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CBP . Lancet 2011 100%

Seminar Primary biliary cirrhosis Carlo Selmi, Christopher L Bowlus, M Eric Gershwin, Ross L Coppel Lancet 2011;


Comparative Analysis of Delivery of Primary Eye Care in Three European Countries 98%

189 OKTOBER 2011 Comparative Analysis of Delivery of Primary Eye Care in Three European Countries Dominik Thomas* Lennart Weegen* Anke Walendzik Jürgen Wasem Rebecca Jahn * Autoren haben in gleichem Umfang zur Studie beigetragen IBES DISKUSSIONSBEITRAG Nr.


IADT 2012 Injuries in the Primary Dentition Guidelines 97%

Injuries in the primary dentition Barbro Malmgren1,*, Jens O.


perso SSS riri 96%

Stamina:__________( ) Bag:________________________ ( ) Special Quality :____________________ ____________________________( ) Primary Weapon:


BD GSB CR Structure 94%

VISITEUR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ CREATE TABLE VISITEUR ( VIS_MATRICULE CHAR(4), VIS_NOM VARCHAR(25) , VIS_PRENOM VARCHAR(50), VIS_ADRESSE VARCHAR(50) , VIS_CP CHAR(5) , VIS_VILLE VARCHAR(30) , VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE DATE, CONSTRAINT PK_VISITEUR PRIMARY KEY (VIS_MATRICULE), ) /* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------TABLE :


joi150028 93%

Research Original Investigation Efficacy of Folic Acid Therapy in Primary Prevention of Stroke Among Adults With Hypertension in China The CSPPT Randomized Clinical Trial Yong Huo, MD;


JW Guideline Watch 2017 91%

Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease to updated colorectal cancer screening recommendations and the 2017 GOLD guidelines for diagnosing and managing COPD —but the common denominator is their relevance to, and implications for, clinical practice.


WG+HO disability report chapter 7 education 91%

After I graduated primary school my father was happy for me to continue on to high school.


HAM France MMP 91%

La MMP TECHNOLOGY® – Analyse de l’état de surface – Principes de base The MMP TECHNOLOGY ® Surface Study – Basics Rugosité secondaire Secondary roughness Rugosité primaire Primary roughness Ondulation Waviness Elimination totale de la rugosité Form 3 Le traitement MMP TECHNOLOGY® Résultat = Rugosité primaire Result = Primary micro-roughness Le procédé MMP TECHNOLOGY® consiste à adapter le traitement en fonction d’un état de surface de départ connu (rugosité primaire) jusqu’à obtenir l’état de surface désiré.


rk16090 91%

Disconnect primary bypass valve and over-boost bypass valve from intercooler.


UIS Education and Disability - data from 49 countries 90%

Out-of-school rate for children of primary school age, Cambodia 2014 ..................................


Olanow et al 2009 adagio 90%

To determine a positive result with either dose, the early-start treatment group had to meet each of three hierarchical end points of the primary analysis based on the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS, a 176-point scale, with higher numbers indicating more severe disease):


DataBase-finalExam-13-En-Solution 89%

Explain the difference between a primary key constraint and a unique constraint.


PS PPE Symfony 88%

/* appel de l'utilisation de la nouvelle Base de donnée */ use BGGLP_ProjetSymfony Create procedure GestionDonneeesMedicaments as BEGIN IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Medicament') print('la base de données médicament existe pas il faut executer le script SQL qui crée la base de données MEDICAMENT puis le script insertion') else BEGIN BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Avoir') DROP TABLE Avoir END BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Medicaments') DROP TABLE Medicaments END BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Familles') DROP TABLE Familles END BEGIN /* Ajout d'un test sur la Base de donnée utilisée pour savoir s'il y a dedans une table nommée ClasseTherapeutique si c'est le cas suprression de celle-ci */ IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'ClasseTherapeutique') DROP TABLE ClasseTherapeutique END BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Compositions') DROP TABLE Compositions END Create table Familles ( id int identity(1,1), FAM_LIBELLE varchar(100), constraint PK_Famille_ID primary key (id) ) Create table Compositions ( id int identity(1,1), COM_LIBELLE varchar(100), constraint PK_Composition_ID primary key (id) ) Create table ClasseTherapeutique /* Ajout de la table ClasseTherapeutique contenant un id Entier en clé primaire IDENTITY et un libelle en varchar(100) */ ( id int identity(1,1), LibClasseTherapeutique varchar(100), constraint PK_CLT_id primary key (id) ) Create table Medicaments ( id int identity(1,1), MED_DEPOTLEGAL varchar(50), MED_NOMCOMMERCIAL varchar(50), MED_EFFETS varchar(255), MED_CONTREINDICATION varchar(255), MED_PRIXECHANTILLON REAL, FAM_ID int, CLT_ID int, /* Id de la table ClasseTherapeutique */ constraint PK_Medicament_ID primary key (id), constraint FK_Famille_ID foreign key (FAM_ID) references Familles (ID), constraint FK_ClasseTherapeutique_ID foreign key (CLT_ID) references ClasseTherapeutique (id) /* ajout de la contrainte concernant la table ClasseTherapeutique */ ) Create table Avoir ( id_Medicament int, id_Composition int, Constraint PK_Avoir_ID primary key (id_Medicament, id_Composition), Constraint FK_Medicament_ID foreign key (id_Medicament) references Medicaments (id), Constraint FK_Composition_ID foreign key (id_Composition) references Compositions (id) ) declare @MED_DEPOTLEGAL varchar(50) declare @MED_NOMCOMMERCIAL varchar(50) declare @FAM_CODE varchar(100) declare @MED_COMPOSITION varchar(100) declare @MED_EFFETS varchar(255) declare @MED_CONTREINDIC varchar(255) declare @MED_PRIXECHANTILLON real declare @CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE varchar(100) /* ajout d'une déclaration de variable de CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE en varchar(100)*/ declare @tamponFamille_Beau int declare @tamponMedicament_Beau int declare @tamponAvoirComposition int declare @tamponAvoirMedicament int declare @tamponClasseTherapeutique int /* ajout d'une déclaration d'un tampon pour la table ClasseTherapeutique*/ declare @SqlCode int set @tamponFamille_Beau = 0 set @tamponMedicament_Beau = 0 /*declartion curseur*/ declare C_Medicaments Cursor for select MED_DEPOTLEGAL from MEDICAMENT /* mise en Majuscule de la table MEDICAMENT dû au changement de script*/ Open C_Medicaments Fetch NEXT FROM C_Medicaments INTO @MED_DEPOTLEGAL while @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 Begin /*Requete SQL*/ select @MED_DEPOTLEGAL = MED_DEPOTLEGAL from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @MED_NOMCOMMERCIAL = MED_NOMCOMMERCIAL from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @FAM_CODE = FAM_CODE from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @MED_COMPOSITION = MED_COMPOSITION from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @MED_EFFETS = MED_EFFETS from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @MED_CONTREINDIC = MED_CONTREINDIC from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @MED_PRIXECHANTILLON = MED_PRIXECHANTILLON from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL select @CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE = CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE from MEDICAMENT where MED_DEPOTLEGAL = @MED_DEPOTLEGAL /*ajout de la sélection de la valeur de CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE pour le MED_DEPOTLEGAL sélectionné au seins de la variable @CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE*/ /*Table Familles*/ /*Faire condition pour avoir 1 seul exemplaire*/ IF NOT EXISTS (Select * from Familles Where FAM_LIBELLE = @FAM_CODE) BEGIN set @tamponFamille_Beau = @tamponFamille_Beau + 1 insert into Familles (FAM_LIBELLE) VALUES (@FAM_CODE) END /*Table Compositions*/ IF NOT EXISTS (Select * from Compositions Where COM_LIBELLE = @MED_COMPOSITION) BEGIN insert into Compositions (COM_LIBELLE) VALUES (@MED_COMPOSITION) END /*Table ClasseTherapeutique*/ IF NOT EXISTS (Select * from ClasseTherapeutique Where LibClasseTherapeutique = @CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE) BEGIN insert into ClasseTherapeutique (LibClasseTherapeutique) VALUES (@CLASSETHERAPEUTIQUE) END /*Table Familles*/


New Microsoft Office Word Document 88%

Primary ……………………………………………………… Address ………………………………………………………..


UEC823 -M1 CM 2018 Global change JA 2 88%

primary producers 2 Auto inscription mot clé 3milian@_2018 Utilisation que par les étudiants du UE – copyright!


BGGLP Script PhpMyAdmin.sql 88%



Gege Blog 21.1 - Michel finaizes Gearbox A (f).PDF 88%

Monday October 10, 2016 Today, rectification of the front bronze bush with shoulder, (from Mr Laureau) of the front primary half-shaft.


WOMAN TRIAL Lancet 2017 88%

We originally planned to enrol 15 000 women with a composite primary endpoint of death from all-causes or hysterectomy within 42 days of giving birth.


s12875-015-0308-8 87%

BMC Family Practice (2015) 16:90 DOI 10.1186/s12875-015-0308-8 RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Alcohol dependence and treatment utilization in Europe – a representative cross-sectional study in primary care Jürgen Rehm1,2,3,4,5*, Allaman Allamani6, Zsuzsanna Elekes7, Andrzej Jakubczyk8, Jakob Manthey5, Charlotte Probst5, Pierluigi Struzzo9,10, Roberto Della Vedova9,11, Antoni Gual12,13,14 and Marcin Wojnar8,15 Abstract Background:


U+A** 87%

THE NEW DESIGN CONCEPT OF JAPANESE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE 谢殷睿 许懋彦 | Xie Yinrui Xu Maoyan 2017.3 21 我国中小学校空间环境品质提升策略初探 24 国际学校对国内中小学教育建筑设计的启示 27 基于环境设计预防犯罪理论的中小学校园空间环境营建 31 轮子上的大学 ——美国社区学院略览 INSPIRATION OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOR DOMESTIC PRIMARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION IN DESIGN 黄歆 杨晓川 汤朝晖 | Huang Xin Yang Xiaochuan Tang Zhaohui BUILT ENVIRONMENT DESIGN STRETAGIES FOR PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CAMPUS BASED ON CPTED THEROY 张宇 付本臣 王开泰 李菁菁 |Zhang Yu Fu Benchen Wang Kaitai Li Jingjing THE UNIVERSITY ON WHEEL:


MXer50 cap 15 (imp accensione) 86%

SPECIFICATIONS Item Spark plug Standard type Hot type Cold type Spark plug gap Ignition timing Ignition coil resistance (20¢J) Pulser coil resistance (20¢J) Exciter coil resistance (20¢J) Standard BR8HAS 0.6_ 0.7mm “F” mark Full advance Primary coil Secondary with plug cap coil without plug cap 22ºBTDC/2000±100rpm 0.2_ 0.3W 8.0_ 9.3KW 3.0_ 4.2KW 50_ 200W 400_ 700W 15-2 15.


Diagnosis and management of Raynaud's Sd 86%

Raynaud’s phenomenon may be primary, in direct response to stimuli, or secondary to an underlying condition.



heterosexual primarycaregiving mothers (PC-Mothers), heterosexual secondary-caregiving fathers (SC-Fathers), and primary-caregiving homosexual fathers (PC-Fathers) rearing infants without maternal involvement.


EmpireDatacronGuide 86%

+Cunning (Smuggler / Imperial Agent primary stat)  Purple: