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100% - section 6

Studies that reported effects B. 17/01/2012

94% - Trump 2019 financial disclosure

Dominican Republic See attached schedule NIA 025 None (or less than $1 ,001) Country Apartments, LLC NIA 032 $1 ,001 -$15,000 N/A 034 $15,001 - $50,000 010 EIF attached schedule (Pnrt 2 - EXHIBIT A) Reference II Income Type Jucome Amount Over $50 ,000,000 rent Over $5,000,000 Over $50 ,000,000 rent Over $5,000,000 Value $1 89,973 condo sales None (or less than $201) rent $1 ,000,001 - $5,000,000 land sales $3 ,200,000 None (or less than $201) Value reported reflects bank account holding only. 19/06/2019

93% - GetAttachment

1) SAR listing general provisions for portable devices with reported SAR results a) When multiple frequency bands and wireless modes are considered, the highest reported SAR for each of the evaluated operating configurations and exposure conditions (head, body-worn accessories, product specific, simultaneous transmission, extremity, etc.) across the frequency bands and wireless modes must be identified and listed within each equipment class (e.g., PCE, DTS). 10/08/2012

93% - sexualviolence

sexualviolence Sexual Violence Facts At A Glance Spring 2008 Adults Health Disparities • In a nationally representative survey of 9,684 adults:1 • 10.6% of women reported experiencing forced sex at some time in their lives, • 2.1% of men reported experiencing forced sex at some time in their lives, and • 2.5% of women surveyed and 0.9% of men surveyed said they experienced unwanted sexual activity in the previous 12 months. 15/12/2011

92% - 2018 march 9 Epidemiological update Measles

2018 march 9 Epidemiological update Measles Epidemiological Update Measles 9 March 2018 Situation Summary In 2017, four countries in the Region of the Americas reported confirmed cases of measles: 15/03/2018

91% - MicrowaveCongruenceSchiz

Release in Schizophrenia Synaptosomes α 7-nicotinic Receptor Decrease in Some Brain Areas Consistent with Acetylcholine Decrease Indicated Decreased Based on Extensive Evidence Corticosteroids ACTH, Cortisol, and Corticosterone Reported Increased Melatonin Decrease Reported in Some Patients Decreased Number in Schizophrenia Brain Adrenal Depletion with ACTH, Cortisol, and Corticosterone Increase Reported Decreased on Human Cell Phone and EMF Exposure Deleterious Changes with Decreased ATP, Creatine Phosphate, and Marker Enzymes Dopamine Serotonin γ-Aminobutyric Acid Acetylcholine Found Decreased in Rats Decreased Receptor Specific Binding Decreased Rat Acetylcholine Release, and Precursor Uptake in Same Brain Areas Hormones Mitochondria Immunology Autoimmunity Tumor Necrosis Factor B Lymphocytes Suggested from Autoantibody Levels and Autoimmune Disease Incidence Reported Increased Balance of Evidence Shows Increase in Some Patients Reported Induced and Stimulated Numerous Reports of Increase in Animals Increased in Mouse Spleen with Genetic Control Table I, continued. 29/03/2012

90% - anger

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keywords Anger † Cardiovascular disease † Case-crossover † Epidemiology Introduction In addition to long-term risk factors for cardiovascular disease, there are several physical, psychological, and chemical triggers that are associated with a transiently higher risk of cardiovascular events.1 Several studies have reported that episodes of anger are associated with a transiently higher risk of myocardial infarction (MI),2 – 4 acute coronary syndrome (ACS),5,6 ischaemic7 and haemorrhagic stroke,8 and arrhythmia.9,10 However, since some of these studies were based on small sample sizes with few exposed cases, the results were often reported with low precision. 07/03/2014

89% - Residual Intestinal Disease After Milk Allergy

Approximately half the study subjects (45%) reported milk-related GI symptoms, whereas the respective figure among the control subjects was 10%. 28/02/2013

88% - ACER Tattoo piercing OH copie

Koch and colleagues (2005) reported that tattooed men became sexually active at a significantly earlier age than nontattooed men, whereas no statistical difference was found between tattooed and nontattooed women. 26/04/2012

88% - investigation sur les raisons individus à devenir vegan

To determine the extent to which the reason for following a vegan diet was associated with health behaviors, we conducted an online survey recruiting an international sample of 246 individuals who reported adhering to a vegan diet. 21/11/2016

87% - ITU Presentation

If certain reported observations and recommendations are significant enough to require immediate action by management or the board, the internal audit activity monitors actions taken until the observation is corrected or the recommendation implemented. 01/09/2016

87% - LithiumToxicity

One study reported a 400-fold increased risk of Ebstein’s anomaly,8 and present clinical practice recommendations have been to avoid lithium in pregnancy when possible. 25/08/2013

87% - Allergic Specific Immunotherapy

We included studies with children ≤18 years of age in which researchers reported on prespecified outcomes and had an intervention arm receiving aeroallergen SCIT or SLIT. 06/04/2018

87% - Floyd

If all of these "reported" 19/10/2012

87% - Etude farsalinos new 2013

69.2% of the former subgroup reported doing so on a daily basis or within the day. 18/12/2013

86% - ReCAAP ISC July 2017 Report (15 21 Aug 17) ReCAAP ISC Weekly Report 15-21 August 2017 Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia Overview During 15-21 Aug 17, two incidents (comprising one actual incident and one attempted incident) of armed robbery against ship were reported to the ReCAAP ISC by ReCAAP Focal Point (Singapore). 24/08/2017

86% - fs vaers data analysis report 2021 08 08

Out of 434 899 lines reported  429 009, 98.9 % are reported to COVID vaccine in 2021 •Fast Database size increase : 15/08/2021

85% - N2O Derm Surg 518

In addition, nitrous oxide has been reported effective at reducing pain in hair transplants, dermabrasion, excision and repairs, and pediatric procedures. 02/11/2018

85% - [1]

July 2014 maximal workload.5 (See video of the therapeutic approach, available at Two studies on the effectiveness of LSVT BIG in people with PD have been reported so far. 22/02/2017


Among the key findings from this study were that when iPhone users were unable to answer their ringing iPhone during a word search puzzle, heart rate and blood pressure increased, self-reported feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness increased, and self-reported extended self and cognition decreased. 20/01/2015

84% - Chesney et al 2014 World Psychiatry

A systematic search generated 407 relevant reviews, of which 20 reported mortality risks in 20 different mental disorders and included over 1.7 million patients and over a quarter of a million deaths. 29/11/2015

84% - Combs al 2010

The actual text of the diatribe was so foul that the London papers would not reprint it (Brands, 2000), but witnesses reported that the solicitor general was ‘‘furious’’ (Brands, 2000, p. 14/02/2016

83% - RLEF AGM 24 August 2012 MINUTES

3.0 New Member Elected Directors MW reported on the process and result of the election that recently concluded. 17/09/2012

83% - MSSE 2001

The subjects reported to the laboratory in a 3-h fasted state and were free to consume fluids before testing. 17/12/2010