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Lagerros depression and suicide after bariatric 2016 100%

Concerns regarding severe adverse psychiatric outcomes after GBP have been raised.


Mental Health alu et autre métaux 96%

While many of us recognize that environmental exposures to toxic substances can lead to disease, disability and other medical conditions, the connections to psychiatric conditions are not as wellknown.


fpsyt-07-00096 96%

Bonsack C, Golay P, Gibellini Manetti S, Gebel S, Ferrari P, Besse C, Favrod J and Morandi S (2016) Linking Primary and Secondary Care after Psychiatric Hospitalization:


advance directives published CJA 91%

The main reasons for loss of contact were relapse, psychiatric, and more general psychological symptoms, loss of therapeutic alliance, as well as social circumstances.


Mylene-Farmer-verso-box 90%



President Trump's Mental Health 88%

27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President rejects the position of the American Psychiat­ ric Association (APA) that psychia­ trists should never offer diagnostic opinions about persons they have not personally examined.2 Past APA president Jeffrey Lieberman has written in Psychiatric News that the book is “not a serious, scholarly, civic-minded work, but simply tawdry, indulgent, fatuous tabloid psychiatry.” I believe it shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly.



Majority of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH) residents were exposed to cumulative traumatic events during and after the (1992-1995) war, which demanded emergency organizing of psychosocial support as well as psychiatric-psychological treatment of psychotraumatized individuals.


abstract 83%

I interviewed some of the workers at the UPSI service (“Unité Psychiatrique de Soins Intensifs” Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit) in Sainte Marie Hospital in Clermont-Ferrand, who have a lot of experience with isolation rooms.


Association Espagnole de Neuropsychiatrie 82%

Miembro de World Psychiatric Association, World Federation For Mental Health y de Mental Health Europe La Asociación Española de Neuropsiquiatría hace la siguiente declaración en contra del uso clínico y legal del llamado Síndrome de Alienación Parental1 Es un hecho reconocido la frecuencia y complejidad creciente de los casos de litigio legal, tras separación o divorcio, por la custodia de un menor.


Chesney et al-2014-World Psychiatry 77%

The excess risks of mortality and suicide in all mental disorders justify a higher priority for the research, prevention, and treatment of the determinants of premature death in psychiatric patients.


AMECA2016 Program 76%

Luabeya, Neuro-psychiatric hospital Saint-Martin Dr Micheline Marie-José Essi, University of Yaoundé, Cameroun Prof.


Grivell Clegg Roxburgh 2014 76%

In the psychiatric literature the term lycanthropy, the belief that one can transform into a wolf, is often used instead of therianthropy, although wolves are certainly not the only animals described in the literature.


epigenetic et trauma 75%

All patients were assessed for Axis I psychiatric diagnoses using the French version of the Diagnostic Interview for Genetic Studies23 and for BPD by the Screening Interview for Axis II Disorders BPD part.24 Only subjects fulfilling DSM-IV criteria for BPD were accepted in the program.


AMECA2016 Program 75%

Luabeya, Neuro-psychiatric hospital Saint-Martin Dr.


Distress-and-pain 75%

Women were deemed ineligible to participate due to psychiatric instability if one or more of the following criteria were met:


AMECA Program 19-11-2016 73%

Luabeya, Neuro-psychiatric hospital Saint-Martin Dr Micheline Marie-José Essi, University of Yaoundé, Cameroun Prof.


Blom 2014 73%

10.1177/0957154X13512192 Jan Dirk Blom Parnassia Psychiatric Institute, The Hague, and Groningen University Abstract This paper provides an overview and critical reassessment of the cases of clinical lycanthropy reported in the medical literature from 1850 onwards.


Medical Examination 72%

The actual films, not the typed reports of the x-ray, may be required for comparison with the x-rays that will be taken at the medical appointment. Applicants who have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness or alcohol or drug abuse must present written certification which includes the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis. Applicants with any learning disabilities must present a report outlining their problems and any special education or supervision that may be required. Applicants who have had any history of harmful or violent behavior resulting in injury to people, animals or inanimate objects must provide information that will allow the doctors to determine if the behavior was related to any psychiatric or medical problem, or to drug or alcohol use.


NAC addiction THC 72%

Other clinical studies suggest that NAC, via glutamate modulation and a number of other proposed mechanisms, may be efficacious across a variety of psychiatric conditions (22).



in revised form 25 November 1974) INTRODUCTION EXAMINATION of the mental state is essential in evaluating psychiatric patients.1 Many investigators have added quantitative assessment of cognitive performance to the standard examination, and have documented reliability and validity of the several “clinical tests of the sensorium”.2*3 The available batteries are lengthy.


FB 01.11.2018 Editorial Computers and Games for Mental Health and Well-Being 70%

In another pilot study, this time with patients who have intellectual disabilities and psychiatric disorders, Palix et al.


Article HP 69%

2 sur 11 patients and health care users, together with most psychiatric associations, in a strategy meant to “bring a population into existence”, as opposed to the population of people suffering from “handicap mental” (which in France refers only to mental retardation and intellectual disabilities).


Medical examination 69%

 Applicants who have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness or alcohol or drug abuse must present written certification which includes the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis.



Stendhal’s syndrome is a rare psychiatric syndrome characterized by anxiety and affective and thought disturbances when a person is exposed to a work of art.


Sajatovic et al-2015-Bipolar Disorders 66%

In contrast to low rates in the community, OABD accounts for 6% of geriatric psychiatry outpatient visits and 8–10% of geriatric inpatient admissions (3), with an overall prevalence of late-life mania of 6.0% in older psychiatric inpatients (8).