and we all started experimenting with herbs and spices.


Versions of culture 47%

and it is between these two poles, positive and negative, that the concept is currently pitched.


05 - Wicked 45%

“This is huge,” she said in her sweet, high-pitched voice.


sarin 43%

As he breathed, he made screeching sounds and low-pitched gargles.


Total Dac Audio Art Final 39%

Linda Ronstadt showed her splendid and bright voice when she reached to the high-pitched notes.


Newsdec2012 english 38%

But “despite rainstorms, despite sharks, the boat pitched but never capsized”.


neural plasticity of speech processing before birth 38%

However, this learning capability may be based predominantly on the discrimination of low-pitched sounds that can penetrate the intrauterine walls (7–9).


deep bass 9 manual 37%

The Deep Bass Nine responds to MID I notes and "blippy", high-pitched sounds can be obtained by playing a higher octave on your keyboard or sequencer.


Social-Emotional-Development[1] 37%

The infant smiles at first in response to high pitched vocalizations (“baby talk”) and a smile from his caregiver;


Obstetrics-by-ear 34%

“uhhhh” sounds that are low pitched and may be chamctedzed as “primal” or ‘animalistic.” are perceived by both mothers and caregiversto be typical, adaptive, and helpful Their meaning is that effori and pressure are being exerted by rhe abdominal muscles, and they communicate that the woman is pushing and is working effectively with the contractions.


Canada JCI Senate 31%

My wife and I will never forget how they pitched in to help a new member to their club.


07 25%

This noise generally builds slowly from a sizzle to a high-pitched whine and disappears with nearby lightning flashes.


journal.pone.0063441 25%

Tickling laughter, in contrast, led to a stronger activation of the auditory association cortex presumably reflecting the higher acoustic complexity of the rapid and high-pitched tickling laughter [9] (see also Table S1).