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100% - Vitalac 4p bovins GB

Vitalac 4p bovins GB Vitalac-4p-bovins-GB_VITALAC-4pages 12/04/10 16:52 Page1 The ruminant range Mineral supplements In molassed powder, micropearl, granule and pellet form In big bags, 25 kg bags, bulk, bucket licks Energy supplement • Independent and private company • Established in Brittany in the heart of the most productive area in animal productions • Specialist in animal nutrition and health • 30 years of experiences and know-how • A technical force of nutritionists, zootechnicians, veterinarian and bio-chemists • 40% of activity abroad Protected fat, glucose precursors, drenching solutions Curative supplement Liver conditionners, vitamins, trace-elements Calves nutrition Milk powders, starter feed, complete feed Other products Mycotoxin binders, silage preservatives, litter conditionner, foot hygien solutions Services farm audits, training, follow up analysis Formulation softwares Expert in nutrition and health 48 rue Principale - 22160 Carnoët - France Tel : 06/01/2016


Muscle Stem Cells from Young and Elderly Subjects Have Similar Characteristics of Proliferation and Senescence (A) Rate of division and (B) maximum division number were similar in myogenic precursors derived from young and elderly subjects, as determined by cell counts throughout culture, until proliferative arrest (n = 5–10 subjects per group). 23/02/2016

90% - Air quality 2014

20 3.2 Sources and emissions of ozone (O3) precursors.................................................. 28/02/2015

88% - nitrates gènes

nitrates gènes INFECTION AND IMMUNITY, June 2005, p. 27/09/2011

81% - 3

10.1021/acs.chemrev.5b00197 Chemical Reviews Review thermodynamic reduction potential of CO2, i.e., eqs 1−4) have been demonstrated by electrode surface engineering,47−49 the use of electrocatalysts that have second-coordination-sphere bases,17,21,50,51 and the use of ionic liquids that might directly interact with CO2.52−54 Mechanistic and kinetic investigations of electrochemical CO2 reduction using molecular catalysts and organic proton sources, mainly in CH3CN, point toward formation of metallocarboxylate species, followed by a protonation to form metallocarboxylic acids (M = Co, Ni, Ru, Re, etc.) as precursors for CO production, while metal formate complexes generated via insertion of CO2 into a metal hydride bond are suspected precursors to formate. 01/09/2016

80% - 2017 Lifting options for BALLON stratospheric aerosol

Instead of transporting sulphuric acid mist precursors, such a system could also be used to transport slurries of high refractive index particles such as coated titanium dioxide. 29/05/2017

70% - 3 CV Alleon

(in prep.) Molecular evolution of different organic precursors during experimental diagenesis. 25/01/2017

69% - scleroderma

A mixture of different collagen types, proteoglycans, and elastic fibers including fibrillin is typical of Endothelial Cells Endothelial cells are affected early in scleroderma.30 In early lesions there is endothelial-cell apoptosis, or changes of the endothelial phenotype in the absence of endothelial-cell proliferation or precursor differentiation.20,31,32 The mobilization of endothelial precursors from bone marrow is related to disease severity, but recruitment of such cells to peripheral vasculature has not been shown.33 The interaction of progenitor endothelial cells with platelets and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is essential for the matura- n engl j med 360;19  may 7, 2009 Downloaded from at WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES on May 12, 2009 . 31/03/2012

68% - phase 1 of the chemistery ccmi 2017

in the form of organic aerosol precursors emitted from land and ocean surfaces. 25/07/2017

63% - DHS FutureOperationsISIL

» (U) Belgian law enforcement discovered automatic firearms, precursors for the explosive triacetone triperoxide (TATP), a body camera, multiple cell phones, handheld radios, police uniforms, fraudulent identification documents, and a large quantity of cash during the raid in Verviers, according to statements made by Belgian government officials.14,15,16 At the time UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Page 2 of 8 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY of the raid, the members of this cell were also searching for an ice machine to cool and transport the TATP, according to European press reporting.17 » (U) Belgian officials were reportedly concerned that the acquisition of police uniforms and discussion by group members of a Molenbeek police station—where members of the group had reportedly spent time— suggests that they may have intended to target a police station or to impersonate officers to potentially gain access to a sensitive site. 19/11/2015

60% - 201700000916 Gilquin B

CE=0.05m/z 5 (Volts) for doubly charged precursors. 19/07/2018

57% - Épiphyse

Épiphyse Épiphyse (glande pinéale) La glande pinéale. 21/12/2017