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100% - HST Poster Bossy V0

that is as many potential unemployed  13% reinstatement visit: 22/12/2016

99% - HST Poster Bossy V0

that is as many potential unemployed  13% reinstatement visit: 22/12/2016

97% - HST Poster Bossy V0

that is as many potential unemployed  13% reinstatement visit: 21/12/2016

69% - ny 2016 033

… This is a full, final and entire withdrawal, including on the merits, with no right of reinstatement. 13/02/2016

66% - Cruz2013NatRevNeurosci

In our second application67 of the Daun02 inactivation method, we demonstrated a causal role for neuronal ensembles in the ventral mPFC in context-induced reinstatement of drug seeking, an animal model of relapse induced by exposure to the drugassociated environment 73. 23/11/2016

65% - nbi 2016 018

Following further reflection, the Applicant hereby withdraws all of her allegations and claims in the present proceedings before the United Nations Dispute Tribunal in finality, including on the merits, and with no right of reinstatement and therefore requests a discontinuance of the proceedings. 13/02/2016

65% - Job offer english native speaker teacher ENG

Exemption except first entry fees, reinstatement, restoration and extracurricular 13/09/2016

64% - nbi 2015 372

nbi 2015 372 UNITED NATIONS DISPUTE TRIBUNAL Before: 13/02/2016

47% - undt 2015 088

Her reinstatement in a Political Officer post; 30/09/2015

47% - Immigration et douanes

One of the main reasons of this situation is not a system of efficient control for stay, reinstatement, the implementation of the job of the foreign citizens in Russia. 03/04/2012

47% - undt 2014 147 VEHICULES (TRANSPORTS)

costs and reinstatement in his previous position on “better terms”. 13/02/2016

43% - Charte de l'expertise

– Valeur à neuf ou coût de reconstruction (Reinstatement cost) 1.10 – Valeur d’assurance 1.11. 12/04/2018

37% - 2 Rocha Nat1998

Thus, reversal and reinstatement of cocaine self-administration were observed in both genotypes. 28/09/2011

27% - topiramateCocaine

Thus, AMPA glutamate antagonists have been shown to decrease the locomotor effects of cocaine and other psychostimulants,21,22 reduce cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine taking,23,24 and decrease extracellular dopamine release in the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system.25,26 We therefore hypothesized that topiramate, a fructopyranose derivative that enhances GABA function27-30 and inhibits AMPA and kainate glutamate pathways,31,32 would modulate extracellular dopamine release in the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system and be an efficacious treatment for cocaine dependence. 23/10/2013

22% - NAC addiction THC

Animal models have demonstrated that chronic drug self-administration down-regulates the cys- tine-glutamate exchanger in the nucleus accumbens and that administration of NAC up-regulates this exchanger, normalizing a drug-induced pathology and reducing reinstatement of drug seeking (10, 13). 20/08/2013