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99% - Conférence REsolution Afrique Dossier Sponsoring VF

Conférence REsolution Afrique Dossier Sponsoring VF CONFERENCE RESOLUTIONS AFRIQUE 11 et 12 décembre 2014 DOSSIER DE SPONSORING Financer les villes africaines : 07/10/2014

98% - Conférence REsolution Afrique Dossier Sponsoring VEng

Conférence REsolution Afrique Dossier Sponsoring VEng RESOLUTIONS CONFERENCE AFRICA 11th and 12th of December 2014 SPONSORING PACKAGE Financing African cities: 07/10/2014

96% - Lidar topographie


96% - After April 24th 2015 Enchanting activity 4 Reso1

After April 24th 2015 Enchanting activity 4 Reso1 Enchanting activity 4 Between April 24th 2014 and April 24th 2015 Go for a good resolution! 29/05/2014

94% - israel settlements all en 2009

israel settlements all en 2009   Israel: 'Secret' Defense Ministry Database Reveals Full Settlement Construction  GMP  )srael   OSC Summary in (ebrew   Jan    Left of center  independent daily of record Tel Aviv (aaretz com in English on   January carried the  referent item with a link to a  page PDF file in (ebrew of a  secret Defense Ministry database on  illegal construction in the territories  translated herein   Quotation marks as published  passages in italics  appear in red in the original           Settlement Name  AVNEY (EFETZ  Precious Stones   Name source  )saiah   Khirbat al (afitza     And all your walls precious stones  as well as the name of the nearby  Settlement type and organizational affiliation  Communal settlement  Amana  Coordinate   Number of residents   District  Tulkarm       Municipality  Shomron Regional Council  Cabinet Resolutions               (T      August  Avney (efetz  east of Tulkarm       Approving the construction of an urban neighborhood named  We hereby decide  based on the government settlement policy  to approve the construction of Avney  (efetz  an urban neighborhood    The neighborhood will be built at coordinate   Population  Planned  designated for   families    The plot  Some   dunams of state lands of which  dunams are private acquisitions in various stages    some   km east of Tulkarm    dunams are undisputed and some   Employment  )ndustry and services in the settlement and its vicinity      Regional system  The settlement will belong to the Shomron Regional Council and will be part of the  Eynav Shavey Shomron bloc     )nitiator and localizing body  The Fund for Land Redemption   Settlement Planning and  Development Ltd    The plot shall be allocated to the fund  in a contract  by the officer in charge of government property   for planning and development   free of charge   The lease will be signed with settlers who will be  directed there by the Fund  payment will be   that will be considered as the customary     The Ministry of Construction and (ousing  MC(  will reexamine the matter of assistance and  infrastructures for the settlement            KB      May     Avney (efetz  We hereby decide to add the following Clause     to Cabinet Resolution    (T  dated   August   The settlement will receive additional state lands that were located around the original site and next  to it  the Sal it expansions  which will allow the construction of a large urban settlement on the site   Year of establishment   Land Status  State lands     Adjacent illegal outposts   Dir Raban   (ahar   The Mountain    built in November   on land managed by the officer in charge   the location has an agreement for planning permit issued to the Fund for Land Redemption  February  February   within the boundaries of valid blueprint No      the outpost plot for future  planning  in addition  plan No    for residence on the outpost plot was filed  it was rejected by the  defense minister s assistant on settlement affairs  on site reside   families  contains    trailers    Extent of realization of valid detailed plans    Detailed Plan No      allows the construction of   housing units partly in condominiums  in  practice  some   of the units have not been realized   The plan was examined by the Blue Line team on   December     Construction in the absence of approved plans   1.         Detailed Plan No. 158/4   plan published for deposit on 22 April 1999; extensive construction work  was carried out within the plan's boundaries, including the building of roads and houses: some 24  permanent structures, five mobile houses, and one public structure were built.  The plan was examined by  the Blue Line team on 21 December 1999.     Settling body in charge  The Fund for Land Redemption   Validity of contract  permit   Planning permit   The Fund for Land Redemption    Planning permit   The Fund for Land Redemption     until February    Planning permit   The Fund for Land Redemption    December     dunams for industry   until February     dunams for the construction of the settlement   dunams for expanding the settlement   until  Planning permit   World Zionist Organization  WZO     Building body  Amana  The Fund for Land Redemption    dunams   until   November    Note  A military base is adjacent to the settlement               Settlement name  ADORA  Name source  (ints at Adoraim  Chronicles     and identified with a site   km from the settlement    Settlement type and organizational affiliation  Communal settlement  (erut  Coordinate   Number of residents   District  (ebron       Municipality  (ar (evron Regional Council  Cabinet Resolutions                 (T    September     Approving the construction of Adora as a communal  settlement in the Sothern (ebron (ills    We hereby decide   based on the cabinet policy on settlement affairs and subject to the legal opinion of  the director of State Attorney s Office Civil Department  SAO CD  considering land ownership   to  approve the construction of a communal settlement within the framework and based on the Southern  (ebron (ills development master plan  Adora  Mitzpe  observation spot  Amatzya  an existing Nahal  pre settlement  a communal settlement for   families will be built at coordinates     Responsibility for the construction of the said settlement is assigned to the WZO Settling Department  WZO SD               M      December     Adora   a resolution attached to the minutes of the cabinet  resolutions and validated as a cabinet resolution on   December     We hereby decide  By the power of Resolution (T  of the cabinet and WZO joint settling committee   dated   September   concerning the monitoring of the execution of the settling committee  resolutions  the settling committee takes note of reports by the MC( and the Settlement Division of the  WZO concerning the execution of the settling committee resolutions as follows    Adora  a communal settlement  approved for construction based on Resolution (T committee  dated   September     of the settling   The resolution is executed   The center of the permanent settlement site will be ready for housing on    April    The permanent settlement will be several kilometers east of a Nahal pre settlement that  exists there    The nucleus that prepares to settle the settlement belongs to the (erut Betar farms and comprises  families     The settlement has problems with an access road and water supply  for a while  water will have to be  brought in by tankers                M      March     Adora   Based on the execution of Resolution (T  dated   September  joint settling committee concerning the construction of Adora      made by the cabinet and WZO   A plot has been located for the settlement in the region of  )m Farm  at Elevation Point  EP   of the Arab village of Dura     north   No site has been located yet for the temporary location of the settlement   The monitoring committee  is asking the SAO CD to prioritize its search for the said location     The settling committee drafted a plan that was inspected and approved    The site has no access road   The cost of building the road is some  not have the budget for that    A settling nucleus exists    million shekels   The MC( does   The water pipe for the settlement will have to run next to the Trans Judea Road   Year of establishment     Land Status  State and procured lands   Adjacent illegal outposts  None    Extent of realization of valid detailed plans   Detailed Plan No    allows the construction of   housing units   The plan was almost fully executed    The plan was examined by the Blue Line team on   May     Detailed Plan No   been built    allows the construction of   housing units   )n practice   Construction in the absence of approved plans  None     units have not yet  Settling body in charge  The WZO   Validity of contract  permit   Permit agreement   to the WZO   some  Permit agreement   to the WZO   some     Permit agreement   to the WZO   some  December      dunams for the settlement construction   until      dunams for the settlement construction   until December   dunams for the settlement construction  addition    until  Some   dunams were set off for a quarry    Building body  Build Your (ome  BY(  MC( s Rural Construction Administration  MC( RCA   Note            Detailed Plan No    was approved though it probably exceeds state lands             Within the framework of upgrading security elements for the settlement  Seizure Order T   was issued on   May    along with a closure order   and construction ban order   for an  early warning perimeter fence and patrol road                 Settlement Name  ORAN)T  Previous names  Oranit Tzamarot  Tzamarot    Settlement type and organizational affiliation  Urban settlement  Coordinate   Number of residents     District  Qalqilyah     Municipality  Oranit Local Council  Cabinet Resolutions             (T opinion         April     Approving the construction of the settlement subject to the SAO s  We hereby decide  based on the cabinet policy on settlement affairs and subject to the legal opinion of  the director of the SAO CD considering land ownership  to approve the construction of the settlement of  Oranit Tzamarot  as follows    The settlement will be built by private individuals     )t is located at main coordinate     north of the Trans Samaria (ighway  east of Kibbutz  (ahorshim  within the vicinity of Kafr  Sinayra   Bara  and  Tulat     The entrepreneurs own   dunams    Constructing company  Delta )nvestments and Trade  Qarney Shomron  Ltd    )n Stage A    housing units will be sold privately 02/01/2013

93% - Unifore Home Security System 12 22 2015 (1)

progressive scan CMOS image sensor Mega-pixel for up to 1280x720 resolution at 30fps Hi3518 Linux OS, H.264 video compression microSD/TF card video recording up to 128G 802.11 n WiFi or Ethernet cable connection Triple video streaming on PC, mobile and microSD/TF card recording Equipped with 3.6mm F1.2 fixed lens Bundle with free video management software - CMSClient Push notification on smartphone (iOS, Android) Video based motion detection, email alert with snapshot ONVIF compliant to work with NVR $45.00 >= 50 units: 09/03/2016

92% - Procès verbal CA Janvier 2014 ASSOAL

RESOLUTION 1 : ... RESOLUTION 2 : ... RESOLUTION 2 : ... RESOLUTION 3 : 31/01/2014

91% - Rapport Projet 2A Giraud Rémi

Any SAR picture is taken with a precise resolution. 18/07/2014

89% - Draft calendar key dates budget

21-24 November Presentation of draft report on Parliament's guidelines in BUDG committee Deadline for amendments to the EP guidelines report Adoption by the Council of conclusions on the 2016 budget guidelines Adoption of EP Guidelines in BUDG committee Adoption by the EP of the resolution on the general guidelines for the 2017 budget (Section III) in Plenary Trilogue ahead of the presentation of the Draft Budget Deadline for tabling indicative pilot projects and preparatory actions (PP-PAs) proposals for pre-assessment by the Commission Presentation of the Commission's Statement of estimates 2017 in the BUDG Committee Deadline for opinions from other committees to the mandate report Presentation of the recommendation for the trilogue during BUDG coordinators meeting Exchange of views on PP-PAs in BUDG Adoption of Council’s position on DB in Coreper Presentation of WD on Council position in BUDG committee Trilogue in Council’s premises Deadline for tabling budgetary amendments: 13/10/2016

89% - 0054

stimulating neurons with light Nir Grossman, Konstantin Nikolic, and Patrick Degenaar Remote neural control is performed with single-cell single-actionpotential resolution. 13/10/2011


Tous avec tous pour la patrie.» DIDJOB DIVUNGI DI NDINGE QUELQUES UNES DES RESOLUTIONS ET DECISIONS PRISES LORS DU 5ème CONGRES ORDINAIRE DE L’ADERE (Alliance Démocratique et Républicaine) RESOLUTION SUR L’EXCLUSION N°001/5C/2014  Vu les Statuts et Règlement Intérieur de l’ADERE  Ayant appris par les médias, la tenue d’un pseudo congrès dit de l’ADERE le 6 décembre 2014 à Port-Gentil, en violation desdits Statuts et Règlement Intérieur de notre Parti ; 29/12/2014

88% - RS lecture3

satellites t llit  Image data collected    Wide variety of satellite systems     Commercial and government Platforms Resolution – spectral, spatial,radiometric, temporal Applications   Aircraft – film Satellite system - transmitted to receiving station Raw data are generally corrected for systematic geometric/radiometric distortions Additional processing 1 11/19/2012 Landsat System  Potential for earth/land resource satellite system    Landsat System - History hand-held photography from manned space flights meteorological satellites Landsat Program  longest running program to collect multispectral image data from space for earth resource applications Landsat – Launch Vehicle  Launch vehicle    Launch vehicles have included thor-Delta and Titan rockets Launched from Western Test Range at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, CA Only payload when launched Landsat – Satellite    Weight ~ 5000 lb (1 kilogram is equal to 2.2 lb) Length ~ 14 ft Width ~ 9 ft 2 11/19/2012 Landsat – Orbit    Sun synchronous, near polar ~ 705 km altitude 9:42 am equator crossing Landsat – Orbit (cont)    Landsat – Orbit (cont) Each orbit ~ 99 minutes 14 orbits per day Repeat coverage – every 16 days Landsat Worldwide Reference System   Location over earth catalogued by WRS path/row Each scene covers 185 km (wide) by 170 km (long) 3 11/19/2012 Landsat WRS (cont) Multispectral Scanner (MSS)  MSS - longest collection of data by Landsat (1-5)  Optical-mechanical scanning system  Landsat - Sensors  Return Beam Vidicom (RBV) – Landsat 1 – 3  Multispectral Scanner (MSS) – Landsat 1 – 5  Thematic Mapper (TM) - Landsat 4 & 19/11/2012

87% - rapport

English Human Rights Council Thirty-seventh session 26 February – 23 March 2018 Agenda items 2 and 7 Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary-General Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories Database of all business enterprises involved in the activities detailed in paragraph 96 of the report of the independent international fact-finding mission to investigate the implications of the Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Summary The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has prepared the present report, pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 31/36 on Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan, on producing a database of all business enterprises involved in the activities detailed in paragraph 96 of the report of the independent international fact-finding mission to investigate the implications of the Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem (A/HRC/22/63) (“listed activities”). 03/02/2018

87% - JVC monitor infodécor DT V20L3G en

3G A-1 3G A-2 3G A-3 3G A-4 3G B-DS1 3G B-DS2 3G B-DUAL Level A mapping structure 1 Level A mapping structure 2 Level A mapping structure 3 Level A mapping structure 4 Level B data stream 1 Level B data stream 2 Level B DUAL LINK Detects video, component (except RGB), SDI, DVI (except PC) brightness signals and displays them with resolution of 360 x 254 for SD signals or resolution of 480 x 254 for HD signals. 23/02/2011

87% - Information for letters to PACE delegates

They are proposing this happens through the ​resolution​ ​“Strengthening the decision-making process of the Parliamentary Assembly concerning credentials and voting” ​which will be voted on during the October 9 session - ​the resolution doesn't say a word about Russia, but it was crafted to help Russia evade the reapplication of sanctions in January 2019 and allow the Russian delegation to return to the Assembly without having implemented a single call of PACE to stop its aggression in Ukraine. 04/10/2018

87% - [000424]

The ultra wide bandwidth of 11 GHz is necessary for the purpose of a high resolution imaging task. 02/09/2011

87% - ago

PREMIERE RESOLUTION L'Assemblée Générale, après avoir entendu la lecture du rapport de gestion, approuve les comptes annuels, à savoir le bilan, le compte de résultat et l'annexe, arrêtés le 31 décembre 2013, tels qu'ils lui ont été présentés, ainsi que les opérations traduites dans ces comptes et résumées dans ce rapport. 19/10/2015

87% - ny 2016 033

298 (NY/2015), directing the parties to consider informal resolution of the matter. 13/02/2016

87% - PhysRevA.84.025404

In this work we have measured the PADs for photoionization of Ne and Ar over the full energy region between the 2 P3/2 and 2 P1/2 ionic states combining the high resolution of the gas-phase beamline at Elettra and the resolution and efficiency of a recently built VMI analyzer [13]. 01/09/2011

86% - CEOS DMSG Final Hazards Report10 02[1]

Data for the image was drawn primarily from the remote-sensing instrument MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) onboard the Terra satellite, with additional data used from the USGS EROS Data Center (for topography); 30/11/2011