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100% - UNISDR Terminology English

UNISDR Terminology English Acceptable risk Adaptation Biological hazard Building code Capacity Climate change Capacity Development Contingency planning Coping capacity Corrective disaster risk management Critical facilities Disaster Disaster Disaster risk management risk Disaster risk reduction Disaster risk Early warning system reduction plan Ecosystem services El Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon Emergency Emergency services management Environmental degradation Environmental Exposure impact assessment Extensive risk Forecast Geological hazard Greenhouse gases Hazard Intensive Hydrometeorological hazard risk Land-use planning Mitigation National platform for disaster risk reduction Natural hazard Preparedness Prevention Prospective disaster risk management Recovery Residual Public awareness Resilience Response Retrofitting risk Risk Risk assessment Risk management Risk transfer Socio-natural hazard Structural measures Non-structural measures Sustainable development Technological hazard Vulnerability Acceptable risk Adaptation Biological hazard Building code Capacity Capacity Development Climate change Contingency planning Coping capacity Corrective disaster risk management Critical facilities Disaster Disaster risk Disaster risk management Disaster risk reduction Disaster risk reduction plan Early warning system Ecosystem services El Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon Emergency management Emergency services Environmental degradation Environmental impact assessment Exposure Extensive risk Forecast Geological hazard Greenhouse gases Hazard Hydrometeorological hazard Intensive risk Land-use planning Mitigation National platform for disaster risk reduction Natural hazard Preparedness Prevention United Nations Prospective disaster risk management P Technological hazard Vulnerability 2009 UNISDR Terminology on Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity Capacity Development Building code Climate change Contingency planning Coping capacit Corrective disaster risk management Critical facilitie Disaster Disaster risk Disaster risk management Disaster risk reduction Disaster risk reduction pla Early warning system Ecosystem services E Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon Emergenc Emergency services Environmenta management Environmental impact assessment degradation Exposure Extensive risk Forecast Geological hazar Greenhouse gases Hazard Hydrometeorologica hazard Intensive risk Land-use planning Mitigatio National platform for disaster risk reduction Natura hazard Preparedness Prevention Prospectiv Public awareness Recover disaster risk management Residual risk Resilience Response Retrofittin Risk Risk assessment Risk managemen Socio-natural hazard Structura Risk transfer measures Non-structural measures Sustainabl development Technological hazard Vulnerabilit Acceptable risk Adaptation Biological hazard Capacity Capacity Development Building code Climate change Contingency planning Coping capacit Corrective disaster risk management Critical facilitie by the UnitedDisaster Nations International Disaster Published Disaster risk risk management for DisasterDisaster Reduction risk (UNISDR) Disaster riskStrategy reduction reduction pla Switzerland, May 2009 services Early warningGeneva, system Ecosystem E Emergenc Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon management Emergency services Environmenta © United Nations, 2009 degradation Environmental impact assessment © United Nations Extensive risk International Forecast Strategy Geological hazar Exposure for Disaster Reduction, 2009 Greenhouse gases Hazard Hydrometeorologica All rights reservedplanning Intensive risk Land-use Mitigatio hazard National platform for disaster risk reduction Natura hazard ThisPreparedness Prevention Prospectiv publication may be freely quoted or reprinted, disaster risk management of Public awareness but acknowledgement the source is requested.Recover Residual risk Resilience Response Retrofittin The UNISDR encourages its reproduction Risk Risk assessment Risk and managemen translation. 25/10/2019

99% - Recommendations from AWG7 (EN)

Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response, and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction Level Action Timeline Continental Effectively coordinate preparedness and integrate preparedness measures for effective response Continuous Regional Establish/strengthen multi-hazard early warning systems for early action and response 2018 National Establish/strengthen emergency coordination centers 2018 Local Establish / strengthen multi-disciplinary disaster risk management mechanisms 2020 25/10/2019

90% - les ouragans féminins seraient les plus meurtriers

masculine-named hurricanes) cause significantly more deaths, apparently because they lead to lower perceived risk and consequently less preparedness. 17/07/2015

79% - Civilian Commando

Chapter 1 – Physical and Mental Preparedness From Victim To Victor - Finding Your Inner Badass Chapter 2 – Evacuate or Stay Put? 11/09/2015

73% - ccoiv

While this is an improvement from 2010’s preparedness level (33%), it still accentuates a high level of discomfort with the lurking risks in social media. 30/01/2014

71% - Enregistrement FDA

Enregistrement FDA Protection de l’approvisionnement des États-Unis en produits alimentaires l’Enregistrement FDA Sami Aouadhi, Spécialiste Commercial, Ambassade des Etats-Unis à Tunis Janvier 2012 Résumé  Introduction réglementaire  L’Immatriculation Aliments Concernés  Etablissements Concernés et non concernés   Cas Pratique d’immatriculation en ligne  Sources d’information Introduction  La loi américaine de 2002 relative à la Sécurité de la Santé Publique et à la Préparation et la Réponse au Bioterrorisme (Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002), ou loi contre le bioterrorisme (Bioterrorism Act) impose à l’Agence Fédérale américaine des produits alimentaires et médicamenteux (Food and Drug Administration, FDA), en tant qu’agence chargée de la réglementation en matière alimentaire sous l’autorité du Ministère américain de la santé et des services aux personnes, de prendre des mesures supplémentaires pour protéger le public contre des attaques ou menaces terroristes concernant l’approvisionnement alimentaire des États-Unis et autres situations d’urgence liées à l’alimentaire. 18/01/2012

71% - Academic ref

Your honest estimate of the student’s academic abilities, maturity, and preparedness to live overseas is important in determining if the student has the qualities necessary for success in studies overseas. 23/09/2014


PLAQUETTE PRESENTATION IPTA IPA US VERSION FINAL International Police Training Academy (IPTA) is a worldwide organization of training of police officers, “which brings together without distinction of rank, sex, race, color, language or religion members of the police services, active or retired, to create between them ties of friendship and cooperation, but mainly to improve through specific training, their preparedness for facing missions the undertake each and every day, the aim being the preservation of the lives of police officers deployed on various missions of public safety”. 08/03/2016

71% - 5 years after Fukushima Conference Poster

Takiro Hanzawa, Representative of the Municipality of Date Gilles Hériard Dubreuil, Director of Mutadis David Boilley, Chair othe Association for Control of the Radioactivity in the West (ACRO) Nadja Zeleznik, Chair of NTW working group on Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R) Philippe Jamet, commissionner of the french Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) An interpretation will be available in english, french, italian and japanese Organised by Nuclear Transparency Watch with : 14/03/2016

70% - DM Part 1 Basic

Red Crescent ‫الحركة الدولية للصليب األحمر والهالل األحمر‬ 4 Volunteering in Emergencies ‫التطوع في حاالت الطوارئ‬ 13 Disaster Preparedness (DP) Concept ‫مفهوم التأهب للكوارث‬ 18 Risk Analysis ‫تحليل المخاطر‬ 32 The Disaster Cycle & 23/10/2017

69% - Job Offer Health and Care Senior Officer 06 2014

promoting humanitarian values, intervention in disaster, disaster preparedness, health and assistance to people in Community. 21/06/2014

66% - 911Report

HEROISM AND HORROR 278 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 vi Preparedness as of September 11 278 September 11, 2001 285 Emergency Response at the Pentagon 311 Analysis 315 Final FM.1pp 7/17/04 5:25 PM Page vii 10. 21/02/2016

59% - 2016 011 REF. Tdh Field Logistics manager Boma

 Where appropriate, be responsible for developing and implementing emergency preparedness strategies across the logistics aspects of the operation; 11/05/2016

59% - Flood Advisory MSSG

Flood Advisory MSSG Business Continuity Advisory  Corporate Security | Risk Consulting | Information Security Danger days are just six weeks away  AREAS OF EXPERTISE BUSINESS CONTINUITY  INFORMATION SECURITY  T  he “Tide of the Century” may hit   Mumbai on 24th July 2009.   Mumbai could be facing a re‐enactment of  SPECIAL INTERVENTION  GROUP  the catastrophe that devastated life and  TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY  property four years ago—perhaps on the very  THIRD PARTY ASSESSMENTS  CHANGE MANAGMENT  same dates. While the severity of the flooding  would probably be unabated, better   Some of our clients preparedness and closer co‐ordination among  ABN Amro Bank  government bodies, corporate & general   Aditya Birla Group  Aviva  Bombay Dyeing  BAE Systems  CESC  Citibank  Deutsche Bank  Dominos  public can help in minimizing its impact.    Mumbai faces a similar situation now  What caused floods in 2005  The Municipal Corporation of Greater   Mumbai is at an average  elevation of   Mumbai (MCGM) has indicated the   10‐15 meters above sea level and  receives an  possibility of a high tide of 5.01m & 5.05m on  DSP Merrill Lynch  annual rainfall of 2,200 mm out of which 50%  23rd and 24th July 2009 respectively.   Essar Group  is in the month of July.     Genpact    The South West Monsoon which is expected  On 26 July 2005,  Mumbai got a record   to hit Mumbai by 10th June could prove   HDFC Bank  single day rainfall of 944mm (42% of the city’s  disastrous if it rains heavily on any of these  HSBC   annual rainfall).  This coupled with a high tide  two days. Low lying areas could  experience   ICICI   of more than 4.8m, overwhelmed the drain‐ flooding even with moderate rains.    ICICI Prudential   age systems and flooded the city.     Marico    While MCGM has apparently undertaken  NSE  Mumbai lost close to $200 million of revenue   measures to improve the city’s disaster   Nokia Siemens Networks  and over 1,000 lives. The floods also caused  management capabilities, it is imperative for  serious damage to property, infrastructure  individuals & corporate’s to review their pre‐ Ranbaxy  and left serious diseases in its wake. Many  paredness for responding effectively.   SAP  were even traumatized.  Godrej Group  HCC  Kotak Group  PepsiCo  P & O ports  Standard Chartered Bank  Tata Chemicals  Dates on which tides will be more than 4.5 meters (2005 benchmark)  Tata Power  Tata Reality Infrastructure   UB Group   Unilever  Peak Tide Dates  CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS MAHINDRA SSG  LANDMARK BUILDING  NEAR MAHINDRA TOWERS  WORLI, MUMBAI, INDIA  Call / SMS  Delhi  91—98188 19657  Mumbai  91—98201 26761  Bengaluru   91—96201 22446 1 Checklist‐ Preparing for the ‘danger days’  Before  During  • Restrict all non‐essential  If Indoors:  travel on critical days.  Advise inbound travelers  • Turn off the electric   supply  as well  • Familiarize yourself &  family/colleagues with  warning signs, alert   systems & designated  high land areas  Flood Prone Areas  1.  Kranti Nagar, Kurla  2.  Juhu  3.  Milan Subway  4.  Malad Subway  5.  LBS Road (Andheri)  6.  Veena Nagar (Mulund)  7.  ESIS colony (Mulund)  8.  Chirag Nagar (Ghatkopar)  9.  Narayan Nagar (Ghatkopar)  10.  Gajarband (Kurla)  11.  Bombay Oxygen Nullah (Mulund)  12.  Bimbisar Nagar (Goregaon)  13.  Ghatkopar  14.  Vikhroli  15.  Bhandup  16.  Nahur  17.  Kalpana Theatre Junction (Kurla)  18.  Usha Nagar (Bhandup‐Nahur)  • Be aware of the   potential flooding zones  and the evacuation  routes  • Keep all the   emergency contact   numbers handy  • Stock food, drinking   water and other   essential emergency  supplies  • Dispose all garbage and  inform public   authorities of any  clogged drainage  • Teach children, how &  when to call first   responders and train  them on flood   response drills**  After  • Don't return/enter your  home until authorities  declare it safe  • Help neighbours who  • Using the available source  may need assistance  of communication,   intimate your family  • Watch out for   members  poisonous insects &   reptiles   • Use battery operated  radio to get latest   • Beware of loose   emergency information  electrical wires  • If instructed by   authorities to evacuate,  do so immediately  If Outdoors:   • If stranded in a vehicle,  exit the vehicle and move  to a higher land   • Avoid walking / travelling  through any flooded  routes   • Avoid unnecessary calling  on Emergency Contact  Numbers  • Rely on authentic   information & don’t  spread rumours  • Beware of water borne  diseases   • Go for Medical checkups  if exposed to flood   waters  • Discard any food item  which has been in   contact with the flood  water  • Contact your insurance  company for claims   • Consult a crisis   counsellor in case of  post traumatic stress  syndrome    19.  Lower Parel  20.  Bharat Mata (Lalbaug)  **Refer to Mahindra SSG’s advisory notices. For details contact   Emergency Contact Details  Disaster Help Line  108  Local Ward    Mumbai Police  100  Office HR    Fire Brigade  101  Family Acquaintance    Central Complaint Registration System  1916  Family Doctor    Medical Emergency  101  Insurance Company    * For respective Ward Representative & Emergency Contact Details visit  This advisory is issued by Mahindra Special Services Group, India’s leading corporate risk consulting firm that advises   organizations on threat assessments and risk mitigation strategies. You may forward this article or use it on your website /  advisories with attribution to Mahindra SSG   2 06/07/2009

58% - 185104 2011 3685 INVESTING SECURITY RESEARCH en

To strengthen the respect of fundamental human rights, including privacy, research into the preparedness and response of society to potential or actual threats and crises is essential. 23/10/2012

58% - Anarchy Riots Survival


57% - mdrgn007ea

As initial regional preparedness, the IFRC is supporting National Societies in neighbouring countries (Liberia and Sierra Leone) with the mobilization of PPE, activation of Red Cross volunteer insurance, information and guidance. 16/07/2014

53% - FAA takeoff safety

2.39 Crew Preparedness ............................................................................................ 18/09/2012

52% - FINAL 9 11 Review Commission Report Unclassified

(3) an evaluation of the FBI’s current state of preparedness to address the rapidly evolving, global threat environment of the next decade—including escalating cyber intrusions, proliferating numbers of foreign fighters, and increasingly adaptive terrorist activities; 21/02/2016

48% - biblio covid19 9

JAMA March 25, 2020-0402 (Grabowski DC) Postacute Care Preparedness for COVID-19 Thinking Ahead Penser à organiser une prise en charge de transition entre les Soins aigus et le Domicile Il existe des projections en faveur d’une forte demande en Soins de Suite des pts Covid-19. 06/04/2020

47% - 68ESG 552 559

Shows you how to create a self-contained disaster preparedness kit to help you survive a journey from “ground zero” to a safe location. 29/10/2015

46% - Policy brief : impact of Covid 19 in Africa

In addition, these measures must be part of a comprehensive effort to improve the resilience and preparedness of healthcare systems that will be increasingly exposed to risks, from climate-induced natural disasters to conflicts. 04/06/2020

46% - ToR CP Minimum Standards Consultancy

Use and integration of the CPMS in humanitarian programming (including preparedness) of local child protection specialists. 15/12/2016

45% - PROTEGOR emeutes

PROTEGOR emeutes "Riot Preparedness" 16/02/2017

41% - Letter 2SLGBTQI Organizations Call on Government of Canada for Funding amid COVID 19 Pandemic (2)

Ensure that the needs of vulnerable 2SLGBTQI people are explicitly addressed and integrated into the federal government’s various strategies for emergency preparedness planning, for example for projects relating to housing, employment, international assistance, and food security. 08/04/2020