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Liste vocab anglais 100%

“33” Eyesight and hearing  la vue et l’ouïe A hearing aid  une prothèse auditive NAD (Nothing Abnormal Detected)  RAS (Rien à Signaler) To refer a patient to a specialist doctor  addresser un patient à un médecin spécialiste COMMON COMPLAINTS  PLAINTES COURANTES Pain  la douleur To ache  faire mal Heartburn  brûlures d’estomac To vomit/throw up/bring up  vomir To relieve the pain  atténuer la douleur To feel giddy/dizzy  être pris d’étourdissements Sore  endolori/qui fait mal Painless  indolore My chest hurts  j’ai mal à la poitrine Steadily  régulièrement Sharply  brutalement The pain comes in fits and starts  la douleur est intermittente A nagging pain  une douleur lancinante A stitch  un point de côté Pins and needles  une sensation de fourmillement A throbbing pain  une douleur pulsative A dull pain  une douleur sourde Slight/faint  léger Mild pain  douleur supportable Excruciating pain  douleur atroce To get worse  se détériorer Exertion  exercice physique/effort Sensitive to  sensible à Sensible  sensé/raisonnable To trigger a response from  enclencher/déclencher une reaction chez To lessen pain  atténuer/diminuer/réduire la douleur To ease/soothe/alleviate pain calmer/soulager/atténuer la douleur Medicines  des medicaments Pain-killer  calmant/antalgique Pain-reliever  analgésique PART 2 COMMON COMPLAINTS Tranquilliser To be better off To be worse off A temperature Feverish To run a high fever To be on the rise To keep level To level off To shiver To sweat To perspire A chill To catch a cold A runny nose To sniff To sneeze Hoarse Debilitated patient RISK FACTORS  PLAINTES COURANTES  tranquillisant  se/s’en trouver mieux  se/s’en porter plus mal  de la fièvre  fiévreux  faire/avoir une forte fièvre  être en hausse  être stable  se stabiliser  grelotter  avoir des sueurs  transpirer  un refroidissement  attraper un rhume  un nez qui coule  renifler  éternuer  enroué  malade affaibli  FACTEURS DE RISQUE To have a family history  avoir des antécédents familiaux To be prone to  être enclin à It runs in the family  c’est une maladie familiale The streak runs in the family  c’est un caractère familial To pass on  se transmettre Handed down from generation to generation  transmis aux generations suivantes Surgery  operation chirurgicale To be on the pill  prendre la pilule Morning-after pill  pilule du lendemain Sponge  éponge spermicide Condom  préservatif Noxious  nocif Unwholesome  insalubre/malsain DIAGNOSIS AND PROGNOSIS  DIAGNOSTIC ET PRONOSTIC Prodrome  premier symptôme A diagnosis (sg)/2 diagnoses (pl)  un diagnostic/2 diagnostics To rule out a hypothesis/2 hypotheses  éliminer une hypothèse/2 hypothèses Accurate  précis Inaccurate  imprécis Reliable  fiable Unreliable  non fiable To be diagnosed with  faire l’objet d’un diagnostic de To baffle analysis/analyses  déjouer/échapper à l’analyse/aux analyses A prognosis (sg)/2 prognoses (pl)  un pronostic/2 pronostics TO PRESCRIBE  PRESCRIRE To be on sick leave(GB) /to have leaves of absence  être en congé maladie Prescription  ordonnance PoM (Prescription-only Medication)  médicament sur ordonnance OTC (Over The Counter Medication)  médicament en vente libre Drops  gouttes Lozenge  pastille Mouthwash  bains de bouche Paste  crème/pâte Pellets  granulés/pilules Tablet  comprimé Syrup  sirop To put a patient on drugs  instaurer un traitement chez le malade Side-effect  effet secondaire To follow-up a patient  suivre un patient X-ray  radiographie CT scan  scanner Smear  frottis TB test  test tuberculinique Fasting glycemia  glycémie à jeun Blood sugar level  taux de glycémie THE WOUNDED Wound  LES BLESSES  la plaie The wounded To dress a wound Dressing Injury To injure The injured Casualties Death toll Badly mangled Concussion Bleeding Blood clot To maim Maimed for life Impaired To be lame To have a club foot Stump A cast A splint A sling To walk on crutches  les bléssés  panser une blessure  pansements  blessure/lésion  blesser  les accidents/les blessés  les pertes/les morts et les blessés  bilan des victimes/nombre de morts  horriblement blessé  commotion  hémorragie  caillot de sang  estropier  estropié à vie  handicapé  boiter  avoir un pied bot  moignon  un plâtre  une attelle  une écharpe  marcher avec des béquilles THE DISABLED To be bed-ridden Misshapen Defect Stunted growth A retard Spastic Crippled The visually impaired Blind Deaf Mute/dumb Speech impediment To stammer/to stutter  LES HANDICAPES  être cloué au lit  déformé  défaut  croissance retardée  un handicapé mental  handicapé moteur  infirme  les mal-voyants  aveugle  sourd  muet  défaut de prononciation  bégayer OUTCOME To tend To attend to a patient To look after To take care of  EVOLUTION  soigner  s’occuper d’un malade  s’occuper de  prendre soin de


POSTER SEUD 2018 98%

ENDOSEARCH A European and North American International Clinical Trial testing a cluster of biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of endometriosis Afshin FAZEL, MD, PhD (1), Hervé FERNANDEZ MD, PhD (2), Eric SAUVANET MD (3), Jean BOUQUET (4) (5) (1) MD,PhD , Patrick YEUNG MD , Jean louis BENIFLA MD and the ENDOSEARCH team 1- Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hôpital Lariboisière, APHP, Paris, FRANCE;


Medical Examination 92%

The actual films, not the typed reports of the x-ray, may be required for comparison with the x-rays that will be taken at the medical appointment. Applicants who have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness or alcohol or drug abuse must present written certification which includes the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis. Applicants with any learning disabilities must present a report outlining their problems and any special education or supervision that may be required. Applicants who have had any history of harmful or violent behavior resulting in injury to people, animals or inanimate objects must provide information that will allow the doctors to determine if the behavior was related to any psychiatric or medical problem, or to drug or alcohol use.


art%3A10.1007%2Fs10147-011-0275-6 91%

This phase II study assessed the outcome and predictive factors for prognosis and toxicity following intermittent chemotherapy with docetaxel, estramustine phosphate, and carboplatin (DEC) in patients with CRPC.


Medical examination 88%

 Applicants who have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness or alcohol or drug abuse must present written certification which includes the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis.


IADT 2012 Avulsions Guidelines 88%

15Private Practice, Amagun, Aichi, Japan Abstract – Avulsion of permanent teeth is one of the most serious dental injuries, and a prompt and correct emergency management is very important for the prognosis.


Screening and management 87%

Data from the Royal Free Hospital in London show that over two-thirds of deaths attributable to SSc between the years 1990 and 2002 were caused by internal-organ complications, and that pulmonary complications carry the worst prognosis.


An Uncommon Cause of 80%

it is important that it is diagnosed correctly because its treatment and prognosis are different from that of pulmonary embolisms.


treatment of burns first 24 hours 75%

Burn care, Burn surgery, Burn unit, Burn resuscitation, Burn care guidelines Introduction During a rotation to the emergency room (ER), surgical sector or burn unit, residents under training should pay attention to the pathophysiology and classification of burns, treatment, and the latest updates in burn science including burn injury prognosis [1].


Use of Ab Dx of Scl 73%

In patients with known or suspected systemic autoimmune disease, a panel of disease-specific markers may help to establish a diagnosis and to assess the prognosis.


infection urinaire et HAI 72%

Significant bacteriuria in PBC patients has been shown to have an altered course compared to UTI in other groups, as well as affecting the prognosis [65,82].


eoliennes 71%

prognosis of sound imissions from 17 Enercon 66 wind turbines), Lichtveld Buis &


Tests viscoléastiques 2018 70%

To improve the prognosis of patients?


Acute liver failure. review article 67%

This interval provides clues to the cause of disease, likely complications, and prognosis with supportive medical care alone.8-10 In hyperacute cases, this interval is a week or less, and the cause is usually acetaminophen toxicity or a viral infection.


coxit2 66%

Such outcomes after ADA treatment may have a great impact on the functional prognosis of RA patients.


CBP . Lancet 2011 64%

The prognosis of primary biliary cirrhosis has improved because of early diagnosis and use of ursodeoxycholic acid, the only established medical treatment for this disorder.


775 (1) 63%


After asthma airways diseases need a new name 59% Published online September 11, 2017 Published Online September 11, 2017 S0140-6736(17)32205-5 See Online/The Lancet Commissions S0140-6736(17)30879-6 ImagesBazaar/Getty Asthma remains a frightening diagnosis with an unclear prognosis and outcome.


KDIGO AKI Guideline 57%

definition, epidemiology, and prognosis 72 Chapter 4.2:


choisir avec soin anglais 56%

This process includes eliciting individual patient goals and preferences and providing information on prognosis and expected benefits and harms of dialysis within the context of these goals and preferences.



The results can confirm a diagnosis, estimate disease severity, aid in assessing prognosis and are useful to follow disease activity.


noncirrhotic portal hypertension[1] 53%

they called this condition ‘‘hepatoportal sclerosis.’’ Boyer and colleagues [9] described a similar group of patients under the term ‘‘idiopathic portal hypertension’’ (IPH), and emphasized that such patients have a more favorable prognosis than do cirrhotics.


Non cirrhotic portal hypertension versus idiopathic portal hypertension 51%

Treatment and prognosis The liver slowly undergoes atrophy which is not necessarily progressive, and the liver functional reserve is well maintained.