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Spillers-Nutrition-Insights-Gastric-Ulcers 100%

Gastric ulcers or EGUS can be caused by prolonged exposure of the stomach lining (gastric mucosa) to gastric juices causing it to erode and resulting in ulceration and sometimes bleeding.


Long QT Syndrome And Anaesthesia 99%

complications, prolonged QT syndrome;


Sitting 87%

Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, and people with the most sedentary time are more than twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than those with the least.


Tomb Raider - Legend - Manual - PSP 70%

• Avoid prolonged use of the system.


Pursuit Force - Manual - PSP 70%

play in a well-lit room and keep a safe distance rom the screen .• Avoid prolonged use of the console.


N-L Apres soin du Microblading - ANGLAIS 68%

      No spa, hammam or sauna No swimming pool No prolonged exposure to sunlight No UV sunbaths No hot showers for long periods of time (take quick showers) No scratching or removing of scabs (Let them fall off naturally.)


helthy vision at the computer 67%

Headaches, neck strain, backaches and wrist pain are common, but, sadly, the most prevalent symptoms of prolonged computer use—eye strain, blurred vision and dry eye—are often overlooked.


Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories - Manual - PSP 67%

Health precautions • When operating the unit, play in a well-lit room and keep a safe distance from the screen .• Avoid prolonged use of the console.


Shrek the Third - Manual - PSP 60%

• Avoid prolonged use of the PSP® system.


Traxxpad - Portable Studio - Manual - PSP 60%

• Avoid prolonged use of the PSP® system.


God of War Chains of Olympus - Manual - PSP 58%

• Avoid prolonged use of the PSP® system.


genetic-algorithm 58%

Our new parameters and model can predict the time to reach full CD, which can aid in the forecasting of prolonged labor and the timing of interventions, with the end goal


Optimal duration. pdf 58%

Prolonged antibiotic exposure has been associated to development of AMR and represents a strong reason to avoid long courses of antibiotic therapy in GNB infections.


Perioperative Management of Chronic Heart Failure 57%

The increasingly prolonged survival of patients with various CV disorders that culminate in left ventricular dysfunction (e.g., acute mortality after myocardial infarction has declined) adds to the HF


Transformers - Manual - PSP 55%

• Avoid prolonged use of the PSP® system.


Spider-Man - Friend or Foe - Manual - PSP 55%

• Avoid prolonged use of the PSP® system.



Given the prolonged time to presentation, safety monitoring of all patients with cell transplantation and neural stem cell implantation should be maintained for many years.


Health risk assessment of fluoride 50%

It is reported in the literature that prolonged excessive intake of fluoride has been associated with fluorosis, a degenerative and progressive, which adversely affects several organs.


Nutrition for critically ill patients 50%

Severe skeletal-muscle wasting and weakness occurring during critical illness are associated with a prolonged need for mechanical ventilation and rehabilitation.2 In many studies, the degree of energy deficit accumulating in critically ill patients is strongly associated with the duration of stay in the ICU, which, in turn, is associated with an increased incidence of infectious complications and risk of death.1 Until recently, however, the causality of these associations remained unclear, since the majority of studies that formed the basis of published recommendations for feeding ICU patients were either observational or small interventional studies.3,4 Recently, the field of critical care nutrition has been revived by the findings of several randomized, controlled trials, which have opened a new debate on nutritional practice in the ICU.


Flu QA 2010 49%

This may be prolonged to a week in children.


Flu QA 2010 48%

This may be prolonged to a week in children.