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100% - SummerSimonyi Syllabus

The program takes a NEEDS BASED learning approach and extends the opportunity for practicing Creative Communication, Networking, Contracting and Negotiation Policy, Strategy, Sales, Business Planning and Market Research, Ideation and Showcasing, Management and Business Consulting, Project Management, Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry and not least of all Applied /Experiential Learning. 05/04/2016

92% - MITLockGuide

There is no way to learn lock picking without practicing, so one chapter presents a set of carefully chosen exercises that will help you learn the skills of lock picking. 18/09/2013


There is no way to learn lock picking without practicing, so one chapter presents a set of carefully chosen exercises that will help you learn the skills of lock picking. 25/11/2011

87% - Chiropractors Houston TX

Castillo has been practicing for over 8 years. 05/08/2015

85% - Quickview

Visual Management to see progress 2.Practicing PDCA tool to solve issues. 21/03/2018

82% - Lecture 9 Part 1

Are practicing doctors setting a good example for their patients in their weights? 12/10/2015

81% - EffortRubric

You think of feedback as being a supportive element in the learning process You do not practice and avoid practicing when you can. 23/03/2014

80% - Lecture 7 Part II

Are practicing doctors setting a good example for their patients in their weights? 12/10/2015

75% - presale of services to fund my travel to India

I simultaneously learnt how to quiet the body and the mind, practicing healing techniques like Dien Cham (facial digitopuncture), Reiki, EFT, Quantum Touch… I also learnt how to build a conscious loving relationship to the body through a healing fitness technique called the Technique Nadeau™ which I have been practicing and teaching for many years. 28/09/2015

70% - anglais premier essai

The only way to learn the explicitation interview is by practicing in training sessions. 06/05/2018

68% - Third MENA Regional Conference CLE Boukhchina (2)

The regional conference is aimed at discussing the role of legal clinics as a vehicle for social justice, mechanisms of legal reform, and a tool for building law students’ proficiency with the professional skills of becoming a practicing lawyer. 14/02/2014

68% - Offre de stage Coventry, Angleterre

assist in Languages Clinic, practicing with students for controlled assessments within exam board guidelines)  To develop knowledge of and skills in effective teaching and learning in MFL Length of the placement: 02/05/2016

68% - 2 & 3 BHK Flats in South Bangalore

Mission "To keep in pace with the ever changing modern technology while practicing good ethics and ideologies to create quality products. 29/08/2016

68% - Chartered Accountants Firm in Dubai

With a team of qualified and widely experienced professionals dedicated to practicing of the profession in the highest standards and committed to providing the best services to the clients. 30/04/2019

68% - Catalogo Prodotti JokerBoat 2017

Thought as a family friendly series, with detailed studied to impede anyone from getting hurt, even your youngest will be able to move in total safety onboard, practicing their sea legs in confort and security. 24/01/2018

68% - Assesment 1 Arthur GIR

Being active in society, by doing sports or joining association, will develop social skills even more than practicing them at school. 24/09/2012

67% - CV ibackpacker Thibault

I’m fit practicing running several times a week, no-smoker. 29/05/2017

66% - LTM Value Cards

receive to keep in perspective the need to have acknowledgement for achieving goals balance between work, other interests and being thanked for a job “well done” and/or relationships can be counted on to act in a predictable manner CREDIBILITY actions that are consistent with words, practicing what one preaches, walking the walk Sa m pl e HONESTY telling the truth MAINTAINING BALANCE CAREER DEVELOPMENT continually enhancing professional credentials ENTREPRENEURSHIP seeing oneself as a franchise owner of the business RISK TAKING EMPOWERMENT willing to give and accept responsibility and the power to act the courage and willingness to take calculated risks & 30/03/2015

66% - Statement Angola

Nonetheless there is definitely a high degree of difficulty that the Muslim minority in the country has been facing recently with regards to the practicing of Islam & 29/11/2013

65% - Nicolas Martigne (CV résumé) 2015

Baccalaureat / A level​  in electrotechnical engineering     /Experience :   2014 ­ actual :   ​ * ​ Sound designer​ , ​ music composer​ , ​ foley artist​ , ​ recordist ​ at Ayeah! (since 2014, web)   Samkat, Colas Grasset and I created AYEAH!, young animation collective. We make short movies  and I am in charge of doing all the soundtracks.   * ​ Music composer​ , ​ foley artist​ , ​ sound mixer​  at DirtyBiology (since 2014, internet)   DirtyBiology is a french and famous “popular science” YouTube video channel.   2014 :   * ​ Voice recorder ​ for LikeWeb Agency (1 month, France)   I’ve been recording voices for an online advertising.   * ​ Sound designer​ , ​ foley artist​ , ​ sound mixer ​ at Radicle Studio (1 month, Hong Kong)  2D/3D animation teaser produced and directed by Radicle. I‘ve been supervising and  creating all the soundtrack with the director.   2013 :   * ​ Production sound mixer​ , ​ sound mixer ​ ­ at France­Télévisions for more than 1 year  France Télévisions is the french public national television broadcaster. It is a state­owned company  formed from the integration of the public television channels France 2, France 3, France 5, France Ô,  and France 4.  I have been working on national TV news shows, on news report, talk shows & sport tv news shows.   2012 :   * ​ Music composer & producer​  ­ at Wikube ­ EPSU (1 month, Belgium)   Composition & production of a music for "Water is a Human Right", an online petition video.   * ​ Sound & Video engineer assistant​  ­ at IEC Events (6 months, France)  I’ve worked as audio & video assistant, setting up equipment for seminars, meettings conventions.   2011 :   * ​ Audio engineer​ , ​ sound mixer​ , ​ boom operator​  ­ at Kawa production SAS (2 months, Spain)   for "La Maison du Bluff 2", TV­reality show for NRJ12 (french TV channel) :   I have been doing live sound mixing of the candidates in the house (wireless microphones), and I’ve  also been working as boom operator (ENG) when the candidates went outside for random activities.  * ​ Boom operator ​ ­ at My­WebTV (6 months, France)   I’ve been working as an audio enineer on 4 documentary films of 6’, 12’, 6’, and 52’ minutes.   2009 ­ 2013 :   * ​ Music executive​ , ​ music producer​ ,​  music composer, sound designer ​ at Squares Records   (for more than 3 years, France)   Founded by music producers, illustrators and myself, Squares Records is an electronic music  label based in south of France. I’ve been doing mastering, music production and musical  arrangements for Square’s artists releases, as well as  working on promotional videos (doing  sound design) for multimedia­events, concerts and more.     /Skills :  Sound designer ​ / ​ music composer ​ / ​ foley artist ​ / ​ sound mixer ​ / ​ sound editor ​ / ​ music producer    /Activities :  Making electronic music, practicing drums & guitar / cinema / reading / friends / traveling 09/12/2015

62% - EquicareUK V2

For this, the course supervisors are all top practicing professionals, recognized for their expertise in their field and with teaching experience. 21/11/2013

62% - SWAN Covid Article Tbwa Zambia. PDF

In line with safeguarding its staff, SWAN Insurance has implemented health guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health by practicing social distancing, regular disinfection, wearing of face masks, sanitizing and using video conferencing tools within the company and with its clients. 29/06/2020


- Full room and board for every day of your stay We’ll visit Barcelona for four days, where you will stay with families and enjoy full room and board and continue practicing Spanish one-on-one with the host families. 11/02/2013