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TYssDb65QwY9vBVt 100%

Pushing on the other hand, leaves the entire lane open for unique ward coverage.


come anytime Robbie Mc Gowan 91%

(9 o’clock) 5 – 6 Rock Right diagonally back Right pushing hips back.


DoYourThing 87%

I know it looks as though there are several things going on at once without a number count to go with, but these Things will happen at the same time – you will step to the side and slightly forward and roll your foot from the ball to flat While pushing your hip over the same foot.


Hey Nah Neh Nah (1) 81%

Walks back, hip bumps to right, walk back, hip bumps to left 1- 2 Walk back – right, left 3&4 Touch Right back pushing hips to right, left, right (transferring weight to right) 5–6 Walk back – left, right 7&8 Touch Left back pushing hips to left, right, left (transferring weight to left) Section 3:


mk7-traction-int 75%

Remove OEM buttons by pushing forward on clip at “1” then pull up at “2”.


Jinnaike new catalogue 2016 05 20 73%

积极分析客户(及客户的客户)的需求,做合理假设,努力追求客户满意。 CUSTOMERS Actively analyzing customers’ (and customers’ customers’) needs, making sound assumptions and pushing for customers’ satisfactions.


richter frank 71%

His contagious enthusiasm is gratefully acknowledged and was the basis for pushing this thesis far beyond the original expectations.


New-CMC-Catalog-2013 69%

In the course of time, CMC models kept pushing the limits of authentic and detail-exact replication.


Pronounciation of final -ed, -s, -es 66%

Voiced sounds come from your throat. If you touch your neck when you   make a voiced sound, you can feel your voice box vibrate.   Examples of voiced sounds: “L”, “V”, “N”, “B” and all vowel sounds.                smell   smell/d/ Final –ed is pronounced /ed/ after “T”, and “D” sounds.  The sound /ed/ adds a whole syllable to a word   Example: Looked Æ look/t/ = one syllable                   Needed Æ need/ed/ = two syllables                decided    decide/ed/                needed    need/ed/                 wanted    want/ed                 invited    invite/ed        Final – ed is pronounced /t/ after all voiceless sounds.   Voiceless sounds are made by pushing air through your mouth; no sound   comes from your throat.   Examples of voiceless sounds : “K”, “P”, “S”, “Ch”, “Sh”, “F”     saved    save/d/  cleaned    clean/d/  robbed    rob/d/  played    play/d/


PoE 6 week challenge - MF 63%

As we start our professional life, we work hard and pushing our limit to climb on top of the ladder.



The volunteer sherpa pushing keeps the Joëlette balanced:


Vision - Chronological 1 61%

One Side for Pushing you to Blaspheme on Jewish People ...


Forbes meet The Real Wolf Of Wall Street Original Belfort 60%

While staf f writer Roula Khalaf (now f oreign editor at the Financial Times) didn’t coin the phrase “T he Wolf Of Wall Street,” she did call Belf ort a “twisted Robin Hood who takes f rom the rich and gives to himself and his merry band of brokers.” Khalaf describes the business model as “pushing dicey stocks on gullible investors” and noted the already growing challenges f rom f ederal investigators.


Flying-Concepts 58%

We position ourselves as a super-hub company with different targeted entities, willing and pushing it further than any other branding or design company that already exists today!



IKON KITEBOARDING design premium-quality kiteboarding products that you can rely on every time you are pushing the limits.


MLP-GD 57%

GreenStylus:, pushing away Yx Day (Oof!):


Présentation 2015 ENG 55%

So it is by attentive listening to the needs of its clients, rigorous work without compromise, and the choice of the noblest materials in the service of its creativity, that RKF Luxury Linen meets the most extraordinary desires, pushing the technical constraints limits and feasibility to design an exceptional custom-made.


chamari-2001 54%

After the ®rst test, consisting of a single maximal jump [lasting @0.6 s for the pushing phase, and in which the subjects jumped 64 (2.2) cm], forearm venous [La±] increased signi®cantly with respect to rest at 1 min (t1), 3 min (t3), and 5 min (t5) of recovery.


Mali-2015-Anglais-Bac-Series-SE-SExp 53%

This is pushing the scientists all over the world to research many different facets of human genetic engineering.


Datacards Blood Angels 7th 53%

UNLEASH RAGE…Warp Charge 1 The Librarian reaches into the minds of his fellows and stokes the fires of anger lurking in the depths of their psyches, pushing them into a frenzied rage.


Hotel Management Course in Delhi 51%

”Even most of the hotel management courses in Delhi provide cornerstone to the soft skills, and make aware, by pushing students to develop their social and communication skills, as that combined with their experience and knowledge can propel their career to its desired heights.The Hotel School, improves the skills of students by lectures and through practical project the students get this imbibed in personality:


FT Tech 51%

Yet just as Mr Macron faces enormous challenges in pushing through the labour market and fiscal reforms he has pledged, France’s tech sector wants to pull off a trick that has eluded many European countries for decades — the creation of a group of internationally successful, billiondollar companies.


codes-erreurs 48%

To determine if a code is current or historic, clear the displayed code by pushing in and holding the odometer reset button ( longer than 5 seconds) until 'clear' comes up.


christmas 48%

on the road this time, in the middle of the cars, pushing this piano heavy as hell still under a pouring rain.