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GENERAL STATUS OF APPLICATIONS RECEIVED / ACF CALL #2 The African Culture Fund is in its second call for projects.


Terms&Conditions - Advent Calendar Promotion 93%

Entries must be received on 1 December 2017 before 23:59 UK time.


2003-report-on-France 92%

He had requested the visit having received information about a number of French children who were reportedly victims of paedophilia and pornography, as well as information about the trafficking of children and child prostitution.


Manuel descriptif des grade dans ONU 91%

Managerial guidance received is also assessed.


probleme opera 88%

******** Received:


undt-2016-004 87%

During her mission detail assignment to UNMIT, the Applicant received a Mission Subsistence Allowance (“MSA”), a daily allowance for living expenses Page 2 of 29 Case No.


Aliexpress chat about refund 20:09:2017 87%

• I have not received my goods, what can I do • I have not received the refund, what can I do?


Aliexpress chat about refund 27:09:2017 86%

• I have not received my goods, what can I do • I have not received the refund, what can I do?


10.1097@MOP.0000000000000553 85%

[18] found that maternal pertussis antibody levels at delivery were markedly higher for women who had received the vaccine during pregnancy than those who had received it postpartum, 51 EU/ml as compared with 9.1 EU/ml.


Nobel Prize Conference Bio 85%

    Giuseppe  Bertola,  PhD             Dean  of  the  Economics  and  Finance  Department                 Professor   Bertola   received   his   PhD   in   economics   at   MIT.


Group Reservation Form-Ste 84%

• All cancellation must be made by written confirmation • Cancellation received by the hotel less than fourteen (14) days prior to the arrival date will affect one night penalty.


CRD2007-07 (Task 66.006) 84%

Privileges of B1 and B2 aircraft maintenance licences Slide 3 European Aviation Safety Agency Feedback received by EASA Feedback received by EASA indicated that the privileges of the B1 AML are not properly delimited because:


20180727 - Tenerrdis Invitation EC2I China Mission 2018 84%

+45 4272 3212 This project has received funding from the European Union's Cosme programme under grant agreement No 783403 PROGRAMME FOR 13-16 November 2018 13-14 November:


6-Hall-Neurosci-2002 83%

n = 8^12 mice/genotype) received cocaine, nisoxetine HCl (RBI) or £uoxetine HCl (RBI).


rapport 83%

On 13 February 2017, the Human Rights Council, pursuant to the recommendation of the High Commissioner, decided to defer consideration of the report to allow for additional time to consider the inputs received in the context of an open call for submissions, and to ensure a fair process for concerned stakeholders (see A/HRC/34/77).


crystalgenesis 83%

We assume no liability for any use or misuse of information received from or through this site .


non elite journals 2 82%

3 Methods We used Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science (including all standard citation indexes, SCIE, SSCI and AHCI) from 1970 to 2010 (1970-2012 for citations received), with a total of more than 27.8 million papers and 784 million citations1.


Women's day article 82%

She received the William Bowie Medal from the American Geophysical Union in 1971 for her contributions in the field of geophysics and another one from the Seismological Society of America in 1977.


coxit2 82%

Hisashi Yamanaka Received:


sédation 82%

Dasta has consultancies with Hospira, Axel Rx, Cadence Pharmaceuticals, and Pacira Pharmaceuticals and has received honoraria/speaking fees from the France Foundation (speakers bureau CME program) sponsored by Hospira.


gva-2016-024 81%

It was, however, forwarded to the Applicant’s private email on 16 October 2013, and the Applicant replied on 18 October 2013, noting that she had not received the previous email.


humanitarian Snapshot 11July2014 oPt V1 81%

Khan Yunis 3 Rafah » ¹ º 5 Km 342 2,500 Housing units destroyed including million liters daily of raw sewage dumped to the sea due to damage to pumping station Crossing Point Armistice Declaration Line International Boundary Kerem Shalom Schools damaged Health facilities damaged 25 Number of fatalities Communities received evacuation notice in anticipation of ground operation Rafah Rafah ¹ » º 32 5 of disposables are currently out of stock in Gaza’s Central Drug Store 35 !


Conference Paper 81%

The time based algorithms use the information carried by the signal such as the time of emission and the time of arrival (ToA) identified by the receiver to compute a pseudo range.[5] Besides, the power based algorithms use the difference between the strength of a received signal and its original strenght to evaluate the position it has been received from.


nejmoa073059 81%

Results Among study infants, 3702 (83%) received intensive care in the form of mechanical ventilation.