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96% - deep learning

When Convolutional Neural Networks are trained on object recognition, they develop a representation of the image that makes object information increasingly explicit along the processing hierarchy.8 Therefore, along the processing hierarchy of the network, the input image is transformed into representations that increasingly care about the actual content of the image compared to its detailed pixel values. 26/12/2015

93% - les mystères de l imagination

Each of the four operations followed a three-stage temporal sequence in which participants encoded an input into a mental representation, performed a mental operation (construct, deconstruct, or maintain) on that representation, and produced an output mental representation. 03/08/2015

92% - Can the subaltern speak

An understanding of contemporary relations of power, and of the Western intellectual's role within them, requires an examination of the intersection of a theory of representation and the political economy of global capitalism. 19/09/2016

89% - les macaques savent compter

Any kind of compressive scaling would explain a decrease in discriminability with increasing magnitude if the noise in the internal representation is constant. 24/04/2014

89% - Stealthy orbitals hypothesis

We was demonstrate in a complementary paper [2] , after having compared it to a classical illustration, that this new concept of chart, using an innovative representation of quantum shells arranged in the form of chevrons is more explicit in the study of chemical elements and molecular chemical structures. 21/11/2021

89% - Building Alien Worlds The Neuropsychological and Evolutionary Implications of the Astonishing Psychoactive Effects of N N Dimethyltryptamine DMT

Restricting the discussion to the ‘consensus world’ initially, it seems reasonable to suggest that any conscious experience of a world has three requirements—the external world-in-itself, the neural representation of the external world, and subjective consciousness itself (whether or not these are aspects of the same process remains unclear) (Koch 2004). 28/04/2015

89% - Chapter 04 Computer Codes

representation of data in binary § Most commonly used computer codes § Collating sequence Ref. 06/12/2011

89% - Chevron form quantum charts

New graphical representation of quantum orbitals. 22/11/2020

89% - non elite journals

non elite journals Rise of the Rest: 25/10/2014

88% - Electronique numerique GE fst

Représentation de l’information numérique et arithmétique binaire..........................1 1. 05/12/2013

88% - Beyond2015 conference invitation

Gender, regional and thematic representation will be considered. 27/10/2014