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100% - Portraits 1959 EP

Ace PRESENCE AU MANS Essais préliminaires COEQUIPIERS NOM GRELLEY Prénom Jacques Jacques Eugène GRELLEY Nationalité Française Né le 21 mai 1936 à Bernay (Eure / 27) France Décédé le 31 août 2014 à l’âge de 78 ans à Arlington (Texas) Etats Unis Causes ANNEE N° MARQUE et TYPE 1959 63 D.B. 11/12/2016

97% - Application for certification UK version

I completely discharge and release with no restriction the Association Trophée Dragster (ATD) organizer of this event through my participation or my presence. 25/02/2015

97% - Application for certification

I completely discharge and release with no restriction the Association Trophée Dragster (ATD) organizer of this event through my participation or my presence. 09/06/2016

97% - Application for certification copie

I completely discharge and release with no restriction the Association Trophée Dragster (ATD) organizer of this event through my participation or my presence. 25/04/2016

95% - Brochure Incontro Orso ENG definitivo

The best way to prevent close encounters with bears is to make noise to alert the bear to your presence by clapping, or talking loudly in forested areas. 19/07/2017

95% - Art


95% - Portraits 1960 EP

PRESENCE AU MANS Essais préliminaires COEQUIPIERS NOM BOXALL Prénom Gerry Gerald BOXALL Nationalité Anglaise / Britannique Né le 27 mai 1936 à Décédé le 25 juin 1914 à l’âge de 78 ans à Causes Autographe ANNEE N° MARQUE et TYPE 1960 ? 11/12/2016

93% - Sahara SG rapport Guterres 10 avril 2017

On 28 August the Mission deployed a static team of military observers between the Moroccan and Frente Polisario positions along the road during daylight hours and conveyed to the parties its readiness to maintain a night presence if requested and should the requisite conditions be created, including standing up a team site. 11/04/2017

93% - pdf FashionDigitalIQ2011

of brands in the Index have a presence on Facebook, one in five brands still lacks e-commerce capability. 13/10/2011


2 (a and c) shows the kinetics of mutant A69C/F94W fibrillation and oligomerization, respectively, in the absence and presence of curcumin monitored with ThT fluorescence and far-UV CD at 217 nm. 14/04/2014

92% - BOU5611

Ecophysiologie et Biotechnologie Végétale THEME Étude de l’effet de la salinité et de la présence du molybdène sur le comportement écophysiologique de deux variétés de plantes de l'espèce Phaseolus vulgaris L. 07/11/2015

92% - lead renal dysfunction

Indeed until these last years, the diagnosis of these renal diseases is essentially based upon the presence or the absence of a more and less important urinary protein that will condition the pursuit of the renal explorations. 26/07/2017


To obviate the complications of having the simultaneous presence of at least two viable cell types in culture, we developed strategies allowing only interactions between stimulated T cell molecules and monocytes, consisting in to use soluble extracts of plasma membranes isolated from T cells [22]. 28/09/2017

91% - Kodovazenitis et al 2014 Journal of Periodontal Research

BOP% was recorded as the presence or absence of bleeding following probing at the bottom of the pocket and the percentage of the total number of sites that bled was recorded. 29/11/2015

90% - anglais

The presence of a light. 22/11/2012

90% - MSDS

Slightly flammable to flammable in in presence of heat,   Propylene Glycol, USP Glycerin, USP open flames, and sparks. 18/10/2012

90% - Lemur news 2014 18

Because of the presence of a research camp established by the AEECL in the forest block of Ankarafa, the majority of the studies on lemurs and other fauna have been conducted in this forest. 21/01/2015

89% - Dellal JSCR 2008 HR in SSG and IR in soccer

During the 8 versus 8 sided game, the presence of goalkeepers induced an ~11% increase in %HRres and reduced homogeneity when compared to games without goalkeepers (intersubject CV = 15.6% versus 8.8%). 15/04/2011

88% - mamoouth et spawn

A Character cannot be the Master of more than one Bloodbeast and a Bloodbeast cannot receive Inspiring Presence. 08/06/2017

88% - Attestation de stage FR AN

(Number of months / Number of Weeks) (cross out any inappropriate item) (Représentant une durée totale de) ((Nbre de Mois / Nbre de Semaines) (rayer la mention inutile)) The total duration of the internship is assessed in consideration of the actual presence of the student within the organization, subject any authorized time off and leaves of absence granted, as provided under article L.124-13 of the education code (art. 30/08/2016

88% - IC

At the end of any phase in which the Paymaster is removed as a casualty, all friendly model parts (except mounts) on the table gain Hatred special rule and all friendly units (except General) must immediately take Panic test that cannot benefit from Inspiring Presence. 16/03/2017

88% - UPS TNT Press Presentation

Delivering More Together… Positioned for Growth 1 Delivering More Together • Market leading presence in the U.S. 21/03/2012

87% - MedKeysHabitatsSymposium RamogeDeepSeaCoopération

The stakes of this new field activity were centered on habitat, species and marine litter in the depth range 2000-3000 m, focusing on seamounts and to verify the presence of a facies at Isidella elongata recorded in the sixties. 17/01/2019