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Auditing for probity in procurement 4 100%

Auditor skills More areas to review Audit for Probity in Procurement 1) How Transparency and Accountability are maintained 2) How Impartiality of the process is maintained 3) How actual/perceived Conflicts of Interest are managed 4) How Confidentiality is maintained 5) How Value for Money is obtained More areas to review a) Control Environment s Code of conduct s Management of conflict of interest s Procurement structure and capabilities s Appropriate Delegations of Authority s Procurement policies and procedures s HR policies on recruiting procurement staff s Resources on the procurement action s Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities More areas to review b) Risk assessments s Identification, analysis and management of supply risks and opportunities s Consideration of probity risks s Consideration of fraud risk s Resources for conducting risk assessments s Strategy for procurement especially significant procurement s Appropriateness of contract s Adequacy of contract management More areas to review c) Control activities s Comprehensiveness of needs and consistency with annual plan s Validity and reasonableness of strategy supported by market research/analysis, risk assessments etc.


dnc-241 56%

Reasonableness ........................................................................... 113 Defendant-Specific Arguments (Responding to:


The semiotic universe of abduction 45%

Beyond ‘reason’, Peirce theorizes ‘reasonableness’ understood as open-ended dialetical-dialogic semiosic activity, unfinished and unfinalizable, unbiased by prejudice and regulated by the logic of love, otherness and continuity or ‘synechism’.


rapport 38%

In reviewing past practices, consulting with the Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises, after having duly considered the responses and positions of Member States, considering the complexity of business relationships involved in each situation concerning listed activities, which often encompassed business enterprises domiciled in multiple States, and to offer a procedural safeguard designed to provide fairness, consistency, reasonableness and absence of arbitrariness of potential decisions that may affect the interests of business enterprises, OHCHR decided to communicate with the initial list of all 192 screened companies – not just those domiciled in the States that indicated they were in favour of such an approach – to provide them with an opportunity to respond to the information presented.



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