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100% - Active light shift stabilization in modulated CPT clocks

This ensures that the clock frequency is always given by the atomic resonance frequency that is not perturbed by the incident light fields. 07/09/2011

98% - PhysRevA.84.023836

In a region of a ferromagnetic resonance, the spectra of MDMs strongly depend on the geometry of a ferrite body. 29/08/2011

95% - [000084]

after a fixed time, one observes a resonance in the number of atoms kept in the cavity for the adequate period T0 . 14/10/2011

90% - PhysRevA.84.023413

(Color online) (a) The time dependence of the amplitude and detuning from the resonance with atomic transition for a chirped pulse. 01/09/2011

89% - PhysRevA.84.023844

This potential in the dipole approximation is expressed in terms of the particle-induced shift of the cavity resonance [6–8]. 31/08/2011

88% - NMR

NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applied for Medicine Introduction Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) was discovered in 1938 by American physicist Isidor Rabi, who was earned the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1944 for his discovery — only for strictly theoretical reasons — but now has many applications. 21/11/2017

88% - deep bass 9 manual

You can select the basic waveform, the tuning of the oscillator, cut-off frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, decay, accent, volume and the MIDI channel of the unit. 22/11/2013

86% - 01549886


86% - PhysRevA.84.023809

If the gain medium is obtained by doping a host medium of refraction index n0 and is modeled as a two-level atomic system with lower- and upper-level population densities Nl and Nu , resonance frequency ω0 , and damping coefficient γ , we have n2 = n20 − ωˆ p2 ωˆ 2 − 1 i γˆ ωˆ , (3) where ωˆ := ω/ω0 , γˆ := γ /ω0 , ωp2 := (Nl − Nu )e2 /(me ε0 ), e is electron’s charge, and me is its mass. 31/08/2011

86% - PhysRevA.84.025404

The q and ρ 2 resonance profile parameters of the 12s and 10d autoionizing states in Ar obtained by the measured shift () and broadening (χ ) of the features in the asymmetry parameter compared with experimental and theoretical literature data. 01/09/2011

84% - Communique presse concert Live Resonance

Communique presse concert Live Resonance                                                                                               Pascal Chevallier Team Auto Chrono Communiqué de presse 15 octobre 2010 Concert Live Résonance                   Le Team Auto Chrono Haute-Normandie présent au concert Live RESONANCE Pascal, une idée originale de présenter votre Porsche Cayman lors d’ un concert ? 16/10/2010

82% - p51 63

When were arrows first used in chemistry, and RESONANCE  January 2010 Keywords Arrows, reaction arrows, electron arrows. 19/01/2013

81% - 10

When fed in the center of a short (27-meter) side, the radiation resistance at resonance is 44 Ω. 21/04/2014

80% - yamaha psr e423 sm

Resonance, Chorus, Release, Style Resonance Voice • 183 panel voices 15 drum/SFX kits 462 XGlite voices 40 arpeggio voices • Polyphony: 11/02/2015

78% - electromagnetic radiation

Shuman resonance, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of solar/geomagnetic activity. 16/01/2012

77% - Gyrotrons THz Optimisations d'état et possible

The gyrotrons of this series have been used as radiation sources for several electron spin resonance (ESR) experiments, for plasma scattering measurements and X-ray detected magnetic resonance (XDMR) as well as for the study of such important physical phenomena as mode interaction (competition, cooperation, mode switching), frequency and 68 Terahertz Science and Technology, ISSN 1941-7411 Vol.5, No.2, June 2012 amplitude modulation, frequency step switching, operation at high harmonics and with high mode purity, stabilization of the output parameters and operation for long periods of time etc. 26/07/2012

76% - oai arXiv org 0712 3703 (2)

precise frequency standards, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and quantum information gates). 14/10/2011

76% - okube2012

Electron-density distributions on pre-edge resonance The partitioning of f 0 in reciprocal space is helpful to visualize part of the electron densities resonating at the pre-edge, which are Fourier synthesized from X-ray diffraction data of magnetite. 27/07/2016

75% - Brochure Seichong

2 SY-1000 __OPERATING PRINCIPLES OF SY-1000 The SY-1000 is made effective by three principles such as small clusterization, anionization, and resonance phenomenon. 15/04/2019

73% - qeg user manual 3 25 14

In today’s alternative energy terminology, it would be called a type of resonance machine. 13/08/2014

69% - Design Analysis and Life Estimation

The major reason for these failures is the resonance which occurs at blade critical speed dry startup and shut down condition and in certain cases due to excursion of machine near an operating speed which is close to one of resonances. 05/02/2018