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license 152680 100%

ART3 PRODUCTIONS France LICENSING TERMS This non-exclusive STANDARD license allows you, the licensor, to use the Recording worldwide for unlimited time with any type of New Media Project.


D-Lux 3 Technical Data en 98%

D Lux 3 Technical Data en LEICA D-LUX 3 Technical Data Camera Image type/format Resolution Video recording LEICA D-LUX 3 1:1.65"


Terms & Conditions 98%

Conditions Terms and Conditions 1 Delegate Images The ICAN Institute may record Delegate images (stills, portraits, videos, including voice recordings), whether Delegates are identifiable and/or recognizable or not, as recorded via sound recording, photographic, film, or video files taken the 19th of December 2018 in Paris during shooting, filming, recording sessions, at the Cardiometabolism revolution the event .


201700003722 Ratel D 97%

201700003722 Ratel D LABORATORY INVESTIGATION A novel neural prosthesis providing long-term electrocorticography recording and cortical stimulation for epilepsy and brain-computer interface Pantaleo Romanelli, MD,1 Marco Piangerelli, PhD,2 David Ratel, PhD,3 Christophe Gaude, MSc,3 Thomas Costecalde, PhD,3 Cosimo Puttilli, MSc,1 Mauro Picciafuoco,1 Alim Benabid, MD, PhD,3 and Napoleon Torres, MD, PhD3 AB MEDICA S.p.a., Cerro Maggiore(MI), Milan;


CV Gabriel Dalmasso 2016 EN 97%

2015  Sound Designer and Music composer for the play 48h dans la Tête d'un Homme – Paris (internship) Responsible for recording and editing voices, creating music, sounds and triggering them on stage August 2015  Sound Designer for the film Faeryland directed by Magà Ettori – Paris (internship) Responsible for editing, mixing and designing sound May 2015  Musical arranger and Artistic Producer for the singer Guillaume Norbert – Paris (freelance) Responsible for recording his performance in duo with Sharon Laloum (from The Voice TV show) Oct.


charvet ieee2008 256 95%

Moreover, high density devices addressing all channels independently for simultaneous recording and stimulation are not readily available.


DZ Skills tour 2019 Rules 95%

- Launch TinyFlightTracker.exe Do not tick the case "stop recording at first landing"


DZ Skills tour 2019 Rules 95%

- Launch TinyFlightTracker.exe Do not tick the case "stop recording at first landing"


DZ Skills tour 2019 Rules 95%

- Launch TinyFlightTracker.exe Do not tick the case "stop recording at first landing"


DZ Skills tour 2019 Rules 95%

- Launch TinyFlightTracker.exe Do not tick the case "stop recording at first landing"


Charvet IEEE 2011 94%

A wireless, low power, 64-channel ECoG recording platform for implantable BCI applications G.


charvet ieee2008 64 94%

SaD06.2 A 64-Channel ASIC for In-Vitro Simultaneous Recording and Stimulation of Neurons using Microelectrode Arrays O.


Contract 94%

Leasing rights allow you to use the beat (or song) for ONE commercial recording or broadcast.


1 91%

1 Letter On Chip Guidance and Recording of Cardiomyocytes with 3D Mushroom-Shaped Electrodes Francesca Santoro, Jan Schnitker, Gregory Panaitov, and Andreas Offenhaü sser* Institute of Bioelectronics ICS-8/PGI-8, Forschungszentrum Jülich D-52425 Jülich, Germany ABSTRACT:


Charvet IEEE EMBC 2011 91%

Charvet IEEE EMBC 2011 A wireless multichannel EEG recording platform S.


Cooper Medical Supplies 89%

Our wrist oximeters are used for greater comfort during extended use and recording.


Classical Guitar Mag - Th CAUVIN 87%

He has just released his second solo recording with Sony Music, Vogue – an all-Albéniz album called Le voyage d’Albéniz, following closely after his critically acclaimed all-Scarlatti recording called Danse avec Scarlatti with Sony in 2013, which was ranked among the Top 10 of the French sales for three months.


PLSED106016EN web 85%

Digital fault recording Operations management includnig engineering, planning and maintenance Simultaneously capture voltage and current channels for sub-cycle disturbance transients, as well as multi-cycle sags, swells and outages:


Intership proposal - 1Global Translators 83%

Checking and recording our bank account transactions, checking and recording invoices received from providers, recording client invoices, filing created or received documents and management of accounts receivable (a high level of Spanish is required).


Charvet EMBC 2013 82%

64-channel ECoG recording implant for human applications G.


Interview Artur Galstyan-Nelly Margaryan at 78%

Until then, I know that you had a recording studio, is it still operating or what?


-SomedayMyPrince Bb 78%

SomedayMyPrince Bb Tenor Sax Someday My Prince Will Come Hank Mobley's solo from the Miles Davis Recording "Someday My Prince Will Come"