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Effective porosity is estimated by systemizing the flow and storage characteristics of different lithologies and relating these to measured effective porosity in Africa and other global analogies.


Microstructure Degradation of LSM: YSZ Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells after Long Operation Time Using 3D Reconstructions By FIB Tomography and X- Ray Fluorescence 99%

These parameters (porosity, tortuosity, percolation, and TPB length) obtained by 3D-reconstruction, are then calculated.


Nonoparticles modeling 85%

 Both porosities in the pores and in the throats connecting them decrease with the same global rate porosity of the PNM shows down with an increased rate.


Memoire Exemple bibliographie 69%

compacting the soil and changing its density, compressibility, permeability and porosity.


Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to aniline (PdC) 68%

PID Scheme…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..47 3/47 Reduction of Nitrobenzene to Aniline 5 CGP 2012/2013 Symbols Symbol Signification Units a ac Ci,su Ci,ex Cp Cv dA db De Dm DTLN dp dT fex Fr Frc Specific area of gas /m3 of liquid phase Specific area of solid/m3 of liquid phase Surface concentration of i (catalyst) External concentration of i (organic phase) Mass heat capacity Molar heat capacity Agitator diameter Gas bubble diameter Effective diffusivity Average diffusivity Logarithmic temperature difference Catalyst diameter Tank diameter External resistance fraction Froude number Critical Froude number Modified Froude number Gravity constant Reactor’height Hydrogen solubility in organic phase (Henry coefficient) specific heat exchange coefficient Reaction rate constant / m3 of organic phase Liquid-solid mass transfer conductance (L/S) Gas-Liquid mass transfer conductance (G/L) Reaction rate constant /m3 of catalyst pellet Gas-Liquid mass transfer coefficient mass Molecular weight Stirring speed Critical turbine speed for gas induction Molar quantity Aeration number Stirring power number Nusselt number Pressure Prandtl number Aniline productivity Blade's caracteristic lenght Volumetric flow Gas injection flow Gas constant Reynolds number Reynolds stirring number Intrinsic reaction rate /m3 of catalyst pellet Intrinsic reaction rate /m3 of organic phase Apparent reaction rate reaction rate at surface concentrations (catalyst) reaction rate at external concentrations (organic) Heat exchange surface Schmidt number m2.m-3 m2.m-3 mol.m-3 mol.m-3 J.mol-1.K-1 m m m.s-1 m.s-1 °C m m % m.s-2 m Pa.m3.mol-1 W.m-2.K-1 m3.mol-1.s-1 m.s-1 m.s-1 3 2 (m ) .m3.mol-1.s-1 s-1 kg g.mol-1 s-1 s-1 mol - g H HH2 h k kD kl kp kla m M N Nc n NA Np Nu P Pr PB q Q QG R Re Res ̅̅̅ / ̅̅̅ S Sc 4/47 Pa Tons/years m m3.s-1 m3/h J.K-1.mol-1 mol.s-1.m-3 mol.s-1.m-3 mol.s-1.m-3 mol.s-1.m-3 mol.s-1.m-3 m2 - Reduction of Nitrobenzene to Aniline 5 CGP 2012/2013 Symbol Sh T td tr Uext uvg V V’ Vloop Vr Vtot Vu W W0 XA ΔH ΔTad zA zL Signification Sherwood number Temperature Dead time (loading unloading duration) Reaction duration Global heat exchange coefficient gas flow rate (empty tank) Volume in the reactor Total volume (reactor+loop) Loop volume of the heat exchanger system Volume of reaction mixture (organic phase in the reactor) Reactor total volume Usefull volume Mechanical power (G-L) Mechanical power for liquid only Nitrobenzene conversion Reaction enthalpy Adiabatic temperature elevation Distance between stirrer and tank bottom Liquid height in the reactor Greek letter βp ε ̅ ̃ εG εs η Δ λ μ ν ρ ρs ρp σ τ φsu ω Signification Internal porosity Interstitial porosity (=1 - ) Mass stirring power Volume stirring power Gas holdup/Gas retention volume fraction of solid Efficiency Differential Thermal conductivity Dynamic viscosity Cinematic viscosity density Solid density Impregnated catalyst density Surface tension Tortuosity General Thiele modulus Mass fraction Exponent e max i s Related to Inlet Maximum Initial outlet Units W.m-3 W.m-1.K-1 Pa.


freelander LN 1994 0036 67%

Any pitting/porosity/pinholes may cause the gasket to fail again.


1 Rhombo 63%

There are specific porosity permeability relationships per layer.


Poster Airmon 10 06 2014 54%

1 minute and Data collection and spectral treatment A standard sampling cycle Dual porosity :


Khaoula hamdi poster AIRMON 2014 54%

SEM snapshot of a deposited silica nanoparticles (500 nm scale bar) Dual porosity :


Post-doctoral position 52%

What is the kinetics, how do they affect mineralogy and porosity?


Improve TBM Productivity in converging and sticking Geology 47%

Highly fractured rocks can make important aquifers or hydrocarbon reservoirs, since they may possess both significant permeability and fracture porosity.


Polyter-Flyer 46%

Polyter will loosen and improve the porosity of soils and compost;


tildren navicular disease 42%

1) enlargement of the synovial fossae of the distal border, 2) thickening of the flexor compact bone frequently combined with a decreased compact bone volume due to increased bone porosity in relation with an intense osteoclastic activity and increased osteoid volume suggestive of an increased osteoblastic activity, 3) decreased area of the spongiosa combined with an increased volume of its trabeculae and 4) radiolucent area within the spongiosa surrounded by osseous regions of increased resorption and formation.


géomorphologie-ULG-GEOLOGICA-VOL-17-1-QUINIF-P66-74 41%

the ghost-rock is a new phase with a high porosity, located along the areas which present a higher permeability in the initial state.


Gorée Update 1 EN 36%

In terms of the porosity of borders and the transnational nature of the actors engaged in the conflict, the Malian crisis is particularity having repercussions for human security throughout the Sahel region.


CSA ItaEng 34%

For some molecules, also fiberglass or PTFE 0.8 µm porosity membrane filters were used (Tab.


désertification au kenya 31%

increase soil porosity, enhance free drainage and infiltration capacity by 9% (Biamah, 2005).


Pneumothorax in the Critically Ill Patient 29%

Primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP) occurs in patients without a known history of underlying lung disease, most commonly in male smokers with an ectomorphic body type who report the sudden onset of ipsilateral chest pain.7 The underlying pathogenesis of PSP is unknown, but most experts believe it is due to increased pleural porosity or subpleural bleb rupture.8,9 Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax (SSP) results from a visceral pleural leak in patients with a known underlying lung disease such as emphysema, cystic fibrosis, or lymphangioleiomyomatosis.10 Because patients with SSP have underlying lung disease with less cardiopulmonary reserve, they typically present more acutely than those with PSP and require more urgent drainage, with hospitalization recommended.11 Nonspontaneous pneumothorax is due to traumatic or iatrogenic injury of the chest wall or lung.



Without additional material modifications, it is difficult to produce equal fibre sizes with variable porosity, as both properties are simultaneously modulated when altering electrospinning parameters.


weismann-arcache 2012 23%

Still on the subject of history, Golse [11] argues that since the fifties, we have witnessed a shift from an orificial psychoanalysis, interested in orifices (i.e., erogenous zones of each partial drive), where neurosis and content were the clinical features, to a more skin-deep, Winnicottian psychoanalysis, focusing on containers and envelopes, and therefore on “hollow” traumas, with the holes and porosity of the skin ego.