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96% - Programme Conference Brussels November 2017 Draft

FIRST DRAFT FERRMED CONFERENCE KEY CORRIDORS, MAIN TERMINALS AND TRAIN FEATURES IN THE “SILK ROAD” RAILWAY NETWORK Brussels, November 2017 PROGRAMME 8:30 09:30 10:40 10:55 11:40 12:05 12:50 13:45 Attendees registration Opening Session  European Parliament representative  EC DG MOVE representative  Russian Federation Government representative  Minister of the Chinese Mission to EU  UIC representative  FERRMED President Keynote speech  Present and potential railway traffics in the “Silk Road” Volumes Commodities Key railway corridors in the “Silk Road”, infrastructure features and transportation flows  Key Corridors in China  Key Corridors in Russian Federation  Key Corridors in Kazakhstan  Key Corridors in EU Coffee break Lead times of transport processes from departure to arrival in Trans-Siberian route. 28/04/2017

94% - Newsletter September 2014Eng

Newsletter September 2014Eng 1 2 Personal  Representative’s  Monthly  Newsletter               September  2014         A  Monthly  Newsletter  from  the  Personal  Representative   Fighting  to  end  Sexual  Violence  and   the  Recruitment  of  Children  into   armed  groups  in  the  Democratic   Republic  of  the  Congo. 11/11/2014

92% - Can the subaltern speak

Indeed, the subject is not seen as a representative consciousness (one re-presenting reality adequately). 19/09/2016

89% - Chapter 04 Computer Codes

Chapter 04 Computer Codes Computer Computer Fundamentals: 06/12/2011

89% - Chief representative officer SPI Singapore

Chief representative officer SPI Singapore YOUR PARTNER FOR INNOVATION NOW RECRUITING SPI (Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação - is a Portuguese consulting firm, created in 1997, with an excellent understanding of public and private sectors and of how clients can position themselves to foster innovation, be competitive and create prosperity. 03/02/2016

89% - non elite journals

Our analysis indicates that the number of top-1000 papers published in non-elite journals for the representative subject category went from 149 in 1995 to 245 in 2013, a growth of 64%. 25/10/2014

88% - CCCMEDIA Programme for Media

SHEN Weixing, Official Representative and Deputy Party Committee Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV 10.15 – 10.20 Keynote speech Representative of the Antwerp City Council (Sistership with Shanghai Municipality) (TBC) 10.20 – 10.25 Keynote speech Mr. 05/04/2016