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Combs al 2010 100%

However, unintentional publicity and mild reprimand generally enhanced both moral emotions and intentions to apologize without increasing hostility.


biosphere 81%

Little did they know the amount of publicity their mission would generate.


DALE Consentement release - marketing purpose 77%

CONSENT AND RELEASE I hereby consent to the use of my name, picture, voice, statement and any reproductions of the foregoing, for any and all purposes whatsoever, and including without limitation, display and exhibition therefore in promotion, advertising, publicity and trade related to Dale Carnegie® Qualiteam INC.


ppb-latest-edition-201109 76%

Lori-Ann Claerhout (internal committees) and Deborah Lawson (external committees as well as external publicity coordinator) •  coordinator roles:


Makers - The New Industrial Revolution - Chris Anderson 70%

12 Format Description: HARDCOVER Illustrations: 7 B&W PHOTOS Load Group: 0202 Prod Type: Business HC Marketing and Publicity National publicity National print attention, with general interest, technology, business, entrepreneur, and small business publications and in websites and newspapers across the country 5-7-city author tour:


20160418 Conditions LetsRaceTogetherContest EN 63%

for each of the 2 selected tweets a sticker on one of the 2 F1s starting the Grand Prix, including the Twitter account of the selected tweet + #LetsRaceTogether ARTICLE 6 - Publicity and promotion of the selected authors By the act of accepting their reward the authors of the selected tweets authorise the Organiser to use both their name, the name of the Twitter account, their first name, and their town or city of residence in all advertising or promotional events relating to the present Operation, without any remuneration, right or benefit of any kind being due to them, other than the award of their reward.


Tarifs Stands et Publicite Bourges 2014 62%

Publicité/ Publicity Guide de tarifs - Advertising Rates Bannières en bordure du ring / ringside banners ........................................................50€ Stands commerciaux / Commercial Trade Stands …...................................................40€ All stands and banners to be in place by / Tous les stands et les bannières devront être disposés sur site pour 18h.oo 20th April/avril Publicité dans le Programme/Catalogue brochure format A5 Guide Étalon / Stud Guide 6cm x 12cm case/ Box .........................................


vocabulary 2 62%

VERB to manage To taste to own To counterfeit To imitate to profit To sell To corrupt To abuse To finance To economize To sponsor To fake To control To stabilize To Regulate To audit To pay To embezzle To advertise To publicise To save To consume To harm To discover To invent To commercialize To complain To expire To refund To orbit To rotate to lengthen To widen To deepen To heighten To brighten To explore To export To collide To legalize To forge To deceive To feel To anger To disappoint NOUN ADJECTIVE management/manager taste Owner/ Owning / Ownership Counterfeit /counterfeiter/ counterfeiting Imitation/imitator Profit/ profitability Seller / selling/ Sale Corruption Abuse/abuser Finance /financier Economy/ economist Sponsor fake Controlling/ control/ controller Stability Regulation/regulator Auditor / auditing Pay / Payer/ payment /paying Embezzler / embezzlement / embezzling Advert /advertising / advertisement/advertiser Publicity/ publicist Safety Consumer / consumption Harm Discovery / discoverer Invention/ inventor commercialisation manageable Tasty/ tasteful /tasteless Owned Counterfeit Complaint/complainer Expiry Refund / refunding Orbit / Orbiter Rotation /rotator Length Width Depth Height Brightness Exploration/ explorer Export /exporter / exportation Collision Legality Forge /forger / forging / /forgery Deceiver/ deception feeling anger disappointment Complaining expired Refundable Orbital / orbiting Rotating/ rotational Long Wide deep high bright Explored / exploratory exported collided legal Forged /Forgeable Imitated/ imitative Profitable Sold Corrupt/corruptible abused financial Economic/economical sponsored fake Controlled / controllable Stable Regulated Auditable Payable /paid Embezzled Advertised publicised Safe Consumable Harmful /harmless Discoverable/ discovered Invented Commercialized /commercial Deceivable/ deceived / deceiving felt angry disappointed References :


Affair Iberia 62%

It would be a bad publicity for your company.


CV Adeline 61%

organizing an Open door day Flyer, Mailing, publicity + Sorting, billing, travel diaries production, updating client data, Reception nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn Activities &


Draft Agenda DTLF 170410 61%

state of play and opportunities for transport and logistics DG CNECT 2 16.45 – 17.15 DTLF organisation  DTLF communication and publicity Marie Moeremans, Deloitte  DTLF planning DG MOVE 17.15 – 17.30 AOB 17.30 Closing of the meeting 3


Cv english final 61%

This website was then used as an official link and publicity by the organisation.


challenge 478 61%

consultants Najib Salmi, Mohamed Ameskane MAQUETTE New Publicity PAO Mohamed Douhabi - Saâd Faquihi PHOTOS Taoufiq Mouannis - Ahmed El Ouahi RÉVISION Latifa Ejjawi Responsable media web Saâd Waddi PUBLICITÉ Boutaina Bensouda Directrice clientèle presse et RP 0661 49 24 83 - 0522 54 81 62 New Publicity 58, avenue des FAR, Tour des Habous 14ème étage, Casablanca 20000, Maroc Tél.


Resume Séverine Gourinchas 59%

Writing weekly three articles for the website about publicity.



editing, publishing, graphics productions seminary organisation « cohabitation between publicity &


Groupe 7 - Le défi de lurbanisation - 26-09-2013 59%

States could create publicity campaigns explaining how to consume with responsibilities.



editing, publishing, graphics productions seminary organisation « cohabitation between publicity &



editing, publishing, graphics productions seminary organisation « cohabitation between publicity &



editing, publishing, graphics productions seminary organisation « cohabitation between publicity &



editing, publishing, graphics productions seminary organisation « cohabitation between publicity &


2010 Amphibian Ark Thanks Christophe Hainaux Urodeles 58%

The Amphibian Ark is helping to provide the needed coordination of these efforts, along with training, technical assistance, and publicity that will help all organizations to conduct effective and efficient amphibian conservation programs.


Samir Kassir 57%

The slogans revive [Arab] national utterances that even [Syrian Information Minister] Mahdi Dakhlallah, former editor-in-chief of the Baath newspaper and the current custodian of what's left of the publicity of the two Baaths, finds hard to buy.


Ghibli-La-Piscine 57%

I think we should do this, because having studied the issue, the resulting publicity would be enormous.


FINAL REPORT - Vannes Toward Zero-Waste 54%

The proposal outlines the steps we will take in order to generate publicity and actors involvement to successfully launch the campaign.


PresidentContest FBTC 51%

The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry.