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In numerous consultations I have held with Member States it was repeatedly suggested that the discussion of this report in plenary meeting be postponed to the fifty-eighth session, a time during which other issues and reports related to the agenda item entitled “Strengthening of the United Nations system” would be considered.


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Exercice 1 :


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08/07/2013 This report has been established from the reports R130650-A1, R130652-A1 and 12-0459IT / Ce rapport est établi à partir des rapports R130650-A1, R130652A1 et 12-0459IT / Este informe se ha establecido a partir de los informes R130650-A1, R130652-A1 y 12-0459IT The test report reproduction is allowed only in its integral form / La reproduction du rapport d'essais n'est autorisée que sous sa forme intégrale / Se permite la reproducción del presente informe únicamente en su forma integral.


SCPR Alienation Violence Report 2014 EN 96%

It is part of series of quarterly based reports on the impact of the crisis on development in Syria.


Titre III règlement général 96%

ou un Comité Territorial peut être reportée sans limite du nombre de reports.


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Current Cardiovascular Reports 2010 4:


2928-11619-1-PB 95%

This is the only a group came into reality as a cooperation from the Jim O’Neil reports.


FCSBPS009 Residential Property Information Search 95%

This search will be processed within five (5) to ten (10) business days and three (3) separate reports will be issued.


Report-on-the-History-of-the-Muslim-Brotherhood1 95%

5 1.2 PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVE OF THE REPORTS ..............................................................


Report-on-the-History-of-the-Muslim-Brotherhood1 95%

5 1.2 PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVE OF THE REPORTS ..............................................................


[EN]PartnersGuide 95%

Report sending Once the preparation ended, you have to send the reports.


DaO Metanalysis one report 95%

Introduction At its annual meeting in 2015, the members of UN-RIAS agreed that UNDP would analyse and develop a summary of the lessons learned from audits of countries adopting the Delivering as One (DaO) model, the audit reports for which had been published as of December 2015.



Prior to these two inexplicable false intelligence reports, we had the incident in the Bush administration that led us to make decisions that we are still trying to deal with today.