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hhhhhhhh Separation of Paraben Preservatives by Reversed-Phase HPLC Application Foods, Beverages, and Cosmetics Authors Coral Barbas and Javier Rupérez Facultad de CC Experimentales y de la Salud, Universidad San Pablo-CEU Urbanización Montepríncipe Boadilla del Monte, 28668 Madrid Spain Andre Dams* Agilent Technologies, Inc. 12/05/2016

91% - Vitalac Vitacid porc GB

In drinking water The acidifier range / the preservatives Preservatives cereals - maize humid grain Feed Vitacidex dry Fongiprotect (P/L*) Liquid Vitacid Protect Ensilacid (P/L*) Digestable Bonsilage Salmo-protect Drinking water Liquid Vitacid Hp Protect Liquid feed Liquid Vitacid V&V (P/L*) Liquid Vitacid V&V liquide Salm-occide (P/L*) V&V (P/L*) Digest’ion P = Powder, L = Liquid THE ECT R P OT SS E C PRO The protect technology ensure a safe handling of the acidifiers by preventing the release of pungent aggressive fumes while preserving the full power of the organic acid within the feed. 06/01/2016

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184 Dental Traumatology 2015; 31: 19/11/2015

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Curriculum vitae CURRICULUM VITAE - MUXAS PRESENTATION REELLE Prénom : 29/12/2015

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- This broiler starter feed is designed high quality and highly digestible raw materials - The broiler starter feed is protected by preservatives made on organic acids that ensure long life and the preservation of nutritional value - Specific components allow a prevention against digestive risk during the starting phase (coccidia and digestive disorders) 30.09.2014 06/01/2016

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We DO NOT use margarine, palm oil, vegetable shortening, preservatives and chemicals in our cupcakes. 10/05/2019