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CV Gabriel Dalmasso 2016 EN 100%

gabidalmass 31 Allées Léon Gambetta  92110 Clichy  France  (+33 6) 17 55 46 38 Portfolio  SoundCloud  Linkedin Work Experience_________________________________________________________________ July 2016  Sound Editor at Xilam Animation – Paris (internship) Responsible for editing and designing sound for « Zig &



Architect Employee of Territorial Administration at the “Municipality of KHEZARAS - GUELMA, ALGERIA” responsible for technical services of urbanism and equipment.


breakdown sheet 86%

Responsible for all aspects except pomegranate model.


4.21.17 IRAdvocates DynCorp Post-Trial Release 84%

4.21.17 IRAdvocates DynCorp Post Trial Release Jury Finds DynCorp Responsible for the Actions of Plan Colombia Pilots Who Conducted Fumigations After April 2003 Contact:


Job Title shift supervisor 83%

Mr Adil Job Description The Call Centre Supervisor is responsible for the daily management of the call centre operations in a 24/7 environment that includes staff management, a continuous quality improvement, interaction with all levels of functions and process’s company-wide.


Dynamics in responsible behaviour - JOBE[1] 83%

Dynamics in responsible behaviour JOBE[1] Dynamics in Responsible Behaviour In Search of Mechanisms for Coping with Responsibility Olaf Fisscher, André Nijhof and Herman Steensma University of Twente and Leiden University The Netherlands Article submitted to Journal of Business Ethics Version:


job interview vocabulary 82%

In my previous job I was responsible for:


Recruitments - English version 80%

Com’ TRAVEL Ø  Special  advisor  for  the   2016  welcome  study  trip   Ø  Responsible  for  the  2016   summer  trip   Alumni Ø  1  responsible  for  relaying   and  monitoring  internship   and  job  offers   Ø  2  responsible  for  the   organiza9on  of  speed   networking  (details  further)   Ø  1  writer  of  Alumni  portraits   +


Staff Honor Code.docx 79%

 The LIABLE are responsible for compliance with all the rules set out in the guidelines, policies and at the time of registration.


DA SILVA Mickael cv 77%

Responsible Service of Alcohol Education:


YEP - Description de Poste - Career Counselor - EN - MBI.PDF 77%

The Career Counselor is responsible for delivering a continuum of career development activities including trainings, counseling, employer exchanges, and employment events such as conferences and Career Fairs.


Student Success Coordinator Senegal 74%

Student Success Coordinator Senegal Student​ ​Success​ ​Coordinator​ ​at​ ​EDACY  Dakar,​ ​Sénégal    Job​ ​type:​ ​Full​ ​Time,​ ​Contract​ ​(Renewable)​ ​–​ ​1y​ ​(3​ ​m.​ ​probation).  Reports​ ​to:​ ​Country​ ​Director​ ​Senegal     Position​ ​Overview    The​ ​Student​ ​Success​ ​Coordinator​ ​(SSC)​ ​is​ ​responsible​ ​for​ ​:   1-promotion​ ​of​ ​student​ ​success  2-coordination​ ​of​ ​student​ ​learning  3-coordination​ ​of​ ​training​ ​with​ ​instructors​ ​and​ ​mentors  4-creation​ ​and​ ​maintenance​ ​of​ ​a​ ​sustainable​ ​alumni​ ​program    The​ ​SSC​ ​manages​ ​all​ ​student​ ​success​ ​activities​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​students​ ​with​ ​required​ ​skills,​ ​hard  and​ ​soft,​ ​as​ ​defined​ ​by​ ​their​ ​program​ ​track.     He/she​ ​coordinates​ ​online​ ​and​ ​offline​ ​training​ ​delivery,​ ​technical​ ​and​ ​non-technical​ ​evaluations,  project​ ​presentations​ ​and​ ​all​ ​related​ ​academic​ ​learning,​ ​with​ ​all​ ​training​ ​program​ ​contributors,  i.e.,​ ​hard​ ​skills​ ​tutors,​ ​hard​ ​and​ ​soft​ ​skills​ ​instructors,​ ​academic​ ​and​ ​enterprise​ ​mentors.  Besides​ ​coordination,​ ​he/she​ ​is​ ​also​ ​responsible​ ​to​ ​recruit​ ​qualified​ ​candidates​ ​for​ ​training​ ​and  learning​ ​support,​ ​in​ ​both​ ​English​ ​and​ ​French,​ ​in​ ​each​ ​learning​ ​stage​ ​of​ ​a​ ​defined​ ​program​ ​track,  for​ ​hard​ ​and​ ​soft​ ​skills.    The​ ​SSC​ ​collaborates​ ​with​ ​program​ ​curriculum​ ​and​ ​business​ ​development​ ​departments​ ​to  ensure​ ​curricula​ ​delivery​ ​is​ ​in-line​ ​with​ ​enterprise​ ​demands​ ​and​ ​provides​ ​insights​ ​and​ ​feedback  to​ ​ensure​ ​the​ ​curricula​ ​design​ ​and​ ​delivery​ ​is​ ​well​ ​managed,​ ​at​ ​each​ ​learning​ ​stage​ ​of​ ​a​ ​defined  program​ ​track.    Essential​ ​duties​ ​and​ ​responsibilities  ● ● ● ● ●


Fantasy of Majority 2017-10-13 74%

And if one is not free about his decisions, how can he be responsible?


Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi 73%

As per the planning commission the hospitality sector is responsible for more jobs per million rupee of investment than any other sector.


Indian Express P11 73%

Rafat is now responsible for the development, QA and infrastructure teams that support all ASI products and services.At ASI, Mr.


Immigration - Pdf - Yeal 72%

Neither the author nor New York University Press is responsible for URLs that may have expired or changed since the manuscript was prepared.


Liability Declaration 72%

I acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring that I am physically fit enough to take part in this event and that medical advice should be sought from a general practitioner if I am in any doubt as to my physical ability to do so.


Cybersec 72%

ENISA is not responsible for the content of the external sources including external websites referenced in this publication.


FInsc. Anglais Duo 2015 71%

I agree not to hold ‘ORI TAHITI NUI’ responsible for any loss or damage caused to my personal property, or for any bodily harm or injury occurred during this event.


Fiche Ins. ENGL Mehura 2015 71%

I agree not to hold ‘ORI TAHITI NUI’ responsible for any loss or damage caused to my personal property, or for any bodily harm or injury occurred during this event.


Ho Chi Minh General Manager JD 70%

Tasks and responsibilities • • • • Confirming host company partnerships for internship placements and managing the on-going relationship for future programs Hiring and leading a local team that is responsible for:


Inspired Eye 15 70%

The contributors of the magazine are responsible for the content they produce.


Essential Underground Handbook P M L Publishing 69%

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein the publishers cannot be held responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies in this publication.