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100% - Resume Galante Sophie

Current (6 months) Club Med Asia-Pacific, Sydney, Australia Online Marketing Assistant 2011 (4 months) Novotel Toulouse Centre (ACCOR), Toulouse, France Responsible for Digital Distribution 2011 (6 months) Student Union of Toulouse Business School, Toulouse, France Co-founder and Responsible for Communications 2010 – 2011 (18 months) Junior Entreprise Escadrille, Toulouse, France Investigator in charge of marketing studies for big groups. 19/05/2013


Architect Employee of Territorial Administration at the “Municipality of KHEZARAS - GUELMA, ALGERIA” responsible for technical services of urbanism and equipment. 08/11/2014

99% - CV Gabriel Dalmasso 2016 EN

gabidalmass 31 Allées Léon Gambetta  92110 Clichy  France  ( 33 6) 17 55 46 38 Portfolio  SoundCloud  Linkedin Work Experience_________________________________________________________________ July 2016  Sound Editor at Xilam Animation – Paris (internship) Responsible for editing and designing sound for « Zig & 21/10/2016

99% - DA SILVA Mickael cv

Responsible Service of Alcohol Education: 10/09/2014

97% - Dynamics in responsible behaviour JOBE[1]

Dynamics in responsible behaviour JOBE[1] Dynamics in Responsible Behaviour In Search of Mechanisms for Coping with Responsibility Olaf Fisscher, André Nijhof and Herman Steensma University of Twente and Leiden University The Netherlands Article submitted to Journal of Business Ethics Version: 12/12/2011

97% - Recruitments English version

Com’ TRAVEL Ø  Special  advisor  for  the   2016  welcome  study  trip   Ø  Responsible  for  the  2016   summer  trip   Alumni Ø  1  responsible  for  relaying   and  monitoring  internship   and  job  offers   Ø  2  responsible  for  the   organiza9on  of  speed   networking  (details  further)   Ø  1  writer  of  Alumni  portraits   Ø  1  resp. 19/10/2015

96% - breakdown sheet

Responsible for all aspects except pomegranate model. 16/05/2017

95% - Fantasy of Majority 2017 10 13

And if one is not free about his decisions, how can he be responsible? 24/10/2017

95% - Fantasy of Man's Responsibility 2017 10 13

And if one is not free about his decisions, how can he be responsible? 24/10/2017

95% - 4.21.17 IRAdvocates DynCorp Post Trial Release

4.21.17 IRAdvocates DynCorp Post Trial Release Jury Finds DynCorp Responsible for the Actions of Plan Colombia Pilots Who Conducted Fumigations After April 2003 Contact: 03/05/2017

94% - PRESENTATION Société Beipoly Industriel Bureau D'ingénierie Polytechnique Etudes - Devis - Plans Personal Responsible : 11/12/2013

93% - Open National WEBelgium 2017

All owners and competitors are personally responsible for the damages caused to their parties, by themselves, employees, agents or horses. 04/09/2017

93% - Presentation EXO final version

Responsible for the overall operation of the Center and for providing feedback to the Project Coordinator on policies and the operation of the center. 15/07/2014

92% - Staff Honor Code.docx

 The LIABLE are responsible for compliance with all the rules set out in the guidelines, policies and at the time of registration. 16/02/2013

91% - Fiche Ins. ENGL Mehura 2015

I agree not to hold ‘ORI TAHITI NUI’ responsible for any loss or damage caused to my personal property, or for any bodily harm or injury occurred during this event. 28/08/2015

89% - br

That, by registering for this test, I am responsible for making sure that I have met my immigration requirements for the English test. 22/03/2017

89% - English CV Baptiste Martin

Hôtel de Paris - Monaco Monte-Carlo September 2016 – February 2017 F&B Manager Event Assistant • Sales development, creation of promotional documents, benchmarking study. • Assistance on partnerships, monitoring and remittance of salary awards. • Responsible for the follow-up of end-of-year holiday reservations, proposals and customer contacts.  Estrelab - Sophia Antipolis, France April – May 2016 Communication and Marketing Assistant • Responsible for the development of the "Un Jour Ici" 05/09/2018

89% - Resume Baptiste Martin

Responsible for the follow-up of end-of-year holiday reservations, proposals and customer contacts. 05/09/2018

89% - Partnership file Vett

II - The trip III - Our motivations
 IV - An eco-responsible surf trip V - Our collaboration
 VI - The communication
 - Budget VIII
 - Contact Who are we ? 06/05/2019


At any time, the participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information he provided. 10/05/2016

87% - Resume Othenin GIrard

temporary job VAC, mail-order selling, Avenches (Switzerland) - Co-responsible for reception, processing and storing of goods in a 61,000 cubic meter warehouse - Supervised Interns 2008, 2009 & 18/01/2016

86% - 1er mai infos angl

Insurance Every participant is responsible for the damages he causes. 23/03/2017

86% - Myriam VIJAYA CV

Responsible of the global Tourism income and coordination of the different activity operations, Responsible for the prospection, Responsible for the local and international cooperations  Skills : 22/03/2015