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100% - poverty

poverty #campaignforachange Change or not change poverty's rate ? 07/04/2015

99% - UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights lao pdr end of mission statement

UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights lao pdr end of mission statement Statement by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his visit to Lao PDR, 18-28 March 2019 Vientiane, 28 March 2019 1. 29/05/2019

98% - Article EPOV Ensuring energy efficient and safe homes for vulnerable consumers short version (1)

Article EPOV Ensuring energy efficient and safe homes for vulnerable consumers short version (1) ADDRESSING SAFETY AND ENERGY POVERTY TO BETTER PROTECT VULNERABLE CONSUMERS INTRODUCTION In November 2016, the European Commission published the Clean Energy for All Europeans package to facilitate and accelerate the transition towards clean and affordable energy for EU consumers. 04/06/2018

97% - Socle commun AMCP EN

Socle commun AMCP EN a PROPOSALS FOR A CORE COMMON PRINCIPLES IN THE FRAMEWORK OF POST-2015 REFLECTIONS Global Call to Action against Poverty - CGAP - CORE COMMON PRINCIPLES IN THE FRAMEWORK OF ” POST-2015 ” REFLECTIONS Any policy against poverty which does not include the need to reduce inequalities, which does not adopt a human rights-based approach, which persists in failing to consider poverty as the result of a broader sociopolitical and environmental context and of a choice of global growth model inherently unequal, is doomed to failure. 24/09/2013

96% - docposition ATDQuartmonde

We support the ambition set in paragraph 1 “ to eradicate poverty and hunger in this generation, and to achieve sustainable development through promoting inclusive economic growth, protecting the environment, and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies. 13/05/2015

94% - 10 0001


94% - FSL desk review #2

Rural youth are the future of food security and rural poverty reduction. 30/06/2016

89% - Goals and targets 2 juin 2014

Goals and targets 2 juin 2014 2 June 2014 INTRODUCTION AND PROPOSED GOALS AND TARGETS ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE POST2015 DEVELOPMENT AGENDA Poverty eradication is the greatest global challenge facing the world today and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. 04/06/2014

88% - Summary Note June 25 Open Session 39 Shaping the P

Pierre-Louis expressed that solidarity, employment, food security, poverty eradication, sustainable development and climate change are currently the most significant issues faced by humanity. 29/07/2013

86% - Household management for preventing catastrophic health expenditure 2017

To protect the population against the poverty due to these health expenses, a management of the households in a multicultural context proves important. 15/06/2019

85% - DFID edu chi disabil guid note

• • The MDGs cannot be achieved without addressing disability 400 million people with disabilities live in poverty in developing countries • • • • economy Disability is a human rights issue Disability equality is a UK HMG commitment The UK Government lobbied hard for the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities disability within the education sector, summarises the main ideas and provides signposts to relevant practical tools and further reading. 14/09/2018

85% - Spaces & Exchanges

So lot of migrants from Europe came to escape from poverty, wars. 14/05/2016

82% - PF Journée mondiale des Pauvres 2018 en anglais

He has direct experience of poverty and yet transforms it into a song of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. 17/11/2018

81% - Insan Annual Report 2012

These populations are deprived of their basic rights due to severe poverty, lack of legal status, isolation and racism. 03/12/2013

81% - Father Joseph

Her very great poverty totally overwhelmed him and he asked the woman how it was possible to survive there. 13/12/2016


approaches by the elimination of injustices by training, injustices that can not be identified by our leaders of states, because they do not refer to the good sources and the consequences is that the injustices are ignored and introduced into the solutions of government and management at all levels and in all fields while they have an undue cost which is added to the prices of the products which makes them unsalable cause bankruptcies, the inflation unemployment, poverty, insecurity, divorces, and all the misfortunes experienced in society; 03/01/2019

80% - Determinants Pauvrete JMCousineau

Abstract One of the most extraordinary change that affected Canada and Québec in the recent decenny is the dramatic decrease in their poverty rates. 11/11/2011

80% - COVID 19 Policy Brief FINAL ENG

COVID 19 Policy Brief FINAL ENG ©/ Welthungerhilfe THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IS EXACERBATING HUNGER WORLDWIDE Drawing Lessons from the crisis and initiating change One year on from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the fears about the increase in hunger and poverty have been confirmed. 01/04/2021

79% - nieuwsbrief2

French speaking coordinator Geert De Bolle Duth speaking coordinator We are integrated in a larger network of services whom work on a national (federal) scale, the SCUBA team (it has nothing to do with underwater adventures, but all with the fight against poverty) Within this network we have a lot of opportunities and contact to proclaim the good message of Housing First. 11/07/2019

79% - galbraith

“An imbalance between the rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of republics.” And the problems that arise from the continuing co-existence of affluence and poverty — and particularly the process by which good fortune is justified in the presence of the ill fortune of others — have been an intellectual preoccupation for centuries. 14/04/2014

77% - La Côte d'Ivoire en Bref

0.8 POVERTY and SOCIAL 2009 Population, mid-year (millions) GNI per capita (Atlas method, US$) GNI (Atlas method, US$ billions) 2/25/11 Development diamond* Life expectancy Average annual growth, 2003-09 Population (%) Labor force (%) Most recent estimate (latest year available, 2003-09) Poverty (% of population below national poverty line) Urban population (% of total population) Life expectancy at birth (years) Infant mortality (per 1,000 live births) Child malnutrition (% of children under 5) Access to an improved water source (% of population) Literacy (% of population age 15 ) Gross primary enrollment (% of school-age population) Male Female GNI per capita Gross primary enrollment Access to improved water source Côte d'Ivoire Lower-middle-income group KEY ECONOMIC RATIOS and LONG-TERM TRENDS GDP (US$ billions) Gross capital formation/GDP Exports of goods and services/GDP Gross domestic savings/GDP Gross national savings/GDP Current account balance/GDP Interest payments/GDP Total debt/GDP Total debt service/exports Present value of debt/GDP Present value of debt/exports Economic ratios* Trade Domestic savings Capital Indebtedness (average annual growth) GDP GDP per capita Exports of goods and services Côte d'Ivoire Lower-middle-income group STRUCTURE of the ECONOMY 1989 1999 2008 2009 (% of GDP) Agriculture Industry Manufacturing Services 32.7 21.8 19.1 45.5 22.0 24.2 20.5 53.8 25.0 26.1 18.0 48.9 24.4 25.2 18.0 50.4 Household final consumption expenditure General gov't final consumption expenditure Imports of goods and services 69.9 18.3 29.1 72.2 6.5 32.2 73.6 8.6 38.8 72.2 8.6 33.8 1989-99 1999-09 2008 2009 3.2 5.5 4.7 2.0 1.7 -0.4 -1.6 0.3 0.5 2.7 2.4 3.0 4.0 5.2 4.6 2.7 (average annual growth) Agriculture Industry Manufacturing Services Household final consumption expenditure General gov't final consumption expenditure Gross capital formation Imports of goods and services 6.2 -0.7 8.6 8.0 -0.5 3.1 0.8 3.4 4.8 0.4 24.6 -5.4 1.9 1.3 14.4 11.0 Growth of capital and GDP (%) 30 20 10 0 -10 04 05 06 07 08 09 08 09 -20 GCF GDP Growth of exports and imports (%) 15 10 5 0 -5 04 05 06 07 -10 Exports Imports Note: 16/01/2012

76% - Sans nom 1

● Underdeveloped countries Extreme poverty ● Developing countries Middle poverty less than 1€ by days to live Salvation-Malnutrition lake of clear drinking water – no electricity 30,000 kids are dying by days 1,1 billion of people ● Developed countries Rich countries 80% of resources Problems of electricity Problems of water Wasting 4,3 billion of people 75,000 million each years Demographic problem 1,1 billion of people Problems of the world-Challenges and solutions a majority of poor people Facts: 20/01/2011

76% - Immigration waves

The main reasons for leaving the country of origin were a high rate of unemployment, poverty and hope for better wages. 05/11/2014

76% - 04 TPP 24jan54 4

28 February 2011 Potential gains Potential gains • Trade is only one policy mechanism among  y p p p many that must be pursued to lift people out  of poverty, achieve economic growth and  rising incomes rising incomes.  • Open trade promotes investment • Investment spurs economic growth • Economic growth promotes health, reduce  Economic growth promotes health reduce poverty 28 February 2011 4 ประโยชน์ ทคี่ าดหวังได้ ประโยชนทคาดหวงได มีการค้ าขายเพิ่มมากขึ ้น และมีการลงทุนจากต่างประเทศมากขึ ้น สร้ างงานให้ คนไทยมากขึ ้น สร้ างการเจริ ญเติบโตทางเศรษฐกิจ สรางการเจรญเตบโตทางเศรษฐกจ สร้ างการเจริ ญเติบโตในภาคการผลิต ทําให้ จํานวนคนไทยระดับชนชันกลางมี ้ รายได้ ปานกลางมากขึ ้น เมอประชาชนสวนใหญมเงนมากขน ื่ ป ช ช ส่ ใ ่ ี ิ ึ ้ อุปส ปสงคในสนคากมมากขน ์ใ สิ ้ ็ ี ึ้ เป็ นกลไกและโอกาสให้ เกิดการปฎิรูปขบวนการผลิตเพื่อตอบสนอง ตลาดที่ใหญ่ขึ ้น ช่วยลดต้ นทุนอันเกิดจากการผลิตจํานวนมาก • เปนโอกาสในการเจรจาแกไขเปลยนแปลงกฎตาง เป็ นโอกาสในการเจรจาแก้ ไขเปลี่ยนแปลงกฎต่าง ๆ ทเคยตกลงไว ที่เคยตกลงไว้ แลว แล้ ว พบว่าต้ องแก้ ไข เช่น กฎแหล่งกําเนิดสินค้ า มาตรฐานสินค้ า ฯลฯ 5 • • • • • • • 28 February 2011 11/01/2012