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poster 100%

The tiny satellite virus, called Sputnik , is the first described Virophage, so named because its behavior resembles that of bacteria-targeting viruses known as Bacteriophages.


Rocks-Minerals-QuickStudy 95%

Resembles metal; ... Resembles a diamond, brightest luster ii.


Extraction cannabis médical ( Juin 2014) 93%

A vegetating cannabis plant starts to flower later in its life, at which point it begins to express a large number of chemical constituents into structures called “trichomes.” The cannabis plant has a few types of trichomes and at the tip of the structure is the glandular head (which often resembles a mushroom head or doorknob).


ANNA 92A 0055-0071 90%

non-scarid, closely resembles oplegnathid oral jaws.


UNDERWOOD, C.J. & WARD, D.J. (2008) (Carcharhiniformes) 80%

However, the dental morphology is unlike that of any known scyliorhinid (UNDERWOOD 2004), and more closely resembles that of some more primitive taxa of Lamniformes.


TempVapo 78%

Phytocannabinoids Structure* Concentration† (% dry weight) Boiling Point °C§ Properties Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 0.1-25% 157 Euphoriant Analgesic Antiinflammatory Antioxidant Antiemetic 0.1-2.89% 160-180 Anxiolytic Analgesic Antipsychotic Antiinflammatory Antioxidant Antispasmodic 0.0-1.6% 185 Oxidation breakdown product Sedative Antibiotic 0.0-0.65% 220 Antiinflammatory Antibiotic Antifungal 0.03-1.15% MP 52 Antiinflammatory Antibiotic Antifungal CH3 OH CH3 H3C O cannabidiol (CBD) CH3 OH CH2 OH CH3 cannabinol (CBN) CH3 OH CH3 CH3 O cannabichromene (CBC) OH O cannabigerol (CBG) OH HO 112 CANNABIS THERAPEUTICS IN HIV/AIDS FIGURE 1 (continued) Structure* Concentration† (% dry weight) Boiling Point °C§ Properties Δ-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-8-THC) 0.0-0.1% 175-178 Resembles Δ-9-THC Less psychoactive More stable Antiemetic 0.0-1.36% <


Trump wall 78%

17/11/2016 Schnelle Schalungstechnik ?


Tracey Follows 78%



Gege Blog 8.1 -Overhaul of A carburettor (f).PDF 78%

It strongly resembles the 30DHT of my Traction Avant 1938 ...


ardenghi2011 hybridationVulpia Festuca 74%

1) apparently resembles a typical Festuca rubra subsp.


centrality of khilafah 73%

The caliph’s authority resembles that of a president of a republic, resting on a general delegation of authority.’ (p.5) Ali Abdul Raziq (1888-1966) was an Azhari cleric, influenced by the orientalists D.S.


Lamprologus sp. Kanganga 71%

Although this cichlid closely resembles the “new” Lamprologus sp.