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2019 tuto regressi 100%

TUTORIEL REGRESSI Adresses des éléments à télécharger :


krueger-2002-unskilled 99%

The Better-Than-Average Heuristic and Statistical Regression Predict Errors in Estimates of Own Performance Joachim Krueger and Ross A.


Dunning Kruger 98%

They concluded that a combination of the better-than-average (BTA) effect and a regression artifact better explains why the unskilled are unaware.


13 Eliseyev Aksenova Plos One 98%

Recursive N-Way Partial Least Squares for BrainComputer Interface Andrey Eliseyev*, Tetiana Aksenova CLINATEC, CEA, Grenoble, France Abstract In the article tensor-input/tensor-output blockwise Recursive N-way Partial Least Squares (RNPLS) regression is considered.



Multivariate Analysis, Principal Components Analysis, Regression Analysis, Model Selection, Transportation Research.


Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism 93%

2.15–4.98) logistic regression analysis, serum albumin was significantly associated with SCH.


perte de poids préop et EWL 90%

A linear regression model and stepwise regression analyses were used to estimate contributions of independent variables to the 1-year weight loss.





Past Life Regression Singapore 85%

Living Light Universe is specialised to improve your Life and Health with Effective Holistic Healing, Life Guidance, Past Life Regression, Feng Shui, using highly positive and powerful Universal energies and methods, that are Holistic, Universal and non-religious, and are highly effective and successful in achieving what common forms of therapies and methods are unable to do.


Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative 84%

Patients having complications categorized in the database as “other occurrence” were reviewed individually and severity of the occurrence was evaluated according to the Clavien classification.47 “Other occurrences” involving complications of Clavien Class III and greater (those that require surgical, endoscopic or radiologic intervention or intensive care admission, or are life-threatening) were considered major complications, in accordance with our previous methods.40 Preoperative risk stratification To estimate each patient’s preoperative likelihood of complications, we performed multivariable logistic regression using the variables included in the FY2005 NSQIP morbidity risk-adjustment model46 as predictors, and the occurrence of any major complications as the outcome.


journal.pbio.1001684 82%

Simulation richness was significantly correlated across trials to subjective likeability ratings (Figure 2A, one-sample t test on individual robust regression coefficients, t14 = 8.69, p,0.001).


Identification of factors associated with good 81%

Height and BMI SDS (z scores) were Regression model development In this study, a longitudinal statistical approach was used to identify factors that have significant predictive value for change in HSDS from baseline (ΔHSDS) in a regression model.


Summary Note - Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon 79%

Support Vector Machines, Logistic Regression and Decision Trees.


17 RewNPLS 78%

xx xx xxxx Recursive Exponentially Weighted N-way Partial Least Squares Regression with RecursiveValidation of Hyper-Parameters in Brain-Computer Interface Applications Andrey Eliseyev1, Vincent Auboiroux   1, Thomas Costecalde1, Lilia Langar2, Guillaume Charvet1, Corinne Mestais1, Tetiana Aksenova1 &


17 Schaeffer et al 78%

Continuously-valued kinematic parameters are generally estimated from the neural features by means of regression techniques.


Act12 KeplersLaw 78%

Concepts Regression line, the least squares method, power functions, logarithmic properties ©2007 Texas Instruments Incorporated Page 1 Kepler’s Third Law Teacher preparation This activity requires prior knowledge of the notion of "regression lines", which may have been covered when dealing with quadratic functions.


Cognitive biases in decision making 76%

Process weight Process, analysis, andcarries industry variables explain decision-making effectiveness Process, analysis, and by industry variables Share of performance explained given element (based on multivariate regression analysis), % Process, analysis, and industry variables decision-making effectiveness explain explain decision-making effectiveness Share of performance explained by givenQuantity element and detail of analysis performed—eg, detailed financial (based regression analysis), % Share on of multivariate performance explained by given element modeling, sensitivity analysis, analysis of (based on multivariate regression analysis), % financial reaction of markets Quantity and detail of analysis performed—eg, detailed financial Quantity and detail of analysis 8 modeling, sensitivity analysis, analysis of performed—eg, detailed financial financial of markets modeling,reaction sensitivity analysis, analysisofofprocess to exploit Quality financial reaction of marketsanalysis and reach decision—eg, Industry/company variables—eg, 8 explicit exploration of major uncertainties, number of investment opportunities, 53 8 inclusion of perspectives that contradict 39 capital availability, predictability of Quality of process exploit senior leader’s point of to view, allowing consumer tastes, availability of resources analysisofand reach to decision—eg, Quality process exploit participation in discussion by skill and Industry/company variables—eg, to implement decision explicit exploration of major uncertainties, analysis and reach decision—eg, experience rather than by rank number of investment opportunities, 53 Industry/company variables—eg, inclusion of perspectives thatuncertainties, contradict explicit exploration of major 39 capital availability, predictability of number of investment opportunities, senior leader’s point of view, allowing 53 inclusion of perspectives that contradict 39 consumer tastes, availability of resources capital availability, predictability of participation in point discussion byallowing skill and senior leader’s of view, to implement decision consumer tastes, availability of resources experience than by rank participationrather in discussion by skill and to implement decision experience rather than by rank Note:


Handbook-PMT 76%

Winters – Insights – Kalman filters – KDD – K Means – KNN – Kohonen SOMs – Lift curve – Linear discriminant analysis – Links analysis – Logistic regression – Lognormal distribution – Market research – MBR – MultiLayer Perceptron – Multiple regression – Neural networks – Normalisation – OLAP – Outliers – Overfitting – PLS – Predictive modelling – Pre-processing – Price sensitivity meter – Random forest – Retail Audit – Ring leader – Robustness – ROC curve – Rule induction – Sampling error – Scoring – Skewness – Slicing and dicing – Snowball sampling – Stationarity – Statistical modelling – Statistical process control – Stepwise – Summarisation – Supervised learning – Support index – Survival analysis – SVM – Test sample – Times series – True positive – Unsupervised learning – Validation set – Voice of customer – Wavelets – White noise – Chapter 1 From Business Indicators to Business Intelligence Performance management in telecoms ➜ Business indicators ➜ Data-Information-Intelligence ➜ Quid Business Intelligence Putting analytics at the core of the business “Knowledge itself is power.” Francois Bacon 1


s12875-015-0308-8 76%

In addition to descriptive statistics (all Tables and Web Appendices), different types of regression analyses were used to compare the impact of various influencing variables on different outcomes.



II/ LE MODELE DE REGRESSION SIMPLE II.1/ Méthode d’estimation des Moindres Carrés Ordinaires (MCO) II.2/ Hypothèses et propriétés des estimateurs des MCO II.3/ Critère de jugement de la qualité de l’ajustement d’un modèle :


ch15 75%

Another density estimation paradigm is based on regression.


231-558-2-PB 75%

The analysis of the determinants of the adoption of agricultural contracts was based on a binary logistic regression model.