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100% - Gene Expression Changes upon Practice of Yoga

Here we have assessed possible rapid changes in global gene expression profiles in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in healthy people that practiced either a comprehensive yoga program or a control regimen. 08/06/2014

99% - Rapid Gene Expression Changes in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes upon Practice of a Comprehensive Yoga Program

Here we have assessed possible rapid changes in global gene expression profiles in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in healthy people that practiced either a comprehensive yoga program or a control regimen. 08/06/2014

83% - art:10.1007/s10147 011 0275 6

Methods Thirty-five patients were treated with a DEC regimen that consisted of a 28-day cycle of drugs as follows: 05/12/2016

80% - lop



The length of the training was based on the duration of the VPA regimen employed in previous studies using VPA with healthy participants (Bell et al., 2005a,b). 24/01/2014

65% - JMLT 2017 Nimer Ortuño

World Health Organization recommends shortened nine-month treatment regimen for MDR-TB patients: 20/03/2017

64% - Stolen SM 2005 Physiology of Soccer Update

A significant relationship has been observed between 1RM and acceleration and movement velocity.[23,24] This maximal strength/power performance relationship is supported by jump test results as well as in 30m sprint results.[25,26] By increasing the available force of muscular contraction in appropriate muscles or muscle groups, acceleration and speed may improve in skills critical to soccer such as turning, sprinting and changing pace.[1] High levels of maximal strength in upper and lower limbs may also prevent injuries in soccer.[27] Furthermore, Lehnhart et al.[28] showed that introducing a strength training regimen reduced the number of injuries by about 50%. 15/04/2011

61% - Management of acute asthma exacerbations

Although dexamethasone has a higher cost than prednisolone, less-frequent dosing leads to a simpler regimen for providers and families. 28/07/2017

61% - 2012 capes ext lr occitan 1 199860

E cant el ac estat lonc temps en aquel stament, plac a la divinal misericordia que son mal regimen e sas vanas obras fosso mudadas, e que se covertis e fos son amic, coma fes de sant Paul, per aventura per qualque causa que fazia o dizia [o] avia fag o dig que era plasen a Dieu, per laqual no lo volia dampnar eternalment. 11/06/2014

60% - anglaispdf

urée Regimen: Posologie Unawareness: insensibilité 10/12/2012

59% - prostate

A commonly used regimen for HDR treatment alone includes 9.5 Gy x 4 fractions, 10.5 Gy x 3 fractions, 13.5 Gy x 2 fractions, or 19 Gy x 1 fraction.” PROS-D (1 of 2) continued • Salvage brachytherapy Modified the first bullet, “Permanent LDR or temporary HDR brachytherapy can be used as treatment for a local recurrence following EBRT or primary brachytherapy. 15/01/2017

56% - physiology of small sided games copie

2.3.6 Training Regimen (Including Game Duration and Work : 13/08/2014

54% - ADHD Diagnostic Flowchart

Adjust dosage and regimen To behaviour therapies Do caregivers, young person, teachers etc notice significant improvement judged to be in young person’s best interest and without overriding side effects and with response and timing consistent with medication? 06/09/2013

53% - produit gel anglais

Defining Gel can be incorporated into your daily beauty regimen whether you use the Ultimate Body Applicator or not. 23/09/2012

52% - day2008

Timing of emergency contraception with levonorgestrel or the Yuzpe regimen. 20/07/2016

51% - אנציקלופדיה

Instead of being locked into one product or regimen, your client should have a range of Bobbi Brown skincare products that she can choose from­, depending on what her skin may need on any particular day. 11/02/2015


MISTAKE #6 Not sticking to a regimen long enough. 30/03/2016

49% - ANTIBIOTICS 2006

100° F   • Malaise   • Lymphadenopathy   • Trismus   • Increased Swelling   • Cellulitis   • Osteomyelitis   • Persistent Infection A regimen of antibiotics is not indicated in an otherwise healthy patient for a small localized swelling without systemic signs and symptoms of infection or spread of infection (2-6) (Tables 1, 2). 14/02/2014

48% - Helgerud MSSE 2001 Aerobic Training in soccer

strength training regimen, without affecting V Several studies describe the physiological, tactical, and technical parameters during a soccer match, which characterize players at different levels (4,24). 15/04/2011

48% - Medical Aesthetics Courses

Age spots Rough skin Erythema (redness) Sallowness (yellowish complexion) Hyperpigmentation (discoloration) Innovative Science for Healthy Skin To maintain and improve skin health, an effective skincare regimen must contain three fundamental elements: 20/01/2017

46% - Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016

For moderate, non-frequent symptoms restart the previous treatment regimen. 07/04/2018

44% - Laroche Italiano 2017 JHO rucaparib bmy table 2

Trabectedin (Et-743) has been approved recently in the USA and in Europe for the management of patients with advanced liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma who have failed to benefit from anthracycline-containing regimen. 10/05/2017