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100% - TD2 (ordonnancement)

TD2 (ordonnancement) Architecture Informatique : 18/04/2016

97% - gornall geometric

ієрархія процесів Shafeek Faiq Abdul Razak Alhajiji Master student IEE NTUU «KPI» EFFICIENCY AVERAGE GEOMETRIC TECHNOLOGICAL OF IRAQ ENERGY Annotation Iraq is accelerating today, for energy, through the use of a number of alternatives technological priorities proposed by the researcher, which is appropriate to the circumstances of Iraq from a range of renewable energy sources and a production of traditional energy with ecological building technologies group, taking into account the unification of purpose or goal of the availability of such energy cheap and cost in order to get high reliability and security of energy efficiency performance of a technician, it meets the need of demand, and point peak in the summer in Iraq . 04/08/2017

92% - Journal 36h Philosoc

Journal 36h Philosoc faculte de philosophie & 02/03/2016