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GreenRoof66007 23 100%

Optigreen Intensive roofs have a greater depth of growing medium and can support a wider variety of planting, including shrubs and small trees.


Past Tense Exercise 15and16 88%

6) We [was planting / were planting] the garden on May 15th.


Tree Service Salt Lake City 86%

Commercial Tree Care We pride ourselves in consulting our customers to both educate and advise the best solution for your tree planting, buying or tree care needs.


cv seb 82%

Apple picking, buds planting... ►November 2014 to March 2016:



The whole year's planting was finished in that field by New Year's Day.


Le bulletin du Gouverneur - Novembre 2011 78%

(Bons programmes d’œuvres sociales d’envergure et de Planting, bons programmes d’accroissement des effectifs, bons programmes de médiatisation.) J’ai pu enfin observer que certaines


Monument 76%

Château, tavernes, planting, et bien d’autre (à réfléchir ensemble) Diffusion Chaque youtubeur pourras mettre une vidéo de leur constructions, prise de décisions etc, et finir par un petit enchainement de photo s autre réalisation.


Topic Environmental Protection Forestièrie 68%

* organization own village * Reforestation, planting, maintenance, watering For domestic use as firewood, trees are cut in the dry season to be stored for the winter.


HR.102 Livelihood Delegate Haiti 68%

- Enhancing livelihoods with longer term cash crops - Planting (or replanting) trees for cash crops, as well as to contribute to prevent erosion and improve the condition of the soil.


concern on pesticids 65%

Seeds are treated with these neurotoxins before planting, and the poison suffuses the tissues, pollen, and nectar.


ch1 65%

ch1 1 Introduction Purpose and expected outcomes Agriculture is the deliberate planting and harvesting of plants and herding animals.


Violation of Rights of Defense in Armenia 55%

Human rights organizations report many cases of torture, ill-treatment, deprivation of medical care as well as of food, planting of evidence to bring weapons charges, secret detention without information to the families, etc.


Report of North Bank 50%

We watched the mothers and their children or babies planting onion, seeds and water them.