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Resistance or Receptivity Dates and venue: ... Resistance or Receptivity.


S'autoriser 69%

Far from being a solipsistic turn back upon the self, this lui-même implies an opening onto the Real and receptivity toward the unexpected.


How to properly integrate your new recruits 54%

The receptivity of the arrival will be all the greater as the practical details have been settled.


Master's thesis 46%

This is why a qualitative study according a consumer approach was performed in order to help advertisers on the receptivity of their prospects to use mobile solutions.


Mysteries of the Metals - Steiner 41%

This non-receptivity, this obstinacy of gold with regard to the element through which human beings receive life, made a deep impression on the pupil of the ancient Mysteries.


day2008 38%

The most contentious aspect of Plan B’s mechanism of action and a primary reason why some pharmacists refuse to dispense it appears to be whether the drug impairs receptivity to the implantation of a fertilized egg.


ch5 37%

For example, there may be differences between the time of pollen shed and stigma receptivity.


eMarketer Quantifying Digital Brand Ad Effectiveness-Finding the Right Mix of Meaningful Metrics 36%

Metrics/Measurements Used to Track Online Marketing/Ad Campaigns According to Marketing Executives Worldwide, May 2011 % of respondents Pageviews, clickthroughs and registrations 75% Volume and origin of site traffic 63% Search prominence and site preference 50% Acquisition of new accounts or customers 48% Brand awareness, loyalty and receptivity levels 38% Transactions and/or subscriptions 37% Content downloads 34% Value of deals and length of selling cycles 24% Word-of-mouth and viral buzz 22% Traffic to offline retail outlets or stores 12% Other 2% Note:


Current Directions in Psychological Science-2004-Diamond-116-9(1) 30%

For example, female rats have far more extensive oxytocin brain circuits than do male rats, perhaps to facilitate oxytocin-dependent caregiving behaviors, and oxytocin interacts with estrogen to regulate female rats’ sexual receptivity (Panksepp, 1998).


weismann-arcache 2012 23%

Aristotle discusses two points which seem just as relevant as ever, namely, the particularly reactive constitution of exceptional individuals and the manner in which their basic receptivity is triggered by external and internal stimuli.