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100% - ProWein 2018 Exhibitors and Products (1)

Champagne 1er Cru Croix d’Irval represented by par Jean Montagne de Reims, Sermiers, Coulommes-laMontagne Domaine du Colombier : 02/03/2018

92% - Pierre Hemon Poster Master Project Gedabek 2013

The closure of the Tethys is represented by the Sevan-Akera ophilitic suture zone, located between the still convergin Eurasian and Africa-Arabian plates (and Armenian intra-blocks; 08/07/2014

92% - cv essid[1]

Arabic, French, English, Italian (AV), Spanish (AV) PAST EMPLOYMENT AND ASSIGNMENTS (1) Tunisian Government 2001–2002 Secretary of State to the Minister for Agriculture, in charge of fisheries 2002–2003 Secretary of State to the Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources, in charge of the environment (2) Tunisian administration 1993–1997 Chef de cabinet, Minister for Agriculture 1997–2000 Chef de cabinet, Minister for Home Affairs 1992–1995 Member of the National Council of Agriculture -2- (3) Tunisian utilities 1980–1988 Chairman and Managing Director, Office for the Development of the Gafsa and Jerid Irrigation Areas June 2003–November 2004 Chairman and Managing Director, Sahara Pipeline Transport Company (4) International organisations April 2001 Represented Tunisia at the meeting of the African Ministers for Agriculture, Togo June 2001 Represented Tunisia at the meeting of the Mediterrane an Ministers for Agriculture, Greece February 2002 Represented Tunisia at the meeting of the Board of Governors of FIDA February 2003 Represented Tunisia at the meeting of the Ministers for the Environment, Kenya DECORATIONS - Commander of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia, 1982 Officer of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia, 1992 _______ 29/03/2011

87% - Romanizing Baal

and changes in religious practice evidenced by the appearance of new or different forms of ritual equipment, offerings, or the attitude in which the dedicant is represented. 18/06/2013

87% - Rules UrbanOperations V1

• limitations arising from the urban infrastructure on movement and firing weapons • friendly fires and collateral damages • the need to coordinate the effects provided by the different units (artillery, engineers, armoured vehicles, foot etc.) at the player’s disposal • the fog of war factor, represented by the use of blocks • external elements independent of the two enemies (population, unexploded ordnance, hazardous substances, obstacles) 2.2 Number of players Urban Operations uses two opposing sides. 29/07/2016

84% - RomeMUN2015 General Presentation

The number of delegates who will take part to the event as well as the number of committees that will be represented is increasingly growing. 12/11/2014

84% - Ofrenda Fact Sheet

The common symbol of the holiday is the skull, which is celebrated and represented by decorative masks called calacas. 28/10/2013

83% - DP MIA SINGAPOUR     MIA&D Fair Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Center 23/26 October, 2014 LIST OF PARTICIPATING GALLERIES (NOT DEFINITIVE) Artists GALLERY COUNTRY Group show 2902 Gallery Republic of Singapore Gian Paolo Barbieri 29 Arts in Progress UK Group show Admira Italy Chien Chi Chang, Philippe Clair Gallery France Halsman, Petr Lovigin Group show Riccardo Costantini Contemporary Italy Group show Database / Duomo Italy Da Li Zhang, Matthew Johnson, Edwin Koo, Elwin Goh Goldmann Inc Republic of Singapore Billy Monk, Casper Faassen Immagini Art Gallery Republic of Singapore Kacper Kowalski Leica Gallery Poland Thierry Konarzewski, Little Birds Gallery France Domitille Ortes Chan Hyo Bae mc2 Gallery Italy Rimas Sakalausakas Patricija Gilyté Gintautas Trimakas Meno Parkas Lithuania Jee Young Lee Opiom Gallery France Matteo Basilé Galleria Pack Italy Leonora Hamill, Francesco Jodice, Thomas Jorion, Podbielski Contemporary Germany Won Seoung -Won Group show Preteen Belgium Group show Revolver Galeria Perù Krisada Suvichakonpong Richard Koh Fine Art Malaysia / Republic of Singapore Design Group show Rossana Orlandi Italy Group show Sabrina Raffaghello Italy Group show Sealey Brandt Photography Republic of Singapore Design Group show SecondoMe Italy I-Lann Yee, Wawi Silverlens Gallery Republic of Singapore / Philippines Navarroza Group show Spanking Projects Australia Group show Spazio Nuovo Italy Luciano Romano Studio Trisorio Italy Kim Joon, Steve McCurry, Robert Polidori, Sebastiao Salgado Sundaram Tagore USA / Republic of Singapore / China Andrea Pacawnoski White Room Art System Contemporary Art Italy Letizia Battaglia, Mwangi Workshop Venice Italy Hutter Mauro Fiorese, HansZott Art Space Germany Joachim Ellerbrock Area Mekong - Curatorial Project by Loredana Pazzini Paracciani Anida Yeou Ali represented by Java Arts Bounpauol Phothyzan represented by MGgallery Lim Sokchanlina represented by Galleria SasaBasac Nge Lay represented by YONE Arts Piyatat Hemmatat, Sutthirat Supaparinya Thao Nguyen Phan 2 Cambodia Laos Cambodia Myanmar Thailand Vietnam GIAN PAOLO BARBIERI, TATIANA SAVIALOVA FOR VALENTINO, 1996, PHOTOGRAPH IN ANALOG, CM 100 X 122, ED. 30/06/2014

82% - les macaques savent compter

We trained Rhesus monkeys to associate 26 distinct symbols with 0–25 drops of reward, and then tested how they combine, or add, symbolically represented reward magnitude. 24/04/2014



78% - newsletter network 1

Our partner from Spain, Jarit Civil Association, was represented by Elena Bruno. 23/07/2014

76% - UNDERWOOD, C.J. & WARD, D.J. (2008) (Carcharhiniformes)

Some of these earliest records represent members of the Scyliorhinidae GILL, 1862 (represented today by the catsharks or spotted dogfish), including the taxa Palaeoscyllium tenuidens UNDERWOOD & 17/02/2013

75% - THE PREVENTION OF cruelty to animals act

three persons who, in the opinion of the Central Government, are or have been actively engaged in animal welfare work and are well-known humanitarians, to be nominated by the Central Government;) one person to represent such association of veterinary practitioners as in the opinion of the Central Government ought to be represented on the Board, to be elected by that association in the prescribed manner; 25/02/2014

75% - fake

Our high accuracy data are in red and our machine learning fit is represented by the blue solid line. 09/12/2013

72% - IBHM 305 336

Vector notation Vectors can be represented in either two or three dimensions, and are described through components. 07/06/2014

71% - Etude histologique PLEXR

The necrotic and inflammatory layer 91 (S) European Journal of Inflammation represented 30,6% of the analyzed tissue. 25/03/2015

71% - Chasing Cars Licence

(R-HFA represented, N-Not represented, D-Direct, B-Blocked, *Contingent share UNIVERSAL MUSIC MGB SONGS OBO BIG LIFE MUSIC LTD.: 06/04/2013

70% - The atomic orbitals quantum charts into chevron form

Also, this new visual model can be easily used in the individual quantum depiction of the atoms represented alone or into molecules and can find its place in illustration of some two-dimensional space-time quantum theories. 06/11/2021

70% - Chevron form quantum charts

Also, this new visual model can be easily used in the individual quantum depiction of the atoms represented alone or into molecules and can find its place in illustration of some two-dimensional space-time quantum theories. 22/11/2020

70% - Pollack farm fossil site

succeeded in order by a tidal channel represented by the lower shell bed and lower sand; 22/12/2010

69% - article JF SR

Women were more represented than men (nwomen = 156; 11/09/2018

69% - Study Materials for MIT Course [8.02T] Electricity and Magnetism [FANTASTIC MTLS]

(A) (B) In these figures, the two dimensional function φ ( x, y) = (C) 1 x (y d) 2 2 − 1/ 3 x (y−d) 2 2 has been represented in a (A) contour map (where each contour corresponds to locations yielding the same function value), a (B) color-coded map (where the function value is indicated by the color) and a (C) relief map (where the function value is represented by “height”). 02/01/2013