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100% - International Variation Asthma bronchiolitis guidelines

Guideline recommendations were categorized as (1) recommend, (2) optionally recommend, (3) abstain from recommending, (4) recommend against a treatment, and (5) not addressed by the guideline. 03/11/2017

97% - ROGERS LAS REPORT Jan 2017

ROGERS LAS REPORT Jan 2017 Global Diligence LLP: 22/06/2017

94% - sédation

For all strong recommendations, the phrase “We recommend …” is used throughout. 31/08/2013

93% - index.cfm

index.cfm Pro-Aquifer Protecting Trans-boundary Groundwater Sources from Pollution: 05/09/2012

92% - JW Guideline Watch 2017

All of the editorialists recommend that clinicians engage patients in shared decision-making, especially patients at lower risk. 13/08/2017

90% - N LAUNAY commentaires eiD interoperability

Therefore I highly recommend this guideline should be considered as a mandatory specification for any authentification process for one line trusted services : 06/11/2017

90% - 10.1097@MOP.0000000000000553

MOP 290611 Office pediatrics KEY POINTS  The ACIP and ACOG recommend influenza vaccine for all pregnant women during the influenza season. 23/09/2017

88% - recommandations anglais

We recommend the implementation of a cooperation mechanism between the administration and the civil society to rebuild bridges of reliability between them. 27/02/2014

88% - TIH

In patients with strongly suspected or confirmed HIT, we recommend against starting VKA until platelets have substantially recovered (ie, usually to at least 150 3 109/L) over starting VKA at a lower platelet count and that the VKA be initially given in low doses (maximum, 5 mg of warfarin or 6 mg phenprocoumon) over using higher doses (Grade 1C). 03/09/2013

87% - Branding Project Men's Grooming Market extrait

Through this analysis, the purpose is to acquire an understanding of the adaptation of each company to the Chinese market and hereafter recommend the best strategy both for the two companies and for a potential new entrant in the men’s grooming market. 03/10/2015

86% - biblio 15 travail 1

biblio 15 travail 1 Meeeting Report Received: 11/03/2015