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Livret d'impact PCT 10-2011 04 100%

Effect of procalcitonin-guided treatment on antibiotic use and outcome in lower respiratory tract infections:


Fiche REA-R-V HD 91%

Use of procalcitonin to reduce patients’ exposure to antibiotics in intensive care units (PRORATA trial):


Fiche Urgence-R-V HD 89%

Serum Procalcitonin measurement as diagnostic and prognostic marker in febrile adult patients presenting to the emergency department.


PCT Peritonite Crit Care 74%

Procalcitonin biomarker kinetics fails to predict treatment response in perioperative abdominal infection with septic shock Critical Care 2013, 17:R255 doi:10.1186/cc13082 Boris Jung ( Nicolas Molinari ( Mourad Nasri ( Zied Hajjej ( Gerald Chanques ( Helene Jean-Pierre ( Fabrizio Panaro ( Samir Jaber ( ISSN Article type 1364-8535 Research Submission date 12 June 2013 Acceptance date 11 September 2013 Publication date 24 October 2013 Article URL This peer-reviewed article can be downloaded, printed and distributed freely for any purposes (see copyright notice below).


Febrile infant update 74%

C-reactive protein (CRP) and procalcitonin have emerged as valuable risk-stratification tests to identify high-risk infants.


biblio covid19 4 52%

patients - elevated C-reactive protein (123 ± 10 vs 94 ± 9 mg/L), procalcitonin (2.26 vs 0.58 ng/ml), hsTnI (1.98 vs 0.2 ng/ml), Creatine kinase-MB (6.14 vs 2.78 ng/ml), myoglobin (437.7 vs 216.8 ug/L) and BUN (15.2 vs 10.08 mmol/L) were over normal range and significantly higher in patients died within 3 days of admission - Retrospective study of 82 death cases.


DP1 48%


biblio covid19 9 42%

36 cas pédiatriques Confirme bon PN et que peu d’enfants ont des signes bio (Zhejiang) évocateurs (CPK MB (11 [31%]),  lymphocytes (11 [31%]), leucopénie (7 [19%]), procalcitonin (6[17%]) qui sont plus souvent présents dans f.


Angus,NEJM,2013Review (1) 27%

Diagnostic Criteria for Sepsis, Severe Sepsis, and Septic Shock.* Sepsis (documented or suspected infection plus ≥1 of the following)† General variables Fever (core temperature, >38.3°C) Hypothermia (core temperature, <36°C) Elevated heart rate (>90 beats per min or >2 SD above the upper limit of the normal range for age) Tachypnea Altered mental status Substantial edema or positive fluid balance (>20 ml/kg of body weight over a 24-hr period) Hyperglycemia (plasma glucose, >120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/liter]) in the absence of diabetes Inflammatory variables Leukocytosis (white-cell count, >12,000/mm3) Leukopenia (white-cell count, <4000/mm3) Normal white-cell count with >10% immature forms Elevated plasma C-reactive protein (>2 SD above the upper limit of the normal range) Elevated plasma procalcitonin (>2 SD above the upper limit of the normal range) Hemodynamic variables Arterial hypotension (systolic pressure, <90 mm Hg;