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100% - Waterjet dissection in Neurosurgery

10.1227/NEU.0b013e3181f743bb with subsequent bipolar vessel coagulation resulted in reduced blood loss in liver resection in dogs and humans.1 Today, this technique is generally accepted in liver surgery.2-5 In the past, water jet dissection has been investigated in other surgical fields such as kidney,6,7 orthopedic,8 ophthalmologic,9,10 vascular,11 and craniomaxillofacial surgery.12 In the neurosurgical field, Terzis et al13 reported the first experimental results in 1989. 05/06/2015

91% - Lung resection

Lung resection Lung Analysis Resection Patient name: 24/05/2016

87% - Resume Frezin

PUBLICATIONS Successful emergency resection of a massive intra-abdominal hemophilic pseudo-tumor. 05/06/2017

85% - 1 s2.0 S1533002811001071 main

Prognostic significance of circumferential resection margin following total mesorectal excision and adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in patients with rectal cancer. 28/06/2012


She developed back pain 8 years later, and imaging revealed an intramedullary spinal cord mass at the site of cell implantation, which required resection. 28/07/2014

82% - 201700003722 Ratel D

wireless neuroprosthesis I patients with refractory epilepsy or brain tumors, electrocorticography (ECoG) and direct cortical stimulation (DCS) are the gold standard intraoperative techniques used to identify the tissue for resection, particularly with regard to neighboring eloquent cortex.6,7,9,16,19,30,38 DCS consists of application of an electrical stimulus directly to the cortex, to assess the contralateral muscle contraction or the related electromyography discharge, in anesthetized patients. 23/07/2018

81% - Duffau

The surgeon can optimize the extent of resection, and thereby improve overall survival without causing permanent neuro­logical deficits, owing to individual-­ specific mapping and preservation of eloquent structures. 08/02/2016

71% - postdoc search 2016

   Although  Cas9  is  is  now  part  of  almost  everyone’s  toolkit,  there  are  many   questions  surrounding  its  cleavage,  binding  to  the  DSB  ends,  end-­joining,  resection,   Rad51-­independence  with  ssDNA  templates,  etc. 12/01/2017

71% - Post doc position Lambert teamdocx

The team is looking for a highly motivated postdoc to investigate the mechanisms and consequences of replication fork-resection in fission yeast (Tsang et al. 17/01/2018

68% - Internship Repport National University of Singapore

The liver resection remains the only definitive treatment to cure liver cancer. 02/10/2015

66% - Clinicopathological features of nine cases of non cirrhotic portal hypertension

Yes No ALT of liver function test 49F 8* Yes Upper digestive haemorrhage ⁄ encephalopathy, ascites 57M 7 No Yes No Upper digestive haemorrhage ⁄ right iliac fossa pain, asthenia, anorexia 30F 3 Yes Yes No Upper digestive haemorrhage ⁄ jaundice, oedema Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No Yes No No No No No Other diagnoses Steroids Toxic oil syndrome Levodopacarbidopa Diuretics Steroids No No No 6 years 5 years 10 years 10 years 1 month No Evolution time Crohn’s disease with resection of terminal ileum Severe pulmonary hypertension Right cardiac failure Adrenal gland adenoma 3 years 12 years >1 year Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Erythrocytosis Restless leg syndrome Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Partial hepatic resection due to hydatid cysts (one in hepatic hilum at present) Systemic lupus erythematosus History of retinal vasculitis and leptomeningitis Cholecystectomy due to cholelithiasis Spastic colon No Melphalan, Polycythaemia vera anti-androgens Right cardiac failure Prostate carcinoma 36M No 2 No Yes Yes Autopsy finding 78M 1* Yes Oesophageal Hepatomegaly Splenomegaly varices Ascites Encephalopathy Drugs Age (years), Initial sign ⁄ Case gender others Table 1. 13/12/2011


Hémorragie - Perforation - Résection du méat ÉCHOGRAPHIE VÉSICALE Voie sus-pubienne avec une vessie pleine Diagnostic positif RESECTION TUMORALE TRANS-URÈTRALE Anesthésie générale ou locale Réalisation en absence d’anticoagulant avec ECBU stérile Histologie Macroscopiquement complète avec muscles détrusor (¹ Biopsies) CARCINOME UROTHÉLIAUX À CELLULES CLAIRES : 18/02/2018

60% - gastrointestinal hormone after bariatric surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy A longitudinal (sleeve) resection of the stomach reduces the functional capacity of the stomach and eliminates the ghrelin-rich gastric fundus. 24/06/2018

53% - J Cell Sci 2011 Youds 501 13 2

A non-exhaustive list of genes with either pro- or anti-crossover activities Pro-crossover activity DSB end resection Crossover intermediate formation S. 16/12/2014

50% - Fiches tempéraments2

Fiches tempéraments2 nE A S Dominante : 27/02/2018

37% - Peripheral Neuropathy Due to Vitamin Deficiency

The final absorption of vitamin B12in the terminal ileum may be interrupted by Crohn disease or surgical resection. 22/10/2014

32% - Laroche Italiano 2017 JHO rucaparib bmy table 2

Interestingly, BRCA1, a key regulator involved in DNA end resection during HR [17], is a marker that is part of a gene signature associated with sensitivity to trabectedin treatment [18]. 10/05/2017

32% - A case report of reninoma radiological and.30

However, persistent mild hypertension has been reported in about 10% of patients after tumour resection [13]. 31/07/2015

31% - An assessment of the Surgical Apgar Score in spine surgery

The intraoperative Surgical Apgar Score predicts postdischarge complications after colon and rectal resection. 06/09/2013

30% - NEJM Cas clinique 8 avril2017

A segmental smallbowel resection, which included the diverticulum and the presumed area of ulceration, was performed, followed by a hand-sewn end-to-end anastomosis. 08/04/2017

26% - modif cell nitestinale ap chir baria 2017 pharma

Sleeve gastrectomy consists of the resection of three quarters of the stomach, removing the fundus and part of the gastric body. 24/06/2018

25% - ONDE CHOC bjsm

After three ESWT sessions of 0.08 mJ/mm2 in 14 patients (15 knees) and after tenotomy of the patellar tendon with resection of degenerative tissue in 13 patients, VAS and VISA scores, Roles & 06/06/2014