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100% - BfN Playbook 2013

A unit may have “(Reduced)” next to it. 20/01/2021

90% - Armstrong 2006 Nutritional strategies for football Counteracting heat, cold, high altitude and jet lag

increased anaerobic metabolism increased plasma lactate accumulation increased rate of glycogen depletion reduced V_ O2max reduced endurance, strength, and power performance increased perceived exertion increased resting metabolic rated Cold . 06/01/2012

87% - Foster and McVey Neufeld 2013 TINS

Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, Fusobacteria, and Verrucomicrobia are also present but in reduced numbers [15]. 01/10/2013

84% - cartes troop weapons & tactics

Tripod mounted Machine Guns will be unable to move if reduced to a crew of one. 03/01/2014

83% - SEMCO IC Press Release (en) 352522

The new range of “Inner Cleanliness” coatings from Foseco will help automotive foundries to deliver the increasing quality demands specified for the next generations of emission-reduced and performance-enhanced internal combustion engines. 22/11/2019

82% - nouveau reglement 2016

If the dog takes the wrong position in the square 3 points are reduced and if the standing position is not clear 2 points are reduced. 13/12/2014

81% - ioi130047

Fraser, MBchB, PhD IMPORTANCE Some evidence suggests vegetarian dietary patterns may be associated with reduced mortality, but the relationship is not well established. 19/07/2017

81% - resubmittedatomlaserfdback

The equation of motion is then (8) ˙ and a2 (t) = c2 hx˙2 i in accordance Setting a1 (t) = c1 hxi with our feedback scheme gives ˙ 2 − c2 hx˙2 i2 E˙0 = −c1 hxi (9) This will guarantee that E0 is always reduced while there are fluctuations in hxi and hx2 i, but the rate can be optimized by carefully selecting the value c1 and c2 . 14/10/2011

79% - SNK NG dev Manual

The image can be reduced in 256 levels vertically, and 16 levels horizontally. 06/01/2012

78% - izuzu 4hk1

izuzu 4hk1 Diesel Injection Pump SERVICE MANUAL Common Rail System for ISUZU 4HK1 / 6HK1 Type Engine OPERATION February, 2004 00400056E FORWARD To meet the high pressurization requirements for the engine to deliver cleaner exhaust gas emissions, lower fuel consumption and reduced noise, advanced electronic control technology is being adopted in the fuel injection system. 13/12/2014

78% - Shell Spirax S6 GXME TDS

KEY BENEFITS ✓ Reduced friction for improved fuel efficiency ✓ Exceptional wear, pitting and corrosion protection for longer transmission life ✓ Longer oil-drain interval for reduced maintenance costs and better value ✓ All-climate, year-round performance SHELL’S ULTIMATE, SYNTHETIC MANUALTRANSMISSION AND GEAR OIL Shell Spirax S6 GXME is a unique, fuel-efficient and long-life oil designed to provide the ultimate protection for the latest, heavy-duty manual transmissions and gears. 15/01/2013

78% - SRF 24b0dccf4673435ca37c960e31e6eafc

Panasonic batteries (for Tesla) are the cheapest per kWh at present, but the gap could narrow as LG Chem and SDI introduce higher energy batteries at reduced costs. 08/04/2018

75% - RIAS GF

• Actions have reduced from 2000 to around 100 over 4 years. 01/09/2016

75% - kocomotionus

Compact Ball Screw Linear Actuators A ball screw linear actuator is a linear actuator combined with a ball screw in a manner that results in reduced form factor, as compared to typical linear actuators. 16/10/2017

75% - Newsletter Mars 2013

  We   are   indeed   concerned   about   our   member   states’   fiscal   situaBon   that   is   why   we   answered   the   European   Commission’s  consultaBon  on  a  reduced  VAT  related  to   energy  efficiency  measures. 15/03/2013

75% - golf 5 partie 2

Wastage on load change is also reduced. 25/12/2015