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100% - Game of Thrones Blanket

FABRIC STITCH 1 2 3 4 S2, * K1, S1, repeat from * until 2 sts remain, K1, K1tbl S1, P until last st remains, K1tbl S1, * K1, S1, repeat from * until last st remains, K1tbl S1, P until last st remains, K1tbl CABLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 S1, K until last st remains, K1tbl S1, P until last st remains, K1tbl S1, * C4F Cr2L, C4B Cr2R, repeat from * until 5 sts remain, C4F Cr2L, K1tbl S1, P until last st remains, K1tbl S1, K until last st remains, K1tbl S1, P until last st remains, K1tbl S1, * C4B Cr2R, C4F Cr2L, repeat from * until 5 sts remain, C4B Cr2R, K1tbl S1, P until last st remains, K1tbl Stockinette First attempt at practicing embroidery. 13/10/2016

98% - interim recommendations filovirus

 Ensure that containers for sharps objects are placed as close as possible to the immediate area where the objects are being used (‘point of use’) to limit the distance between use and disposal, and ensure the containers remain upright at all times. 22/04/2014

97% - clericspells

Al lies within 5’ of you also receives the same bless ing as long as they remain within the aura. 06/11/2011

94% - EZ List Building

Unlike social media, email doesn’t need daily updating in order to remain relevant. 25/01/2016

91% - Copyright final agreement February 16

The objectives and the principles laid down by the Union copyright framework remain sound. 17/02/2019

91% - rapport dépénalisation stupéfiants Portugal

Even in the decriminalization framework, drug usage and possession remain prohibited (i.e., illegal) and subject to police intervention. 24/03/2013

90% - beathes

The Beatles remain the artists who have sold more discs monde1,2. 12/06/2016

89% - Isla Wrap v4

143 (154, 165) st remain. 26/10/2015

89% - Euronat Infos 2017 GB

We hope that our oasis of peace will remain a place for revitalization and wellbeing. 02/02/2017

88% - 12 Tunisia

This upward trend is expected to continue until 2016 before reversing but will remain sustainable subject to the maintenance of a moderate growth rate. 13/05/2013

86% - US Alfa Romeo Stelvio LAAS Brochure 2nd Run CP1

The driver must remain aware of traffic conditions and be prepared to use the brakes to avoid collisions. 19/12/2016

85% - How far is the media s nationalist bias going

It remains obvious that even though a driver eventually fails in the biggest series, generally the years it takes for him to access them remain remarkable. 20/08/2010

85% - 201512 Office Market Update 2015 Q4 COLLIERS

The Greater Paris Region office market should remain active in 2016. 12/05/2016

83% - podolsky article kozinska 2014 EN

And although these two aspects of her production remain, something completely new has taken hold of her painterly expression, and the changes manifested in her latest works are, if not dramatic, in the very least pictorially significant. 21/11/2014

83% - 2120 ECM 2011 FINAL 10Oct

Fergus McCarthy Senior Consultant European Research Group October 2011 1 HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FINDINGS The leading cities for business n Once again London, Paris and Frankfurt remain the top three cities for doing business, and this has not changed since the survey was first undertaken in 1990. 14/10/2011

82% - Investment letter

In contrast, the quarterly core inflation rate is generally forecast to remain fairly steady at around 1.8% y/y. 12/02/2015

82% - Household management for preventing catastrophic health expenditure 2017

The effects of population growth and household size in getting catastrophic health expenditure and poverty remain largely unrecognized. 15/06/2019

82% - Austin Melting Pot or Salad Bowl

Although I’m still dubious about the common interests to Americans and F1, the latter can’t do without the US anymore – just to remain credible. 01/09/2010