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Prayer To the Son of the Serpent 100%

Hail Our Lord Qayin, The Saint of Death First Born of the Serpent SamaeLilith The shadows of all living and dead are his own His Nightside emanation is the Light of the Wise Oh Holy Master Qayin You are the Way, The Truth and the Endless Life None knoweth the Nameless Divinity except By Thy Necrosophic Gnosis Revealed Through the Serpent’s Bloodline Masked and Hooded one, Watcher and Protector Bestow thy Sevenfold Blessings And Turn the Seven Keys of the Kingdom Of Endless Night, Illuminate the Way So, I may follow ye true To know the secretly hid Mysteries of Fate By your Triple Coronation and ascend to the Nadir Of Golgotha, the Most dense and difficult Energies In the Universe are moved to cause holy miracles By thy will and power Saint of Death Amen.