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Outcomes of FCP final report 2011 100%

(partner acronyms) Type of audience (General public, higher education, researchers, industry, farm sector, advisors etc.) Language / Size of audience Countries addressed 16th IFOAM-conference, Modena.


November 2020 - Bibliometric and altmetric indicators calculated by ResearchGate for researchers at Quisqueya University 1 97%

Tracking the scientific productivity of Quisqueya University researchers using metrics provided by ResearchGate on November 28, 2020 Francklin Benjamin and Evens Emmanuel1 RG-monthly report Volume 1, No.


October 2020 - Bibliometric and altmetric datas from ResearchGate on Quisqueya University 96%

the production of scientific facts", researchers spend half their time researching and the other half communicating.


Allergic-Specific Immunotherapy 95%

We included studies with children ≤18 years of age in which researchers reported on prespecified outcomes and had an intervention arm receiving aeroallergen SCIT or SLIT.


International Summer and Winter Schools 95%

international students and researchers Web:


Qualitative Research in Management Methods and Experiences 92%

Sinha Professor of Psychology and Management, ASSERT Institute of Management Studies, Patna A much required ‘adventure’ in qualitative research—enriched with coverage of fundamentals and deep reflections and insights from accomplished researchers—a must read for serious students of management.


Open Call for 2016 Fellowship Applications 91%

※メールの後半↓に日本語版がございます※ The Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS is presently recruiting Senior and Junior levels researchers in the framework of its newly established Centre for French-Japanese Advanced Studies in Paris (Centre d’Etudes Avancées Franco-Japonais de Paris, CEAFJP ;


FEX-54-Web FEB-2017 dossier R4NUT 87%

Feedback on the conference was extremely positive, reaffirming the importance and relevance of having dedicated time and space for researchers, practitioners and donors to exchange, discuss and reinforce collaboration on a spectrum of nutrition research with a strong operational focus.



In addition to FoMO, psychiatric researchers have defined a new disorder related to people’s dependence on mobile devices termed Nomophobia (a portmanteau for “no mobile phone” and phobia).


Call for applications 84%

CROSS-BORDER POSTDOCTORIALES A residential workshop dedicated to researchers on temporary work contracts in the French, German and Luxembourgish public sector Luxembourg, 7th – 10th of November 2016 Youth Hostel, 2 rue du Fort Olisy, L-2261 Luxembourg-City European researchers are often not well aware of the professional possibilities that are open to them outside of the public sector and feel poorly prepared to achieve a smooth transition into the business sector.


wave-academic-p-presentation 84%

• Participants (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral) will have the opportunity to present their research before a broad audience comprising of academic scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs and state representatives.


2017-2018-SYFLAT-LAD-monthly-seminars 1 84%

THE MONTHLY RESEARCH METHODOLOGY SEMINARS 2017-2018 These seminars represent an opportunity for researchers to present their work and discuss theoretical and methodological issues in round tables.


April 2020 - Measures of scientific productivity of researchers at Quisqueya University - RESEARCHGATE (April 21, 2020) 84%

Measuring the scientific productivity of UniQ researchers on ResearchGate April 21, 2020 Daphenide St-Louis, Francklin Benjamin, Daphnée Michel, Gaston Jean, Ammcise Apply, Hubermane Ciguino, Ruth Myrtho Casséus, Magline Alexis, Raulin Lincifort Cadet, Evens Emmanuel1 1 Corresponding author.


Final CALL FOR PAPERS History and Culture 83%

Culture in Focus Saturday, 8th February 2014 The field of Culture Studies has become interconnected to research in Literature, Civilization and Linguistics in such a way that researchers now not only feel the need to involve cultural issues in their work;


February 2020 - Measures of scientific productivity of researchers at Quisqueya University on ResearchGate 81%

Measuring the scientific productivity of UniQ researchers on ResearchGate - February 18, 2020 Measures Measuring the scientific productivity of UniQ researchers on ResearchGate (February 18, 2020) No.


non elite journals 81%

Second, now that finding and reading relevant articles in non-elite journals is about as easy as finding and reading articles in elite journals, researchers are increasingly building on and citing work published everywhere.


March 2020 - Measures of scientific productivity of researchers at Quisqueya University on ResearchGate (March 17, 2020) 81%

Measuring the scientific productivity of UniQ researchers on ResearchGate - March 17, 2020 Evens Emmanuel, Raulin Lincifort Cadet, Ketty Balthazard-Accou, Gaston Jean, Max François Millien Measuring the scientific productivity of UniQ researchers on ResearchGate (March 17, 2020) No.


Flyer English - Imagining the future of Africa 2025 79%

If you are selected, you will receive an invitation to join the GDN 15th Annual Global Development Conference and exchange your views with experts, researchers, policy-makers and economists from around the world.


Kluane squirrel JanFeb09 copy-1 79%

Hanner and Hodges are researchers involved in the Kluane Red Squirrel Project taking place near Kluane National Park in southwestern Yukon.


Employee Engagement and Internal Communication 78%

Researchers have posited, “Employee engagement is, arguably, the most critical concern for organizations in the 21st century” (Leadership Insights, 2011, p.


JCDN Appel2020 (11) 77%

Appel à communications Call for Proposals Cher.e.s jeunes chercheur.e.s, Dear emergent researchers, Nous vous invitons à soumettre vos propositions de communication en vue de la troisième édition des Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs Droit &


TATE Conference Call For Papers 77%

Meeting the current challenges and opportunities in teaching English and discussing the practical methods which English teachers should adopt to respond to the new trends in teaching English will be the main focus of the conference which will gather EFL scholars and researchers as well as EFL practitioners in primary, secondary and tertiary education.


TATE CONFERENCE 2015 Call for Contributions 77%

The symposium will be an opportunity for ELT practitioners and researchers and business Professionals to discuss the importance of English as a tool that develops students’ personal and professional skills preparing them for the employment market, and the issues of testing and certification and their impact on employability for language learners.


The-Role-Of-Media-in-Childhood-Obesity 77%

For the first time, this report pulls together the best available research, going behind the headlines to explore the realities of what researchers do and do not know about the role media plays in childhood obesity.


Rules-for-Application ToR final 77%

The project aim is to enhance and support regional smart specialization and development by increasing research capacity, effective mobility of young innovators/researchers and shared knowledge to improve their participation in the EU research area.