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Note: Requests must be made to 14/03/2019

97% - Jira Quick overview

Jira Quick overview Click Here to access ! 22/02/2017

96% - undt 2015 087

On 8 August 2015, the Applicant, an Investigator at the P-3, Step 14 level in the Investigations Division, Office of Internal Oversight Services (“ID/OIOS”), filed an application contesting the outcome of two of his requests for management evaluation as endorsed by the Office of the Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Management (“USG/DM”) in regard to the recruitment process for the P-4 Resident Investigator Roster position, and several other additional positions in OIOS. 30/09/2015

92% - ny 2011 220 signed

It appears to be common cause that requests for management evaluation of the contested decision were filed by 39 staff members, there being no indication as to their ratio to the total number of those affected by the decision. 13/02/2016

91% - security policy

Access to these data is solely reserved for MyFeelback representatives in connection with the provision of services, or as part of follow-up or support requests on behalf of the client. 09/05/2017

90% - undt 2015 085

The Applicant requests the Tribunal to “rescind the USG/DM’s decision and to enforce the USG/DM’s duty to immediately grant the Applicant’s full time release from his regular job as a Population Affairs Officer during his term as President of [UNSU]“. 30/09/2015

89% - DFL 800 1600 2500 VPNwithCertification

DFL 800 1600 2500 VPNwithCertification D-Link DFL Series Firewalls : 18/12/2011

89% - Documentation

If you specify 4-10, requests take place between 7 and 13 seconds, each request, the timer is calculated to allow a change and simulate human use ! 28/04/2020

89% - RASIER Technology Services Agreement December 10 2015

The Uber Services enable an authorized transportation provider to seek, receive and fulfill requests for transportation services from an authorized user of Uber’s mobile applications. 30/11/2016

88% - Commandes bots

puis tu colle ton lien youtube ou soundcloud !info - explains what Mz Points are !clan - mes différents clans !game - Shows the stream's current game, and allows moderators to modify it !currentsong - Displays the current song playing through song requests. 02/03/2017


The Company could declare as null and void any suspect participation, such as the participations through automated computer programs for sending many requests. 13/10/2015

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print requests.get("", headers={"Accept-Language" 30/07/2014