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Hair Clinic Sydney 100%

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure performed under local anaesthetic with minor sedation, where small, naturally-occurring groups of hairs (follicular units grafts), are taken from the back of the scalp (the area where the hairs have naturally lower levels of DHT) and replanting the graft in the areas of thinning or balding.


prospec fb ang 78%

Our team takes care of every detail Our Services Garden design and construction Special gardening work  Design project  Transplanting of exceptional trees  Earthmoving  Building of fountains, aquaria and garden paths  Land preparation for plating,  Automatic watering system installation replanting or sowing.


HR.102 Livelihood Delegate Haiti 63%

- Enhancing livelihoods with longer term cash crops - Planting (or replanting) trees for cash crops, as well as to contribute to prevent erosion and improve the condition of the soil.


Polyter-Flyer 54%

Polyter Grp Polyter Grp is recommended for sowing, bedding out young seedlings, repotting plants and seedlings resulting from in vitro culture, dressing plants with naked roots to protect them from drying during transport and storage and to limit the stress of replanting.


IADT 2012 Avulsions Guidelines 51%

• The goal for replanting still-developing (immature) teeth in children is to allow for possible revascularization of the pulp space.


Danone’s initiatives to fight climate change 50%

By replanting mangrove swamps, remediating soils and forests and providing energy sources that consume less wood, Livelihoods aims to sequestrate eight million metric tons of carbon over twenty years.


v.boury 22%

Replanting Programme In 1983, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) funded construction of a nursery area near the lighthouse, where the ranger, together with volunteers, raised seedlings for the island.