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100% - non elite journals

First, what fraction of the top-cited articles are published in non-elite journals and how has this changed over time. 25/10/2014

99% - Tg201500774

3 - The governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia shall implement the decree herein which shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia. 13/02/2016


10.1136/bmj.f6104 (Published 29 October 2013) Page 1 of 9 Research RESEARCH Non-publication of large randomized clinical trials: 11/11/2013

91% - Little Cottage Loft Bed

Little Cottage Loft Bed Little Cottage Loft Bed Published on Ana White ( Little Cottage Loft Bed [1] Submitted by Ana White [2] on Tue, 2011-04-12 00:51 [1] I drew this plan up a few months back, but I just felt it unfair to post yet another girly bed. 08/04/2018

90% - 2018 Biologia BA Kucera New name C Eur Q dalechampii

You may further deposit the accepted manuscript version in any repository, provided it is only made publicly available 12 months after official publication or later and provided acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication and a link is inserted to the published article on Springer's website. 17/07/2018

90% - CD001871

CD001871 Interventions for preventing obesity in children (Review) Summerbell CD, Waters E, Edmunds L, Kelly SAM, Brown T, Campbell KJ This is a reprint of a Cochrane review, prepared and maintained by The Cochrane Collaboration and published in The Cochrane Library 2005, Issue 3 Interventions for preventing obesity in children (Review) Copyright © 2009 The Cochrane Collaboration. 08/01/2018

90% - Bioinformatics

Martínez-Castilla, Rogelio Rodríguez-Sotres, Scheila de Avila e Silva, Sergio Echeverrigaray, Suman Ghosal, Shaoli Das, Jayprokas Chakrabarti, Yoshiaki Mizuguchi, Takuya Mishima, Eiji Uchida, Toshihiro Takizawa, Harun Pirim, Şadi Evren Şeker, Haiping Wang, Taining Xiang, Xuegang Hu Published by InTech Janeza Trdine 9, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia Copyright © 2012 InTech All chapters are Open Access distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which allows users to download, copy and build upon published articles even for commercial purposes, as long as the author and publisher are properly credited, which ensures maximum dissemination and a wider impact of our publications. 03/02/2015

89% - The perils and possibilities of the private health sector

Inevitably, Published online June 26, 2016 Published Online June 26, 2016 S0140-6736(16)30774-7 See Online/Series S0140-6736(16)00342-1, S0140-6736(16)00343-3, S0140-6736(16)30242-2, and S0140-6736(16)00344-5 Godong/BSIP/Science Photo Library Few issues provoke as much disagreement, even anger, as the question of the private sector’s role in delivering health care. 06/07/2016

88% - non elite journals 2

H3C 3P8 (Canada) 1 Abstract Previous work indicates that over the past 20 years, the highest quality work have been published in an increasingly diverse and larger group of journals. 25/10/2014

87% - non elite journals 3

H3C 3P8 (Canada) Abstract Historically, papers have been physically bound to the journal in which they were published but in the electronic age papers are available individually, no longer tied to their respective journals. 25/10/2014

87% - PaulBriard 2012 Applied Optics

PaulBriard 2012 Applied Optics To be published in Applied Optics: 18/01/2015

86% - 21.Spanish An Essential Grammar

Chinese Danish Dutch English Finnish Greek Hungarian Modern Hebrew Norwegian Polish Portuguese Spanish Swedish Thai Urdu Other titles of related interest published by Routledge: 23/12/2014

86% - possible implications of bad intelligence

x The Syrian Improvised Chemical Munitions that Were Used in the August 21, Nerve Agent Attack in Damascus Have a Range of About 2 Kilometers x The UN Independent Assessment of the Range of the Chemical Munition Is in Exact Agreement with Our Findings x This Indicates That These Munitions Could Not Possibly Have Been Fired at East Ghouta from the “Heart”, or from the Eastern Edge, of the Syrian Government Controlled Area Shown in the Intelligence Map Published by the White House on August 30, 2013. 17/01/2016

86% - 03 0 PCBSJ Vol9 3 2015 Cheriti Editorial G

BioSub Journal (PCBS Journal) is a peer-reviewed research journal published by Phytochemistry & 26/09/2015

85% - Droitsd auteur

C-42 Current to November 26, 2013 À jour au 26 novembre 2013 Last amended on November 7, 2012 Dernière modification le 7 novembre 2012 Published by the Minister of Justice at the following address: 07/03/2014

85% - SUGAR

France - Sugar Confectionery © Datamonitor (Published February 2004) Page 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Market Value The French sugar confectionery market grew by 1.7% in 2003 to reach a value of $734.2 million. 10/04/2011

85% - ShiftingShamanism

Magical Techniques For Your Therioside By Lupa Self-published, 2007 Shifting, Shamanism and Techniques For Your Therioside Therianthropy: 12/03/2016

85% - Tibet Dharma Buddha Sakyapa

Tibet Dharma Buddha Sakyapa T his collection of Parting from the Four Attachments texts was published by the International Buddhist Academy as a study companion for our Annual 10-Day Retreat held in June 2009. 04/08/2016


Coffee © Datamonitor (Published February 2004) Page 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Market Value The French RTD tea and coffee market grew by 11.4% in 2003 to reach a value of $361 million. 21/03/2011

84% - biblio covid19 9

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report March 27, 2020 (A Kimball) Lancet ID Published on line March 26, 2020 (Haiyan Qiu) Lancet ID Published on line March 26, 2020 (Haiyan Qiu) Asymptomatic and Presymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Residents of a Long-Term Care Skilled Nursing Facility — King County, Washington. 06/04/2020

84% - French ENGLISH FOR Business

First published 1997 by Routledge 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE This edition published in the Taylor & 11/11/2012

84% - Nobel Prize Conference Bio

 He   has  published  in  leading  economics  journals. 11/02/2014

84% - CRD2007 07 (Task 66.006)

Privileges of B1 and B2 aircraft maintenance licences Slide 4 European Aviation Safety Agency Task 66.006 The working group 66.006 started working on July 2006 and the NPA 2007-07 was published on June 2007 (covering also tasks 66.009 and 66.011). 16/12/2010

84% - Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick

One of them, published inHealth Psychology, found that the power of suggestion can induce symptoms associated with wind turbine syndrome. 26/10/2014