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okube2012 100%


Active light shift stabilization in modulated CPT clocks 98%

This ensures that the clock frequency is always given by the atomic resonance frequency that is not perturbed by the incident light fields.


NMR 95%

NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applied for Medicine Introduction Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) was discovered in 1938 by American physicist Isidor Rabi, who was earned the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1944 for his discovery — only for strictly theoretical reasons — but now has many applications.


tildren insertion prox susp 95%

tildren insertion prox susp —Full Paper— Signal changes in standing magnetic resonance imaging of osseous injury at the origin of the suspensory ligament in four Thoroughbred racehorses under tiludronic acid treatment Fumiaki MIZOBE1*, Motoi NOMURA1, Tomohiro KATO1, Yasuo NAMBO2 and Kazutaka YAMADA3 1Racehorse Hospital, Ritto Training Center, Japan Racing Association, Shiga 520-3085, Japan of Clinical Veterinary Science, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido 080-8555, Japan 3Laboratory of Veterinary Radiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University, Kanagawa 252–5201, Japan 2Department Problems associated with the proximal metacarpal region, such as an osseous injury associated with tearing of Sharpey’s fibers or an avulsion fracture of the origin of the suspensory ligament (OISL), are important causes of lameness in racehorses.


New assessment of hepatic encephalopathy 2011 94%

In difficult cases, imaging of the brain and portal-systemic circulation with magnetic resonance imaging is especially helpful.


smt et sciatique-1 94%



corps calleux d'einstein 92%

Weiwei Men,1 Dean Falk,2,3 Tao Sun,4 Weibo Chen,1 Jianqi Li,1 Dazhi Yin,1 Lili Zang1 and Mingxia Fan1 1 2 3 4 Department of Physics, East China Normal University, Shanghai key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, Shanghai, China Department of Anthropology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-7772, USA School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA Department of Paediatrics, Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, St Louis, MO 63110, USA Correspondence to:


distributed-brain-sites 86%

Here, regional brain volumes associated with g are investigated by means of structural magnetic resonance imaging and voxel-based morphometry.


qeg-user-manual-3-25-14 86%

In today’s alternative energy terminology, it would be called a type of resonance machine.


journal de claes 3 v3 85%

journal de claes 3 v3 3 SOMMAIRE La collection de masques africains du Dr Alex Rafaeli 4 Un célèbre style de Côte d’Ivoire 6 La réception de l’art Guro au début du XXe siècle 8 Le « MaÎtre de Bouaflé » 9 Masque Guro Gu 10 L’actualité d’un maÎtre ancien de Côte d’Ivoire 12 Bibliographie 12 Statue Songye 14 Statue Zande 16 AFRICAN MASKS resonance


resonance wobulation 85%

resonance wobulation


Communique presse concert Live Resonance 85%

Communique presse concert Live Resonance                                                                      


[000084] 83%

[000084] APS/123-QED Matter-wave cavity gravimeter F.


Roneofinish 82%

Roneofinish 18   Biopathologie  –  6/12/11   L2  –  Pr  Manrique   Groupe  n°95  –  Tristan  et  Iseult       BASES DE L’IMAGERIE PAR RESONANCE MAGNETIQUE I) Généralités a) Historique b) Applications de l’étude de la RMN c) Intérêts de l’IRM d) Propriétés magnétiques du noyau e) Champ magnétique f) Moment magnétique II) Les champs magnétiques a) Différents types de champs magnétiques b) Interaction avec B0 III) La résonance magnétique IV) Le phénomène de relaxation a) Relaxation longitudinale T1 b) Relaxation transversale T2 V) Localisation du signal a) Gradient de sélection de coupe b) Codage par la fréquence c) Codage par la phase VI) Séquence d’écho de spin   CHU  Caen


JENKINS - Workbook for Organic C- 80%

Freeman and Company 41 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10010 Houndmills, Basingstoke RG21 6XS England TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE About the author vi | Acknowledgments vi | Selected concepts/reactions locator vii TIPS viii | Common abbreviations ix v CHAPTER 1 THE BASICS 1.1 Hybridization, formulas, physical properties 1 | 1.2 Acids and bases 4 | 1.3 Resonance 7 1


VIFA P13WH-00-08 79%

DISCONTINUED - ARCHIVED Electrical Data Nominal impedance Minimum impedance Maximum impedance DC resistance Voice coil inductance T-S Parameters Resonance Frequency Mechanical Q factor Electrical Q factor Total Q factor Ratio fs/Qts Force factor Mechanical resistance Moving mass Suspension compliance Effective cone diameter Effective piston area Equivalent volume Sensitivity Ratio BL/√(Re) Zn Zmin Zo Re Le


resonance vobulation 79%

resonance vobulation Obtention à l'aide d'un oscilloscope d'une courbe de résonance Première partie :


resonance vobulation 79%

resonance vobulation Obtention à l'aide d'un oscilloscope d'une courbe de résonance Première partie :


resonance amplitude 75%



nuclaire 73%

nuclaire ‫‪Nuclear chemistry:‬‬ ‫هو أحد فروع الكيمياء الذي تتعامل مع الفعالية اإلشعاعية ‪،radioactivity‬‬ ‫والعمليات النووية والخواص النووية‪ ،‬أي أنه يمكن من خاللها تحويل‬ ‫الرصاص إلى ذهب ‪ ،‬أو تحويل ذرة إلى ذرة عنصر أخرى كما انها من‬ ‫األشياء الخطيرة جدا علي الصحة اآلدمية لما لها من أضرار على اإلنسان‬ ‫والكائنات الحيه األخرى من األمراض السرطانية وتشويه االجنة في ا ‪1‬‬ ‫ألرحام‬ ‫ولقد حذرت منظمة الصحة العالمية من هذه األضرار في مؤتمرات عدة‪.‬‬ ‫عالم الكيمياء‪Chimie Monde-‬‬ ‫وميكن تقسيم الكيمياء النووية إىل التصنيفات التالية ‪:‬‬ ‫كيمياء إشعاعية‪(Radiochemistry).‬‬ ‫كيمياء النظائر‪(Isotopic chemistry).‬‬ ‫رنين نووي مغناطيسي‪(Nuclear magnetic resonance).‬‬ ‫ومن الدول المتقدمة في هذا المجال هم ‪ :‬الواليات المتحدة المملكة‬ ‫المتحدة روسيا‪.‬‬ ‫وفي ما يلي تفصيل لكل قسم من اقسام الكيمياء النووية‬ ‫عالم الكيمياء‪Chimie Monde-‬‬ ‫الكيمياء اإلشعاعية ‪:



Here, we used a multimodal approach of electrocorticography (ECoG), high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electrical brain stimulation (EBS) to directly investigate the causal role of face-selective neural responses of the fusiform gyrus (FG) in face perception in a patient implanted with subdural electrodes in the right inferior temporal lobe.


1797.full 71%

Following 30 d of abstinence, either fixed brain T2 weighted magnetic resonance images were acquired on a 7 T scanner at 32 ␮m isotropic voxel dimensions or mice were assessed for sensitization to the locomotor stimulant effects of cocaine.