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97% - Corydoras ortegai

Anterior and posterior nares proximal, only separated by flap of skin. 29/08/2011


apices of lateral and posterior teeth posteriorly recurved, with recurvature strongest in posterior lateral teeth; 06/01/2014

96% - Canon MP270 MP250 series ES

Componentes principales Vista frontal Vista posterior Vista interior Panel de control Pantalla LED y operaciones básicas Principio de página Componentes principales Página 4 de 716 páginas Guía avanzada Solución de problemas Contenido > 10/07/2012

95% - new neck node atlas manuscript

In particular, the nodal areas in the lower and posterior neck typically involved in nasopharyngeal carcinoma were not properly discussed; 15/01/2017

91% - manual php programar

Este material puede ser distribuido solamente bajo los terminos y condiciones de la Open Publication License, v1.0 ó posterior (la última versión está disponible en 09/07/2011

90% - anat

etmoidal anterior y posterior. 04/11/2015


aquella que une las cúspides linguales o palatinas ) Lacárcada superior es mayor en todo su contorno que la inferior por eso la cubre, tanto en sentido transversal como anteroposterior, excepto en la zona posterior que termina en plano recto 3 II.- RELACIONES DENTALES IDEALES ENTRE ARCADAS. 01/06/2015

90% - les mystères de l imagination

Gazzaniga, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, and approved August 28, 2013 (received for review June 11, 2013) | occipital frontoparietal dorsolateral prefrontal | posterior parietal | precuneus | A lbert Einstein described the elements of his scientific thought as “certain signs and more or less clear images which can be ‘voluntarily’ reproduced or combined” (1). 03/08/2015


Triángulo posterior o anal Rodea al ano 2013/2014 TESTÍCULOS Glándulas pares mixtas (exocrinas y endocrinas), ovoideas, de aprox. 02/06/2015

88% - Trial Class Doubletail Shortfin 7 15 2010

Ventral fins slightly less than 2/3 body length (Slight Fault) Ventral fins – single tip preferred, double tips (Slight Fault) Dorsal fin without primary branching (Minor Fault) Ventral fins 1/2 body length or slightly less (Minor Fault) Anal fin fails to slope strongly from anterior to posterior (Major Fault) Dorsal fin fails to slope strongly from anterior to posterior (Minor Fault) Dorsal fin not Full and or lacking wide Base (Minor Fault) NOTE: 14/12/2011

88% - le cerveau d'einstein

A posterior view shows the occipital poles rotated somewhat over the cerebellum (Fig. 28/07/2015


SCHEDE SINTETICHE MODELLI CIAO (1) Informazioni tratte dal sito: 17/09/2020

87% - anat1

ciliares largos (van al globo ocular- esclerótica y coroides) ■ N etmoidal posterior (penetran por el ag. 31/05/2015

86% - Phyllium brossardi Cumming, Le Tirant & Teemsma 2017

Pronotum with anterior margin concave and lateral margins that are straight and converging to a straight posterior margin that is slightly more than half the width of the anterior rim. 15/12/2017

85% - Duffau

All rights reserved REVIEWS Insights into functional connectivity Sensorimotor system It is well known that direct stimulation of pyramidal fibres causes involuntary muscle contraction (whether the stimulation is delivered to the corona radiata, posterior arm of the internal capsule or brainstem), and that direct stimulation of somatosensory thalamocortical fibres produces reproducible dysaesthesia in awake patients,29,30 but limited information is available on the network subserving motor control. 08/02/2016